Ophthalmologist Questions Glaucoma

Can glaucoma cause blindness?

Glaucoma runs in my family, and my ophthalmologist says that it is possible for me to develop glaucoma in the future. My mother didn't have it, but my grandmother did. I'm not sure if she went blind because of it since she died before I was born. If I get glaucoma, will it cause me to be blind?

7 Answers

If glaucoma is left untreated it can cause you to go blind. There are may good treatments today. See an ophthalmologist.
It can cause blindness, but it's easily treated and blindness can be prevented. It does require regular visits to monitor eye pressure and nerve health.
Only if it progresses untreated or is difficult to treat. Loss of peripheral visual field occurs first over many years then central vision is lost, again, if untreated or if a particularly aggressive treatment resistant form is taking over.
Glaucoma, IF undetected AND untreated, can cause blindness. If you follow your doctor’s instructions and have annual check-ups, you should stay out of trouble. You should share this information with EVERYONE in your family!!!

Jeffrey D. Gold, MD
If glaucoma picked up early and treated it is unlikely you will go blind. With relatives with glaucoma you should be monitored with pressure checks and glaucoma tests such as field testing , OCT and other tests.
Can you go blind if you have glaucoma? Fortunately for most patients, the answer is no. Blindness does occur from glaucoma, but it is a relatively rare occurrence. However, sight impairment is more common and occurs in around 10% of patients. Loss of vision can occur even with the best treatment. A quick search would provide you instantly with dozens of places to get more info.
Yes it causes blindness when neglected or treated late. Check with your eye doctor regularly for glaucoma screening especially those with a family history or as one ages