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Why do I feel chills after taking my medication?

Every time I take my diabetes medication, I feel sudden chills and a little drained out. What could be causing this??

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Dear Patient:

I would be concerned about hypoglycemia( low sugar) as this is an adverse effect of several of the meds used to treat diabetes and which could cause your symptoms. A finger stick sugar should be done when these symptoms occur, and of course you should consult your physician who knows you.


Marvin A. Leder, MD, FACP,FACE
The question is difficult to answer not knowing all the medicines you are taking and also your medical conditions. My first suggestion would be for you to check your finger stick before giving yourself your medicine and 30 minutes later to eliminate hypoglycemia as a cause of your chills.
I can't answer your question without knowing what medications you are tasking. Some medications can do this in some people so it may be the medication. Talk to your Dr. about it & try changing meds (there are lots of diabetes meds out there now). Also check your blood sugar after taking meds or when feeling this way to see if the blood sugar is dropping too fast. If so you may need to change the dose or timing of the medications in relation to food intake. Talk to your Dr. about it as it can be very important.
Difficult to answer your question without knowing which diabetes medication and your sugar control. Chills could be related to low sugars after taking insulin.