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Can fibroids cause issues in pregnancy?

I have fibroids and I want to get pregnant. The doctor says surgery is the only option. Will it really cause problems in my pregnancy?

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The size and location of a fibroid is important in understanding how the fibroid may impact a pregnancy. Most fibroids are incidental findings. Other times fibroids can cause pain, they can compete for blood flow with the pregnancy, fibroids can bleed and they can cause increased chance of premature contractions. There are numerous other conditions that fibroids can cause during a pregnancy. If the fibroid is removed prior to pregnancy it may weaken the uterine muscle. Often times a fibroid removal before conceiving will mandate delivery by a cesarean section.
The size of the fibroid determines the risk. The location is ever more important. Fibroids can be shrunk with Lupron.
Lot depends upon where are the fibroids

If they are not inside the cavity of the uterus or if you did not loose any early pregnancy, you may try for pregnancy

Take a second opinion in nearby teaching hospital
Yes they can. Sometimes they degenerate and cause a lot of pain & discomfort.
Yes fibroids can increase in size during pregnancy and may cause trouble during delivery
Fibroids can cause preterm labor, preterm birth, miscarriages and fetal malpresentation (breech or transverse as opposed to cephalic ((head down)). It depends on the size and the location of the fibroid. Your doctor is most likely referring to a surgery called a myomectomy which removes the fibroid while keeping the uterus in order to have a pregnancy. I would speak more with your physician about the size or consider a second opinion.
It depends on the size and location of the fibroids. Generally, fibroids are the most problematic when they are inside the endometrial cavity, which is where the baby grows during pregnancy. Sometimes the size and the location of the fibroids can cause blockage of the fallopian tubes, which makes pregnancy difficult. I would recommend that you see a fertility doctor to get your best answer to this question.
the risk of fibroids, in pregnancy are pain in first few months , preterm labor and or delivery and if large enough fetal loss. As you see this also depends on how large and location of your fibroids.
I hope this helps and good luck.
Surgical treatment of fibroids before pregnancy is not always necessary
Fibroids are very common smooth muscle tumors of the uterus and often coexist with healthy pregnancies. Very large intramural or sub mucous fibroids could distort the cavity of the uterus and result in miscarriages. Those cases might meet the indication for surgical removal
Fibroids can most definitely cause problems in pregnancy but not necessarily. Your doctor may be right but there maybe other opinions. I recommend getting a second opinion. Go to that visit with you all your ultrasound reports. I would find a Doctor Who does their own ultrasounds so you get the best interpretation.
Yes and no; it depends on the size, position, and number of fibroids. Surgery is a decision not to be taken lightly as the uterine muscle sites of any removed fibroids (myomectomy) will be weak and more likely to rupture in later pregnancy.

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