Acupuncturist Questions Back Pain

How long does an acupuncture last usually?

I want to get acupuncture done for some back pain, and I'm trying to figure out when I should make my appointment. How long does a typical acupuncture session last?

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I wish I could give you a simply answer for this question; unfortunately, my answer would be: it depends. Is your back pain chronic or acute (i.e. did you recently injure it or is their active inflammation). Acute pain is usually quicker to respond to treatment and I would recommend you go in for acupuncture as close to the start of the pain as possible. Longer or chronic pain may take a few sessions before relief starts to be felt, simply because it's been there for a while and others factors (i.e. poor sleep, diet, activities) may have aggravated it over time. However, most patients feel some sort of "positive" effect after one session, usually being a general feeling of better well-being or more relaxed, better mood, etc. Usually anywhere from 6-10 sessions are recommended; for chronic pain, at that point a re-evaluation may be done. Dosage does matter here. The more acupuncture sessions you get, the longer the results last and the more profound the results may be.
For new patients, I usually take up to 90 minutes to 120 minutes. I have better idea and understanding of what’s happening and ask more questions about what is causing the issue. I believe the more detailed, the better the treatment.
Depends on your body's reaction to the treatment. Acupuncture works through the neurotransmitters to send the signals to the brain releases beta-endophins, which help to be symptom-free.
Usually after inserting all needles, stay about 30 minutes.
That depends on the acupuncturist you're seeing but on average, it usually takes about one hour. If they practice a more clinical style, your treatment may only be a half hour or so. Personally, I take about 2 hours with an initial consultation (I ask a lot of questions), and follow up treatments last about 1 hour.
Acupuncture is very good for back pain. Some acute back pain can be relieved with 3-4 treatments. For chronic back pain may take longer.
Acupuncture usually good for 3-4 days to one week. It is suggested to have acupuncture at least once per week. Some cases may need 2-3 times per week.
On average an acupuncturist would like to have a new patient intake be about 1.5-2 hours. This is because the acupuncturist would probably want to have a firm understanding of your entire health history. Along with a review of system and physical exam.
Returning patient treatments can last about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

In terms of how long Acupuncture needles are left in the body, on average it is left for 20min to 45min. This differs from each acupuncturist.
Research shows acupuncture has an accumulated effect. It lasts from 2 hours to 5 days.
My first treatment usually lasts 1 1/2 hours since I go through their health history with them. Follow ups last an hour. Of course, that may vary, but that's probably what you can expect. I'd call and ask the office you're going to and ask them so you know for sure.
A typical session can last up to 45 min for the initial evaluation, depending on how thorough the intake is. Follow-up appointments can be shorter, especially if you need a shortened appointment. Plan for 30-45 minutes.
Usually an initial appointment will take longer than a follow-up. That stated, an initial appointment in my clinic runs close to 1.5 hrs, and a follow-up is 45 mins to an hour.
Well our first visit together takes up to 1 1/2 hours and then follow ups last about an hour. Now that is how I operate. Others may vary from me. Some offer community style and could take much less time. I prefer to get to know you and work deeply on the problems, using more than acupuncture. I do muscle work and sometimes cupping.
Typically last for 20-45 minutes with needle retention. The time depends on the clinic site.
Typical sessions can last from 30 minutes to over an hour depending on the condition being treated, the style of acupuncture being done and the vitality of the person receiving acupuncture.
An acupuncture session lasts anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the practitioner. When you call the practitioner they should be able to answer that question for you.
Each practitioner has different styles and techniques. I usually spend an hour per session to maximize the treatment and results. But again, the time will vary.
Are you asking how long the needles will be in or how long will the results last?
The needle are usually retained 30-60 minutes.
There is no way to predict how long the effects will last. It depends on the reason for your pain, the underlying structure involved (muscles and spine) and the method of acupuncture used.

A single treatment is unlikely to produce total resolution of a health issue. As the treatments accumulate the results last longer. A neuro surgeon once told one of my patients that after a course of treatment (anywhere from 6-12) acupuncture is a bit like taking a vicodin that last for weeks. That was a great way to describe it. Wouldn't it be great to get to the point where you only needed one pain pill (or acupuncture session) ever few weeks?
How long a session lasts depends on whether it's an initial intake, followup treatment or community acupuncture session.

I'm just going to give you some generalities here, whatever provider you're seeing may be slightly different. That being said, an initial intake usually runs 90 minutes and will include treatment time (i.e. time on the table with needles inserted to treat whatever your complaint may be). A followup treatment usually runs 60 minutes with a few questions up front to determine how the previous treatment worked and what has changed for you followed by treatment time. A community session typically runs 20-30 minutes after a very short set of questions/diagnoses.

Different practitioners may vary from these times slightly, but what I've outlined above is fairly typical.
A typical session of acupuncture can last in excess of 2 hours sometimes with the first evaluation depending on the physician and the patient's past medical history. However, an hour is average.