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How to reduce the pain due to ankle sprain?

I had a fall last week and I twisted my ankle very badly. It seems to be a sprain. I have been putting alternative hot and cold packs but the pain is not subsiding. What can I do to treat my condition?

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1. Avoid standing and walking as much as possible.
2. Elastic bandage wrapped around the ankle
3. Ankle stabilizer / support
If the pain hasn't gotten ay better at all after the first few days after the injury, you should have it X-rayed to make sure there isn't a fracture. If it is, in fact a sprain, you should purchase a lace up ankle brace from a sporting goods store and wear it all the time. Continue with ice whenever possible. Try to stay off of the foot/ankle as much as possible. Take
motrin or another NSAID for pain relief.

Hope that helps!

Dr. Murphy
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You can try rest, ice, compression, and elevation, along with ace warp or CAM boot. You can take over-the-counter or topical pain medication for pain, custom mold orthotic and physical therapy with a will to treat your condition.
Take ankle sprains very seriously because once you sprain your ankle, the chances of it happening again are 70%.
It needs to be X-rayed to determine that there is no cartilage damage or fractures. Sometimes, an MRI is necessary to determine if there are any ligament tears which will lead to the proper treatment. We do not advise you to treat yourself, but to see a qualified podiatrist. The proper timing of the treatment is essential.
Recommend that you get an X-ray to rule out a fracture. Also, get ankle evaluated for ligament damage.
Dr. Kletz
Rest, ice, elevate and strap. If you need to walk, get crutches. Also, an MRI may be needed after 4 weeks of no full recovery.
A "very badly" sprained ankle needs to be X-rayed and immobilized. You cannot do anything yourself, you need a podiatrist ASAP.
You may have torn ligaments and require testing and treatment. You should be seen and evaluated.
Rest, ice, compression, elevation, immobilization. Should have X-ray if not better in 3 days.
Rotational injuries of the ankle can present as mild, moderate, and severe. For many years the poor ankle sprain has been considered to be of a limited problem that resolves with appropriate rest. Interestingly the ankle joint is the most frequently injured joint of the body and can create persistent problems in up to 40% of the cases 6 months following the injury. Appropriate early treatment is absolutely critical.
Ice packs is a good idea. Compression stockings are good. Use biofreeze to reduce pain. Change your foot gear.
Thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear of your ankle injury. If you truly have an ankle sprain, this type of injury occurs to the anterior talofibular ligament which is the most common injury after an ankle sprain. There are three grades, grade 1 which is micro tears of the ligament, grade 2 which is a partial tear and grade 3 which is a complete tear of the ligament. In order to properly advice you on the conservative treatment protocol I would need to perform an orthopedic exam. I would recommend the RICE protocol and an anti-inflammatory for 2 weeks post injury and some form of a compression dressing which is extremely important in expedited recovery that commonly gets overlooked. Please feel free to call the office during normal buisness hours if you have additional questions. Thank you for your inquiry.