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Problems with eyes after Cataract surgery

My distance vision is worse still 4 months after cataract and iStent surgery for glaucoma. Eyelids are swollen, crusting on eyelids upon waking up, distance vision is much worse, eyes feel heavy, flashing light when I wake up at night, some plastic, mainly those in eye glasses appear only to me as having a yellowish tint. I've had numerous follow-up visits with Ophthalmologist who says nothing is wrong with my eyes but cant't explain why my eyesight hasn't improved, says just give it more time. I saw a Retina Specialist who said retina is fine, can't explain flashing lights. What should I do next?

Female | 74 years old
Complaint duration: 4 MONTHS
Medications: Amlodipine, Simvastatinin
Conditions: asthma, Hypertension

7 Answers

The flashes may be caused by positive dysphotopsia
Posterior capsular opacity could have developed. Please get it checked.
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This is a good question and cause for concern. If your treating physician and retina consultant are of no help, you should seek another opinion from a glaucoma/cataract specialist and possibly a different retina specialist to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
You may have ROSACEA, which is skin inflammation on the chick and around eyes. or you may have severe BLEPHARITIS. The worst scenario could be DEMODEX which is a bug living around the lashes root. All those conditions can be responsible for your eyes condition. I recommend you to see a CORNEA specialist.
A refraction with an optometrist may reveal residual uncorrected power. Have these errors corrected and see if your vision improves. Eyelid crusting can be treated with eyelid cleaning and using a warm compress. Yours is a complex operation treating cataract and glaucoma, hence a less ideal result.
Hi there,

Have you gone for a prescription check since the cataract surgery? I would probably start there and see if your vision can be improved with a prescription. Then, if not, also go for a second opinion by another cataract and retina specialist to look at the lens implants they put in and check your macula, respectively. Vision decrease can caused by multiple parts. Swollen lids and crust can be looked at by the general ophthalmologist and treated/managed separately. Depending on the place you went to they may have a team of specialist that may be able to tackle that for you. If you go in there telling them about your swollen lids they will focus on that for you.

How advanced is your Glaucoma? If very advanced, it can influence vision as well.


Dr. C Li, OD
See another cataract surgeon for a second opinion.

Jeffrey D. Gold, MD