Dentist Questions Crooked Teeth

What if only one tooth is crooked?

I have one crooked tooth. All the rest are pretty straight. Do I need braces for this? Wouldn't braces move my other teeth too?

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Wearing braces for a year may seem a bit extreme. Often, we can quickly straighten isolated teeth with Invisalign®, which is virtually unnoticeable. Even if you do require traditional braces, following a complete consultation, we can make an appropriate recommendation to improve your appearance
One crooked tooth can be fixed often with braces, retainers, and restorative...all depends on what you want
It depends on the approach of the general dentist or the orthodontist to know if other teeth would move during braces.
Yes. You would need braces for this. Many other teeth need to be moved to allow the straggler to get in line.
Often times straightening out only one tooth is more difficult than when multiple teeth need to be moved. Check with your orthodontist/dentist to see if you would be a candidate for Invisalign so you don't have to wear braces.
In general, I don't want to go against an orthodontist advise, but an alternative treatment is just to crown the tooth with a twist in the crown preparation(shaping the tooth to prepare it for the crown). At best, the "prep" would allow room for a straight looking crown and a level bite adjustment with the lower opposing tooth. At worst, the prep may get close to the nerve, you would need a root canal(probably one canal). Overall, a lot less time and less money.
Hi, sorry for the delay in answering this.
Sometimes an aligner like Invisalign, or bioaligners are all that is needed for minor tooth movement. Other times expansion appliances are needed to make room for the tooth out of alignment. Your case will need to be evaluated by a dentist with ortho experience or an orthodontist.
Dr. Felicia Nesbit
: The answer is sometimes and yes. Sometimes if just one tooth is slightly out of line, veneers can reshape and make it look straight. If it is more than slightly out of line and braces are needed the other teeth would be moves. This would allow space for the crooked tooth to be moved into its proper space. For treatment of this problem or to meet your other dental needs, call the dental office of Dr. Brad Emery, Dr. Nicholas Emery and Dr. Carol Scuro, at 585-247-7110. Or check out our website at
It sounds like you would be a good candidate for Invisalign or clear aligners that move teeth. No, the braces will not move the other teeth (except those close to that tooth to make room for it to fit in properly).
You can always move one tooth that is crooked without compromising the position of the other teeth. It really depends on how crooked it is and if it is twisted or just needs to be tipped back into the arch. Some other options are veneering or bonding the tooth to better improve the position of the tooth.
Yes. Cosmetic Orthodontic treatments like Invisalign, 6 Months Smiles,
Fastbraces or traditional metal bracket and wire systems would definitely
correct your one crooked tooth as well as straighten the others that are
pretty good. I think you're question really is do you have to move the
other teeth to get one tooth to fall into a better alignment with it's
friends around it? The answer? Sometimes No, many times Yes. Every
situation is different but if we have to move the other teeth, there
usually is good reason for it. If there really is one tooth out of
alignment and the rest match up well in our eyes, then there are some
retainer therapies you can wear in a series that will move a single tooth
back into position. The other thing you can do if orthodontic therapy is
not right for you today is get a set of retainers made. Wearing retainers
to bed every night will prevent your teeth from shifting even more.
Unfortunately, once you see tooth movement of any kind, they continue to
worsen and every 5 years you see a significant change. That means longer
treatment times to get you back to straighter teeth. Hope that helps! Dr.
If the crooked tooth doesn't have the space to put it in the proper alignment (crowding), you will need orthodontics to move the other teeth to provide the space. Orthodontics could be clear aligner therapy (like Invisalign), braces, or removable appliances depending on the amount and type of movement needed. Click on the link below at my website for more explanation abput orthodontics.
If you only have one crooked tooth, you're a PERFECT candidate for Express Invisalign treatment! If you live in LA, please contact the office at (818) 646-0194 to make an appointment for a complimentary Invisalign consultation!
If not, please search for an Invisalign provider in your area!
Good Luck!
Invisalign has a five tray series that could correct it possibly.
Depending on which tooth it is and the severity of the rotation, you may be
able to fix the issue with a retainer or a brief invisalign treatment. But
it all depends on the anatomy of the surrounding teeth, which may require
traditional braces.
Hi there,

If you are concerned about one crooked tooth, there are options besides
braces. We offer something called a spring retainer which allows us to
shift single teeth to a certain position. This oral appliance will
require several visits, about 4-6 weeks apart, for adjustments.

I hope this helps!

Chereen D.
Appointment Coordinator
The only way to straighten teeth is some form of orthodontic movement. This can be achieved by different methods- braces(fixed orthodontic appliances) removable orthodontic appliances( retainer type, clear aligners ie  Invisalign, elastics). With these space is usually needed to straighten this tooth so room is needed to accomplish movement. Therefore this involves more than one tooth. An exam by a dental professional will discover if movement can be accomplished simply or is more complex. There are some restorative options to make a crooked tooth appear straight. This also can be discovered and discussed during an exam and consult with a dental professional to formulate the best treatment option for your situation. Dr. Grimm 
It's more challenging to limit movement to one tooth with braces. This is
more realistic with aligner therapy.

However, orthodontics is similar to putting a puzzle game together. Often
we have to move more than one piece in order to solve it.

Your best bet is to schedule a consultation. Please call 951-698-8200 if
you're interested.

Warm Regards,
Dr. Shawn Pesh
Braces can address multiple teeth or just isolated teeth. In most cases to address a single crooked tooth (or multiple) you need to move other teeth to make space for that tooth. If you want to come in we could go over this in more detail but is sounds your orthodontic treatment may be very short. Hope this answer helps if not please let us know. Dr. Neal
You can get braces or Invisalign and just move one tooth without affecting other teeth.
Hope this helps.
It would be really helpful to see your situation. There s short term braces available. It may be a nice quick option like 4-5 months.
Hope this helps
Hi! There are many solutions to mild crowding! You may want to consider clear aligners or other simple ortho procedures. Call us today and we will be happy to see you for consultation! (843) 488-2526 ext3
Yes, you would most likely need braces for this. :) Think of braces as a tug of war, you use some teeth on the team to move others. Often when I see a patient that has scheduled an evaluation because of a crooked tooth or crowding, I will reveal bite issues that they didn't even notice. Most orthodontists also offer complimentary braces consults, so no reason not to get this checked out. Best of luck!

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the cause for the presence of just one crooked tooth is never a simple problem.  A crooked tooth is typically the result of either the jaw bones not developing to their full potential due to either airway, tonsils, or genetics interferring with proper development, or due to interferring oral-facial habits like finger sucking. Most dentists will treat such issues comprehensively. At a younger age before age 7.5 functional appliance therapy can non surgically expand the dental arches or rectify the oral-facial habit.
You need braces and the orthodontist has the skills not to move the single tooth into right position
Although only one tooth is turned, or twisted, you probably want to go through orthdontic treatment. Yes other teeth may have to move since you need to create space for that tooth move into correct position. Other option will be veneers or even a crowning that tooth.
It all depends on where and how out of line the one tooth is. Teeth move by constant pressure. In order to move one tooth the appliance must put pressure on that tooth, however it won't help if there is not enough space or it is 4 -5 mm out of line.
Although I am not an orthodontist, through my experience as a general practitioner even for correction of one crooked (malaligned, tilted ,twisted) tooth, you may need to have braces occasionally on both arches. Yes, the rest of the teeth will intentionally move in order to create space for the cooked one.
Dear Consumer, you may want to have a consultation with an orthodontist to check your entire dentition; however, depending on your age and health status some alternatives are possible.

Dr G
You would need braces to straighten teeth. Braces would move other teeth a little to allow that one crooked tooth move into alignment and straight.
If only minor correction is needed to make that tooth straight then the orther options can be Odontoplasty, getting a filling, veneer or crown to make that tooth straight.
The answer to your question is based off how crooked or rotated that one tooth is... if it's simply turned a little then complete mouth braces may not be necessary however if all the teeth are crowded and the tooth is badly rotated it may be necessary to move all the teeth slightly to allow the crooked tooth to fit in place. Nowadays there are multiple options for straightening teeth without the need for comprehensive and complete braces. Things like 6 Month Smiles or Invisalign are great in these circumstances.
Well if you don't mind that tooth then don't do anything. But if you are going to straighten it then yes the other teeth will move to accommodate for that tooth and make everything proportional.
You may be a candidate for a composite veneer, porcelain veneer or even simple bonding to bring the one tooth in line. You may also be a candidate for INVISALIGN EXPRESS where you can have the tooth moved with a few clear trays over a few month period and not affect the other teeth. Thanks for the question!
Hi, if you want to correct that crooked tooth you will need to make space for it so yes you'll need braces or invisalin. Sometimes it's possible to do a veneer but it's always better to align with braces or Invisalign since your tooth won't be drill.
You need space to move a tooth. If there is no space, braces and shifting of all teeth is necessary to position one crooked tooth into place

Marina Polonsky
Hi. If your dentist recommends straightening with braces that would imply their are other issues you are not aware of. Age, esthetics all play a role and impossible to guide you with such little information. But a dentist on clinical exam could. thank you D. Walker
Good evening and thank you for your question. The first step for answering this question is assess all your teeth and determine if your occlusion is functional.
What does this mean?
A functional occlusion allows the whole system be working in harmony and
this can be functional with one or more teeth crooked. So, in my opinion
you will need braces if your occlusion (the way your upper and lower teeth
touch each other when you bite down) is non-functional.
Given all the factors that you describe I would consider possibly just a retainer to correct one minor problem as you indicate you have. Braces are not indicated for such a minor problem of course you need to be examined personally to be sure there are no other factors which would involved more extensive correction for the long term.
My answer would be does your crooked tooth bother YOU???? Of course as a dentist who wants your mouth to be perfect would recommend you having it fixed. There are many ways you can fix one tooth out of position that doesn't always entail conventional braces. If you are a candidate for Clear Correct or Invisalign that might be a solution. There is more to that just a crooked your bite correct??? Please see someone for an opinion. I will say that one crooked tooth will get worse as you get older...Good Luck..
Yes braces do not work for one single tooth and maybe you can consider doing a crown to change orientation of a single tooth it has to be checked clinically to evaluate which is the best option
its depends how much space taken by malposed tooth, usually orthodontics consider as a first step
This is a very good question! Each case is very different. To diagnose the the case we need a clinical diagnosis & a series of X-rays to evaluate. We need to evaluate the bone, gum relationship, arch formation, & bite relationship. If you are qualified, you may have Invisalign treatment.
It depends of avaible space,sometime
Limited ortho. Could be done
you always need to see radiographs and do a clinical exam
You can go with just braces on front teeth or clear aligner to align the tooth.
Short term clear braces for few weeks can be done.
With a single crooked tooth at the very least, an orthodontist could place a spring type appliance to move one tooth. I would recommend a consult with and orthodontist and most will give a free evaluation to discuss you particular tooth issue, dr jim
Certainly each tooth and patient will require different solutions. But we can now do minor tooth movement without conventional braces and get a great result
It really depends on the case. Sometimes, only one tooth is crooked because of crowding or other issues and it can be fixed without involving other teeth for orthodontic treatment. But if there are other causes associated with that tooth, it might need complete orthodontic treatment.
It depends on the location of the maltose do tooth.If it's an upper front tooth it might warrant attention otherwise it might not need attention
The proper way to straighten a tooth is with braces. Simple cases do not cost as much and Invisalign offer lower cost options for minor cases. The only other way to straighten the tooth would be with restorative treatment, i.e. a veneer, but this would permanently alter the tooth and I do not recommend it.
Generally, orthodontic treatment is almost always elective - you never need it - it is not life threatening to have crooked teeth.

Having said that, orthodontics can be used to correct single tooth misalignment: the force will be applied to the one tooth. You may need to have some enamel shaved between your teeth as well.
You have several options that we can approach in term of crooked teeth. Every situation is different and in dentistry we cannot tell exactly yes you will need to have this treatment from the dialogue with the patients on the phone or via emails, etc.. We always can only gove the patient a genral background and options regarding to their concerns. We really need to see clinically as well as we also need to take xray, pictures, sometime impressions to have study models; all the necessary tools to diagnose and come up with what would be the best treatment for the patients. To answer your question yes, braces can be an option to treat your crooked tooth and yes it will move your other teeth as well. Depending on how severely that crooked tooth is and the position of that tooth, we can also do invisilign and that will also move your other teeth. We can also do veneer if that is your front tooth that is crooked and you do not want to have to go through the process of wearing braces (mild misalignment of the teeth and this will not cause the movement of your other teeth; however for esthetic reason and depending on case to case if you choise veneer, it might be best to have more than once to achieve a more desirable smile). With that said, a comprehensive exam always require to make sure that your oral health from your tissue, you gum, the underlying bone, and all your teeth are in a healthy condition with no cavities, pathololy and active infection before we can address the esthetic concerns for the patients. I hope this answers your question and I am assuming you are refering to your front tooth? It is best to make an appointment with the dentist so that he/she can evaluate your concern in person with all the necessary diagnostic records so that you will know what will be your best option. I would also recommend for you to seek for other professionals' opinion to see which provider is best suited for your needs because in dentistry, it's subjective and each dentist have a different way in approaching the same case. Thanks for your question and I wish you the best.
Usually one tooth is crooked because there isn't enough room for the tooth to fit.  Therefore all the teeth in the arch need to expand in order to have room for it to fit.  If there is room for the tooth then the braces would just need to move it to put it in alignment and other teeth would not need to be repositioned.  You can utilize clear aligners (ie Invisalign, Clearcorrect, etc.) or traditional brackets and wires to move the teeth.  Visit your dentist for further explanation and treatment options.  Hope that helps! Eric Buck
Invisalign may be a good option for you. I would recommend scheduling an appointment with and Invisalign certified provider who is also an orthodontist to get an evaluation to see if that would be a good option for you.


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Often times, if it's just minor tooth movement, alignment can be obtained with just a removable appliance (like a retainer with fingers springs in it). It would be impossible to be able to tell you if you're a candidate for this option, without seeing you.
A simple exam/consultation would likely be able to give you the definitive answer!
It is hard to answer your question without seeing you. If the crooked tooth is in the front, in some cases I can make it look straight by placing a veneer or crown.
Dear patient, this is a great challenging question. When a tooth is rotated(crooked), if it is not in ma occlusion with the opposing tooth, there is no worries but esthetic concerns! Which means it is not causing any harm to the rest of the teeth, it is just rotated. In this case, I leave it up too you if you want to fix it only for esthetic purposes. On the other hand, if the crooked tooth is in mail occlusion with the opposing teeth, I highly recommend to address it as soon as possible before this rotated tooth make damage to the opposing tooth. In this case esthetic is not as much concern as the health and longevity of the opposite tooth. And yes, in order to make this tooth straight, the orthodontist needs to shift around other teeth as well but not as much. It would be to the benefit of all teeth once they are in correct position.

I hope I answered your question.
Dr. Ramona
Yes, braces can definitely help with correcting the crooked tooth and yes, braces would move your other teeth. Depending on the severity, sometimes a simple veneer or crown can help as well.
It's very hard for me to judge without looking at your current occlusion. Also even with a single tooth malocclusion, it really have to depends on the degrees of rotation, the location of the tooth and also which tooth it is?? Therefore, I cannot fully answer your question. I highly recommend you to ask your dentist for an assessment to give you a better advice. Also braces is not the only option for correcting mal-alignment anymore. Discuss with your dentist if clear aligners, removable appliances or braces will be the most suitable option for you. Hope this helps.
To get a proper answer to this question, your best bet would be to set an appointment with an orthodontist for a consultation. I am sure that they will take time to develop a proper diagnosis of your condition, and will project a treatment plan for you.
Sometimes, one crooked tooth can be brought back into the correct position with removable trays and/or braces, once room is made for the tooth to move. See your dentist or orthodontist and they can evaluate your condition to see what options are available for your particular situation.
It may be possible to straighten one tooth with limited orthodontics or a removable spring-type retainer, however that has to be determined by the dentist/orthodontist.
Having a crooked tooth, really a sign for a more profound problem? One tooth malposition is very often solved by aligners... not braces.
If the crooked tooth bothers you, then braces will help. Invisible braces such as Invisalign or Clear Correct may be a easy way to correct your problem. The other teeth will not be harmed.
Generally when a single tooth is crooked, it is as a result of inadequate space. This means expansion of the dental arches will need to be done to accommodate the aligning of that tooth. So yes, other teeth will need movement. The good news is that it may only require minimal movements. Therefore, it may be a short and less costly treatment.
It really depends on the amount of space that is necessary to move the tooth into a better position. An orthodontist can best advise you on what needs to be done. If the space needed is small, it is not necessary to move all of the other teeth.
Hard question to answer without knowing more, but I would still recommend a consult with an orthodontist.
Is the crooked tooth a cosmetic concern? If not, and it’s not affecting your ability to eat, and is not causing you any other discomfort, it may not need to be straightened out .

To straighten the alignment of a tooth with orthodontics, other teeth would probably need to be moved to create the room for the proper position of the crooked tooth.

Another possibility might be to crown or veneer the tooth to give it the appearance of being straight, even if the underlying structure is still out of alignment.
get the one tooth straightened otherwise other teeth will move too .No your other teeth will stay straight as you move the one crooked tooth
You need braces. Braces will move your other teeth in order to compensate the crowding.