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Where are the acupuncture points for fertility?

I'm about to get my first acupuncture session to help my fertility--I'm just curious, where would the needles be inserted for my session?

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No need to worry for the points you’ll get poked. A good master will give you a good treatment. Give it a try!
Our medicine is not the same as what you know of in terms of medicine. There is no one or 5 magic points that are used for every case of infertility. It would depend entirely on your practitioner's training. Me, I use distal points on the arms and legs, distal to the elbows and knees (towards fingers and toes).
The points for fertility are usually on the arms and legs with an occasional point on the stomach.
Needle placement is decided after the evaluation.
Each practitioner has their own set of points, within reason. All that matters is that we all get to the same endpoint for the patient.
They will likely be placed on the abdominal and pelvic area, the head area and the hands and legs. The needles may also be placed in the back. Every acupuncturist has their own style and points that they prefer to use so it really just depends on the person.
It all depends based on the diagnosis. Points could be distal or local, depending on lots of factors (your complexion, sensitivity and such).
Different acupuncturists do different acupuncture points. Enjoy your session.
Acupuncture is a combination of local, distal, and adjacent points. Typically, points can be inserted on all areas, including feet/ankles, wrists, abdominal or back points, and even the ear. It all depends on how your acupuncturists views your signs and symptoms.
There are more than 390 points in the body, which have different functions and used for different symptoms. The most important responsibility of the acupuncturist is to have a proper diagnosis and based on that, we use acupuncture points as a combination of certain conditions and treat the patient. There is a formula for each disease.
That's a great question! Each practitioner will have their own point prescription based upon the TCM diagnosis that they come up with. In addition, there are several styles of acupunture that can be utilized and several theoretical schools of thought to employ when choosing points.
That being said, what I would use would be points to build the blood, generally in the inner knee and inner ankle, if there is a diagnosis of stagnation, I may use LV 3, which is located on the dorsum of the foot. I would always use a point called ST36, which builds immunity and fortifies the body and probably most importantly, CV 6 (Conception Vessel) which aids in fertility and menstruation.
If the period is irregular or if there are issues such as endometriosis, fibroids or cysts, conception may be difficult. Furthermore, if there is something structurally awry with the reproductive organs of you or your partner, surgery or other methods of treatment may be warranted before trying acupunture. Talk to your doctor about these options and ask for second and third opinions. Research is great, but your doctor knows your case and what your chances of conceiving are. If structural issues such as fibroids/endometreosis or viability or motility of the sperm have been ruled out, then acupuncture can help you to become pregnant, so long as you follow suggestions such as stress reduction, dietary changes and even lifestyle changes. Good luck!!!
It depends on what type of fertility problem you have
I would recommend to wear comfortable clothes: shorts and a T-shirt for your acupuncture sessions. The best answer to your question is: Points located on your abdomen, legs, arms and possibly head will be chosen. I would also recommend to eat a small meal before your appointment so your blood sugar will be within normal range.

Alexandre Hillairet, DAOM.

The points are usually in your lower abdominal region above the pubic bone, also the practitioner most likely would do some leg and feet points as well. It highly depends on the practitioner and their style of practice.

Thank you.

Acupuncture is a great complimentary therapy to ART, improving implantation rates up to 70%. Depending on the Diagnosis of your Acupuncturist, needles will be inserted into different acupuncture points and they will vary according to your cycle. Hands and legs are some of the most frequent places used. There are some points that are forbidden for pregnant women and any professional, licensed acupuncturist is well aware of them.
Good luck and take care!!


That's a great question. The first thing that needs to be considered is your pattern. While some of the points used in fertilely cases can be used in ANY fertility patient, most of them are tailored to each individuals specific pattern. This means that your acupuncturist, during your consultation, will establish WHY you are having fertility issues, as it pertains to Chinese Medical Theory. He or she will use this information to establish a customized treatment plan and select certain points that address your specific condition or pattern. This means that no two fertility treatments will be identical, so, in short, it's hard for me to predict exactly where the needles will be placed without knowing your specific case.

With that being said, most likely, you can expect some points to be selected in your feet, legs, arms and lower abdomen. If this is your first time getting acupuncture, make sure to let your practitioner know, so that he or she can walk you through the process. It's okay to ask as many questions as you need, because a big part of your treatment is making sure you feel relaxed and safe.

I'm so excited for you to being this process, I've known and personally treated many cases of fertility and I have seen remarkable results. I hope I was able to answer your question.

Best wishes,

Ashleigh Taylor-Schmidt, LA.c
The acupuncture points for fertility are: BL 18, 20, 23, GV 4,CV 4,5,6, Zhi Gong, st36, etc.
There are various acupuncture points to address fertility. Your acupuncturist or Oriental Medical Doctor will chose them based on your individual situation.
Where the needles are inserted depends on why you aren't currently fertile and what else is happening within your body. There are many different reasons ranging from imbalances between internal organs, to the spiritual or emotional. Acupuncturists will develop a treatment based on your tongue and pulse, which give us a reading of what's going on in your entire body.
It depends on the diagnosis to decide which acupuncture points to use. Could be on your abdomen and four extremities.
Sometimes, we use points on the lower back and sometimes on the lower abdomen. However, acupuncture is often to treat overall health. You will get needles on the head and/or four limbs to balance energy out of balance.
Your acupuncturist will likely needle points on the belly and back. Points on the lower leg may be used as the meridians that travel to the pelvic area start there. Points on the lower arm can be used to balance the lower leg points. Points on the head may also be included as they promote relaxation and lower stress.

The exact points used will be determined by your acupuncturist when s(he) identifies the pattern imbalance that underlies your fertility issue.
It really depends on the acupuncturist. Some prefer the classical points along the arms and legs and perhaps the abdomen. Maybe even in the ears. However, every acupuncturist will select a different set of points to treat fertility. There is nothing to worry about!
Hi there, always consult your primary physician before seeking other form of treatments. Having said that, in TCM there are acupuncture techniques and herbal medicines for fertility. However if a person wants to seek acupuncture treatments please consult your local acupuncturist for proper diagnoses. Everyone is different depending on his/her conditions. Do not try to needle yourself.
It all depends on your differential diagnosis - not all people get the same points when getting treatments even if it is for the same type of issue.

You can probably expect them to be anywhere, back, leg, arms, feet hands abdomen, etc. So, dress in layers or with very loose clothing that is easily moved around so the practitioner can get to many areas easily (no tight jeans or anything like that.

The practitioner will tell you in advance of the needle part of treatment what areas you'd need to expose (i.e. roll pants up to knee, sleeves to elbow, lift shirt to ribs...)

Sorry I can't help any further, but again, not everyone gets the exact same points each time. Good luck.
That depends on which organs and systems are weaker for your specific condition. But basic fertility points are located on the midline of the abdomen and stomach area. More points will be added depending on your current condition.
Chinese medicine focuses on individualized treatments as opposed to conventional medicine where every condition has a protocol or short list of protocols for treatment. The points used by your practitioner will be related to two things:

1. The root cause for your issue - in this case fertility. There are a few reasons in Chinese medicine why you might experience difficulty conceiving and they'll have different treatments.

2. The kind of practitioner you're seeing. Generally speaking there are two different kinds of practitioners - those who use local needles and those who use distal needles. For a practitioner who uses local needles, you can expect to receive a few needles on the low abdomen (roughly in the area of the uterus). For practitioners who focus more on distal treatments, you can expect needles mostly in the arms and legs.

Other than these rough guidelines, it's hard to say where your provider might choose to place needles.
The points to improve an individual's fertility will be determined by his/her unique pattern. There are points that can be more common, but they are located all over the body.
We treat you as an individual and to your diagnosis, so hard to say. My usual areas are hands, feet, belly, and/or legs. All depends on you and the practitioner.
Depends on your diagnosis and there is no one point that treats everything.