Dr. Kenneth W. Arida, DDS, Dentist
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Dr. Kenneth W. Arida, DDS

Dentist | General Practice

131 S Euclid Ave Westfield NJ, 07090



Dr Kenneth Arida has been practicing dentistry for over 35years and has had great success providing quality care to people in his community. He has trained with the leading experts in Implantology, Cosmetic Dentistry, Advanced Restorative Dentistry, General/Family Dentistry and all associated treatments. Most patients do not need to leave his office for most treatments. His office is modern and comfortable with a relaxed and cordial atmostphere. The staff will make you feel comfortable and explain everything that is planned so you can relax. Your treatment will be explained to you, all insurance matters will be discussed and you will be seen in a timely manner. "We treat people, not just teeth". Children are welcome as we have a very special play room with toys, blocks, video games and a HUGE dollhouse! Come visit us, we would be glad to welcome you and give you a tour or answer any questions you may have. 

Education and Training

New York University BS 1979

SUNY/Buffalo School of Dentist DDS 1983

Jersey Shore Medical Center DDS 1984

Pankey Institute of Advanced DDS 1998

Provider Details

Male English, Spanish
Dr. Kenneth W. Arida, DDS
Dr. Kenneth W. Arida, DDS's Expert Contributions
  • Why Do I Need A Crown?

    Photo: Tooth needs a crown (left)/Tooth is lost due to crack (right)People are told all the time by their dentist that they have a tooth that should be crowned (capped is the same thing) and often they never really get an adequate explanation for this recommendation. It is important for the patient...

  • How do you relieve the pressure of an abscessed tooth?

    An abscess is an infection that must be overcome with antibiotics and root canal or tooth extraction to relieve the pressure. You can get temporary relief with what's called an I & D (incision and drainage) performed by a dentist. There is not much you can do on your own other than taking antibiotics to control the infection until the source of the infection is taken care of. READ MORE

  • Can dentures last a lifetime?

    It's possible, depending on how much wear and tear they experience depending on the strength of your bite. READ MORE

  • How long should I wait to eat after a dental cleaning?

    You can eat right away unless you had fluoride placed on your teeth. In which case you should wait a half hour from leaving the office. READ MORE

  • Can I use mouthwash after a filling?

    yes READ MORE

  • Is it normal for wisdom teeth to come in at 17?

    Wisdom teeth can come in at any time. You should be evaluated to decide if they are in a reasonable position or need to be removed. READ MORE

  • Is a crown necessary after a root canal?

    In most cases it is best to crown a tooth after root canal. The root canal will dry out the tooth and increase chances of fracture. Also, most root canal teeth have large fillings or cracks in them which adds more urgency to crowning the tooth to protect it from catastrophic fracture. READ MORE

  • Can you swallow your dentures in your sleep?

    A full denture is almost always to large to pass down your throat into your airway or esophogus. If you have a smaller denture that just replaces a couple of teeth it is possible for it to fall down your throat and the danger there is that many times there are metal "clasps" or hooks to engage your own teeth and they can be a serious danger if you were to ever have a small denture go into your throat. All depends on the size of the denture. READ MORE

  • How long should a filling hurt?

    In most cases new fillings should not hurt like they used to many years ago. Most fillings done in the seventies and earlier were metal "amalgam" fillings that made the tooth sensitive to cold for a week or so. These days we mostly use white composite plastic fillings that do not conduct temperature as much and are much more comfortable for your teeth. We also use treatments under the new filling to also eliminate any sensitivity. So again, these days, fillings should not hurt once the novacaine wears off unless it is very deep and near the nerve which is another matter not related to the filling but more with the nerve in the tooth being irritated by a deep filling. READ MORE

  • What happens if a broken tooth goes untreated?

    Infection is the first concern. The infection would most likely start in the nerve chamber of the tooth and create an abcess infection. If the broken tooth had a root canal and the nerve has been removed the chances of pain or infection are much reduced. You can still have infection in the gum from broken pieces moving around and irritating the gums. READ MORE

  • Will dental crowns fall out?

    Crowns can fall out but usually should not. If the crown fits properly and is prepared correctly it should be very secure. If the tooth with the crown is very short with not much to hold onto the crown then the chances of falling off is increased. The older the crown the more chance that the cement that holds it on can leak out and cause it to fall out also. READ MORE

  • Do I have to wear a retainer forever?

    Yes for the most part. If you want your teeth to stay where they are you need to actively keep them there with a retainer. Some bites are more stable and would probably remain as is any way but many bites have a tendency to shift slightly over time with changes in your teeth and soft tissues like tongue, cheeks, lips etc. READ MORE

  • Do I need a dental follow up after getting dental implants?

    Definitely. Dental implants need to be maintained with regular cleaning and observation to make sure the bone and gums around the implants are clean and healthy. READ MORE

  • What do you do if your crown falls off your tooth?

    Go to your dentist to put it back on. If the crown is less than 2 years old it would be a wonder as to why the crown fell off. You may want to ask the dentist why he thinks the crown fell off. There are some circumstances where it is understandable but in most cases a crown should not fall off unless it has been in place for 10 or more years. READ MORE

  • How can I fix receding gums naturally?

    Receding gums can only be "fixed" with a dental procedure like orthodontics to move teeth into a better position to maintain healthy gum architecture. Gum surgery can also be performed to help stop recession and slightly reverse it. Brush your teeth with a soft tooth brush to reduce trauma to the gums. READ MORE

  • I have trouble sleeping from tooth pain?

    See a dentist, if your pain is severe you need a doctor to treat you. READ MORE

  • What is the procedure for replacing crowns?

    Replacing a crown is not hard to do. The bigger question is why are you feeling pain. Very likely simply replacing the crown will not eliminate your pain. Pain is often caused by the nerve in your tooth dying and the solution for that is a root canal. Impossible to diagnose here. Make sure you see a good dentist who can give you a proper diagnosis. All the Best! READ MORE

  • Can I drink coffee after dental bone graft?

    I would stay away from hot food or drink for 48hrs after oral surgery. READ MORE

  • Does tooth decay in baby teeth affect adult teeth?

    Hi, No, decay on baby teeth does not affect permanent teeth. Of course, whatever is causing the decay on your child's teeth should be corrected as the permanent teeth come in. READ MORE

  • Is it ever too late to get dental implants?

    It is not too late. The amount of bone that you have available in that area has to be evaluated to see if there is enough or perhaps you would need a bone graft to grow more bone. One or X-ray scans should give you the answer. See a capable implant dentist for your evaluation. READ MORE

  • Can sinus infections cause tooth pain?

    Most definitely. The Maxillary sinus is in your cheek and the nerves to the upper teeth travel along the floor of that sinus. If there is a disturbance in the sinus, such as an infection the nerves to the teeth in that area can get aggravated and simulate a toothache. This can also happen from seasonal allergies or if you have a cold. Keeping the sinus clear with antihistamines usually helps greatly in relieving this issue. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Implant Placement, Implant Restoration, Root Canal, Cosmetic Dentistry, Children's Dentistry, Crowns/Bridges,

Professional Memberships

  • Delta Sigma Delta Dental Fraternity  

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131 S Euclid Ave -
Westfield, NJ 07090
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