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17 Things That People with Type A Personalities Do

17 Things That People with Type A Personalities Do

What is Type A Personality?

In the 1950s, two cardiologists, Meyer Friedman and Ray Rosenman, developed Type A and Type B personality theory stating these are two contrasting personality types. According to this theory, Type A personalities are more competitive, outgoing, ambitious, impatient and/or aggressive, while more relaxed personalities are labeled Type B.

Friedman and Rosenman carried out a comprehensive study of healthy men between the ages of 35 and 59 and estimated that Type A behavior doubles the risk of coronary heart disease in otherwise healthy individuals.

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Type A personalities often have to deal with a wide range of health issues, most of them linked to the stress that they often face, as a result of their personality. The positive characteristics of this type of personality are they are easygoing, overly demonstrative and forward.

Most type A personalities often have a marked disinclination to being studied or treated for their basic characteristics since that would mean that they are at fault at some level. But overall, this classification has become simplified and is used to tag people who fall into one of the broad specifications for this category.

In fact today, a Type A Personality can indicate that the person is being overly emotive, aggressive, prone to frequent rages, has a diva complex and is rude, abrasive and determined to get their way, no matter the consequences.

Here are a few signs to indicate if you are a type A person or not.

Waiting in lines:

If you find that waiting patiently in lines really drives you up the wall, then chances are that you are a type A person.  In fact, type A people are increasingly annoyed at the thought of having to waste their time by waiting in queues for anything and as a result, would often try to jump the queue if they think they can get away with it. If this sounds like you and something that you are prone to do, then yes, you are a type A personality.

You are a perfectionist:

Most type A people are perfectionists in the sense they tend to overdo everything be it from organizing their rooms to their clothes. More often than not, type A people go to all extremes in order to overdo something even as mundane as cleaning the floor. So if you have been accused of overdoing things a lot and expecting others to match up to your level of performance, then in all likelihood, you are a type A personality.

Grinding teeth:

Most type A people tend to get nervous often, especially during examinations or the driver’s test and are more likely to bite their nails and grind their teeth. In fact, most type A people do suffer from worn dental caps as a result of all the grinding action. If you find yourself exhibiting these symptoms then yes, you are a type A personality. You are just the sort of person to get extremely anxious over small issues and tend to display the same in various ways.

Hate wasting time:

Most type A personalities hate wasting time since they strongly believe in making every moment count. This is why if you hate the thought of wasting valuable time standing in queues or getting stuck in traffic, then chances are that you are one of those who belong to this Type A category. Even waiting for the elevator to come to your floor can cause your blood pressure to shoot through the roof.

Extremely conscientious:

Type A personalities are often extremely conscientious of all others to the point of remembering all their likes and dislikes. Similarly, they are extremely conscientious regarding their work and expect the same from everyone else as well. And if this sounds similar to something that you may have done and often do as well, then chances are high that you are indeed a type A personality.

Often have negative views:

As a result of being overdriven, most type A personalities often have a negative view on most things. It is not that they cannot view the positive side of things, but rather think that it can go wrong and more often than not, they are proved right. So if this sounds like you, then chances are high that you are a type A personality.

Talk over others:

Type A people often push themselves into the center of conversation, often talking over others and setting the agenda for the discussion as well. If this sounds like you, then it is likely that you are a type A personality and are much more determined to hold the sway over any conversation. This is why if you find yourself in the habit of interrupting others and pushing yourself into the conversation, it is mainly on account of your Type A personality.

Find it hard to sleep at night:

Type A people often find it hard to get proper sleep on account of various frustrations and interactions they may have had earlier in the day. So if you are restless and not able to sleep well, then that could be on account of your Type A personality. So if this sounds similar to you, then yes, you belong in this category, however do bear in mind that sleeplessness could also be indicative of serious health issues. So whether you are of type A personality or not, you still need to seek out medical help to rule out serious health issues which could have caused you to experience that sleeplessness.

Talk fast:

Type A people are often known for the speed at which they talk and as a result, others have a hard time understanding them. If this sounds like you and others around you often have a hard time in keeping up with your conversation and keeping pace with you as you walk, then it is likely that you are a type A personality.

Career focused:

Type A people often are extremely career focused to the point that they often harm their personal life and relationships. If you find that it is more important for you to focus on your career and the office meeting than to take some time out to organize your kid’s birthday, then yes, you are a type A personality. Being focused on one’s career is not a bad thing in itself, but if you are not careful, it can have a very detrimental effect on your personal life.

Finding it hard to relax:

Type A people often find it extremely hard to sit still and do nothing. It is not so much that they cannot relax, but they prefer to be on the go, doing something constructive and useful. As a result, most type A people often find it hard to just sit down and relax. If this sounds anything like you, then in all likelihood, you are of the type A personality. Just remember, it is important that you learn to relax as it can help to lower your stress levels.

You are aggressive:

Type A people can be aggressive at times and even though this definition may seem too generic, the fact remains that type A people are indeed more aggressive than others and are likely to do just about anything to get their way. If you find that you have often been getting aggressive over the smallest of things, then it is likely that you are a type A personality.

Low tolerance for incompetence:

Type A personalities have a very low tolerance for incompetence. It is just that the type A people are more driven and extremely conscientious when it comes to their work and professional life. As a result, they expect the same from others around them and when the others do not deliver, it drives them up the wall, literally.

If this sounds something like you and you often find incompetence in others to be irritating in the extreme, then chances are that you are of a type A personality.

The need for a to-do list:

While most people are content to just dream up a to-do list, most type A personalities prefer to go all the way to drawing one up and even printing out the same. Such people often find it hard to even function without such a list. If this does sound something like you, then chances are that you are of a type A personality. And moreover, you will have this burning desire to develop a make-do list, and the need to keep referring to the same often.


Type A people often thrive under stress and urgency and often seek to recreate the same at their workplace. So more often than not, type A people often declare all work to be urgent and seek to communicate the same to others as well. So if the above sounds familiar to you, then chances are that you are indeed a type A personality.


Most type A personalities often live under high stress and this sooner than later starts impacting their diet, sleep and overall health. So if that sounds similar to you, and if your doctor has already pointed out the abnormally high stress levels, then it is more likely that you are a type A personality.

Making things happen:

While most characteristics of people with type A personalities have negative connotations, the fact remains that these people are very efficient at organizing themselves and others, can get things to happen and are often driven enough to see through a thing completely. In fact, they make perfect managers and are very adept at reading others, analyzing their key skills and at getting the most out of others.

In addition, type A people are more prone to achieving their target goals within the stipulated time than others. If this sounds similar to you, then chances are that you are a type A personality, one who would go to any extent to achieve their objective. So yes, if you are indeed this driven, then you are a type A personality.

Final Thoughts

Type A people often endure vast amounts of stress and this often results in various health disorders. Your current condition could be caused by the high stress levels. So make sure that you head over to your doctor right away and insist on a full panel medical checkup. This should help your doctor pinpoint any health condition that could have been brought about on account of the stress. Type A personalities are more prone to suffer from poor cardiovascular health and are more at risk of cancer and stroke.

Get a proper diagnosis from your doctor at the earliest and get the same treated with effective medication. But to ensure that you continue to remain healthy and not let the high stress levels impact the rest of your health, you need to undertake a few stress busters – stress reliving exercises as they can help you to manage your stress levels better.

Additionally, you can include chia seeds, and other grains and vegetables as they can provide you with better health and even lower your stress levels.

These are some of the signs as to whether you are of Type A personality or something else altogether. It is vital that you go for regular medical checks so as to prevent your current stress levels from impacting your health and this also enables your doctor to keep track of your progress and overall health.  

Remember that it is vital you keep extremely fit and take some proactive steps to reduce your current high stress levels. With adequate diet and exercise, you should be able to bring your stress levels down to optimal levels.