Diet and Nutrition

Choosing the Right Weight Loss Program

Many people turn to a commercial weight loss programs to lose weight. Weight loss programs are effective only if it urges the participants to develop healthy eating habits and includes exercising regularly.  

Two major factors in selecting an effective program include safety and the guarantee of a slow weight loss. The diet should not only be low in calories but also have all required vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in adequate amounts. A healthy program will manage caloric intake; typically no less than 1,200 calories for women, while for men it is ideal to be at or below 1,800 calories. Furthermore, the weight loss should be a slow and steady process.

It is always important to discuss the program with your physician. If a program suggests rapid loss of weight within few weeks, be cautious. Weight loss to the order of one to two pounds a week is considered to be ideal.

A successful commercial diet program should ensure the following:

  • The staff are experience and well qualified.
  • It should be managed by dietitians, doctors, and physiologists.
  • The weight loss goal is set by a qualified professional and not by the customer.
  • Weight loss average falls into the 'ideal' range.
  • The program should not cause major side effects.
  • A program to sustain the weight lost after reaching the goal weight is offered. 

Before starting any of the programs, have your health evaluated by a doctor, especially if you have any health issues or take prescription medications. It would be better if your physician recommends the program that would be most effective for you.

Maintaining the weight after the program or once goal weight is achieved is also critical in choosing a program, particularly if you have a tendency to regain the lost weight. Ideally, the program should help you choose a healthy diet, improve the amount of calories burned, and increase your physical activity.

Key Takeaways

  • For effective weight loss, one should consider adopting a program while dieting to see better results.