Plastic Surgeon Questions Scars

How does the plastic surgery to remove scars work?

What is the procedure involved in a plastic surgery? Is it painful and what are the various lines of treatment involved in the procedure?

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Hello, there surgical procedures is scar revision. There are also other noninvasive procedures such as lasers, IPL, radio frequency and creams. No two scars are the same and each treatment regiment is tailor made for the particular patient. You can also visit my website at for further information and assistance. Good luck to you
Treatment of scars in plastic surgery is usually done using a local anesthetic to numb the area. The treatment itself depends on the type of scar. If it is wide, then maybe it needs to be removed and reapproximated with better plastic surgery technique so that it will be a thin flat line. Sometimes it is hypertrophic or kind of piled up on itself, then maybe a laser resurfacing treatment would do the trick. Sometimes it is the skin tone of the scar and we can take the red out of it with a laser or the brown out of it with a laser.
The surgical plan would really be dependent on your scar that you are looking to remove. The procedure involved does vary from person to person as everyone has a unique injury or situation. The pain and treatment would also be planned around an evaluation of your scar. I suggest making an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon.
Hi, plz send us photos to see how to improve your scars.

Hi and thank you for your question.

You state in your question that you'd like to learn more about the options for reconstructive surgery or treatments for improving the appearance of scars. I can give you some insight as scar revision is a big part of my practice. Scars come in many different forms including those that result from acne, and there are several types there or ones that come from trauma, burns, or previous surgery. They all share one thing in common - some insult has caused the skin to deposit collagen in a disorganized way leading to the scar appearance.

Two particular scars deserve their own mention, "hypertrophic scars" and "keloids." Both of these are the result of abnormal collagen deposition, but the process has gone haywire. In the case of hypertrophic scars, the lesion or scar looks like a high mountain, but it remains within the borders of the original injury. In the case of a keloid, the scar can grow outside of the original borders. Color changes may also be common. As you can see, it is already getting quite complicated.

So, the best thing for you is to get your scar assessed by someone with a lot of experience dealing with this kind of problem. Depending on the findings, several treatment modalities may be employed...these can range from some peels, laser, something called subcision, where the scar's attachments are released, hyaluronic acid fillers which may elevate a depressed scar, or in extreme cases a surgical revision. It is rarely possible to eliminate a scar, but significant improvements in their appearance can be achieved.
Plastic surgery does not remove scars but a skilled properly trained surgeon can often revise a scar that has healed poorly the first time, or rearrange the orientation of a scar to camouflage it better, or lengthen it to make it more comfortable.