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Is this normal on the depo shot?

I'm currently on birth control (depo shot) and I'm sexually active. I've been light bleeding for 11 days straight with cramps and lower back pain. This is my first time on birth control and I've only had 1 shot. I'm due in one month for my next shot. I'm just curious if this is normal?

Female | 15 years old
Complaint duration: 11 days

6 Answers

Unfortunately, some vaginal bleeding often can occur when using Depo-Provera. Over time as your body adjusts, the bleeding should become less frequent and may even go away completely.
Irregular bleeding on the first Depo-Provera injection is very common. Since your bleeding is light, I suggest to give it more time, take the next Depo as scheduled. If you continue to bleed irregularly on the next shot also, then you may want to consider another form of birth control.
Yes, pretty common. Get another shot and the see how it goes. Check a pregnancy test just to be sure.
It is fairly common to bleed in the first few months of trying any new birth control, including depo.
The depo can cause irregular menses. It is a progesterone only birth control the pills usually have an estrogen & progesterone which normally allows for better cycle control. Consult your physician as there maybe something that can be done to get the bleeding in line. The bleeding usually associated with the cramping
Yes. It is normal to have irregular bleeding during the first 3 injections or the first 9 months.