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What can plastic surgery do for a broken hand?

I broke my hand pretty badly by falling on top of it. But my doctor thinks that I should go to a plastic surgeon for it, so I have a consultation scheduled tomorrow. What can a plastic surgeon do for a broken hand?

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Plastic surgeons are also hand surgeons.
Can fix it. Depending on severity, type of damage, etc... hand surgery for significant injury, requires lots oftime, lots of skill, & commitment to hard rehab. Of hand function. Also even well repIres nerves & tendons just take TIME to really heal, & restore reasonae functionality of the hand.
Many plastic surgeons are hand specialist and will splint/cast or pin accordingly.
Fix it
Many plastic surgeons are well trained in the treatment of all forms of trauma, including hand injuries. Orthopaedic surgeons often choose not to care for hand problems and to concentrate on large bone problems. I suspect that the plastic surgeon in your area does hand surgery and that is why you are being referred to him/her. Just be sure he is Board Certified and you should be in good hands.
Dr. Louis Mes
Thanks for your question.

Most hand surgeons are either orthopedists or plastic surgeons. The specialty is pretty equally split. In some regions of the country, orthopedists may be more prevalent and in others the plastic surgeons are more prominent. So, when you were referred to a plastic surgeon, I assume that the referral was to a plastic surgeon who has hand surgery experience.

Eugene J. Sidoti, Jr., MD
I am a plastic surgeon who has further training in hand and microsurgery. I am unsure what your specific injury is but plastic surgeons are trained in the hand and your doctor is probably referring you to one with such training.