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Dr. Brooke Buller is a Dentist practicing in Westerville, OH. Dr. Buller specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases and conditions associated with the mouth and overall dental health. Dentists are trained to carry out such treatment as professional cleaning, restorative, prosthodontic, and endodontic procedures, and performing examinations, among many others.

Education and Training

The Ohio State University D.D.S. 2012

The Ohio State University B.A. 2008

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Brooke H. Buller, DDS
Brooke H. Buller, DDS's Expert Contributions
  • How long after a crown is cemented can I eat?

    Most modern cements set up within 10 minutes time. Your provider should detail post operative instructions specific to the cement that they use. Congratulations on your new crown. You’re officially royalty :) READ MORE

  • What can smoking do to your teeth?

    Smoking delays cellular processes related to healing. It impairs your body’s ability to deal with the stress of everyday life!! In addition to staining your teeth, causing dry mouth, bad breath, bone loss... it can lead to serious problems with supporting structures. Each person is different, but the negative effects of smoking in relation to your oral health are clearly documented. READ MORE

  • Do I need to worry about bumps on my gums after having teeth pulled for dentures?

    Depending on the surgical procedure, and whether or not gums and/or bone were reduced, this may be the natural architecture of the gum tissue without teeth present. You’ll likely notice a change, and even shrinking, of these bumps in the next few weeks to months as your body heals. If you experience sudden swelling and associated discomfort, you should consult with your provider. READ MORE

  • Can gingivitis lead to long-term damage?

    Gingivitis is an inflammatory condition affecting the gums. There are many notes issues with chronic inflammatory processes in the body. If allows to persist over time, the inflammatory process can lead to changes in the supporting bone structure, resulting in what is known is periodontitis. However, the gum tissues are incredibly responsive, and if a clean environment is maintained over time, most gingivitis should correct. Your body is amazing - set it up for success! READ MORE

  • Should I treat the cavity or remove the wisdom tooth?

    Remove the wisdom tooth. You will lose more time and money throughout your life by keeping it. Surgery is more predictable and patients have recovery at younger ages. Consult with an oral surgeon! READ MORE

  • Is it normal to have pain after a root canal?

    It’s not uncommon and can depend on the condition of the tooth prior tooth the root canal. For days, weeks, and sometimes months after root canal therapy, some soreness can occur. It may be best to contact your provider and alert them to your symptoms so that they can best determine how to proceed. READ MORE

  • Can you eat normally with a dental bridge?

    It depends on the location, design, and material of that bridge, as well as your bite and your overall dental health. For example, if a bridge is replacing a front tooth, it is recommended that you never bite directly into things with that tooth. Bridges on back teeth can often handle larger chewing forces. READ MORE

  • How long is Invisalign treatment?

    Length of Invisalign treatment can depend on many factors, even if the goal is closing a small space. Generally, treatment times range from 6 to 18 months. READ MORE

  • Why do I still have bad breath after brushing my teeth?

    There are many things that could cause this, including but not limited to the following: You could have calculus (tartar) under your gums or between your teeth that can only be removed by a dental professional. The cause could also be due to bacteria on your tongue that is not adequately removed. I recommend seeing a dentist for evaluation. READ MORE

  • What keeps causing sporadic jaw pain?

    The cause can be joint or muscle related (TMD) and can be from clenching or grinding. Sometimes jaw pain can arise from a cracked tooth or a tooth infection. I would recommend seeing a dentist for an evaluation. READ MORE

  • My dental crown came loose, what next?

    I would recommend seeing a dentist. Sometimes crowns can be recemented, and sometimes they need replaced. Treatment depends on the health of the tooth and tissues and the condition and fit of the crown, while also considering why it came loose. READ MORE

  • How often should I get a dental cleaning?

    This answer depends on many patient-specific factors. Many people can maintain healthy by having cleanings every 6 months, while some patients need more frequent visits. READ MORE

  • How long does a dental filling procedure last?

    An average filling visit is approximately 1 hour. READ MORE

  • Are cavities serious?

    Cavities are serious. They are caused by bacteria. They are best treated at early stages, before they become large, to help avoid or delay more complex treatment including root canals, crowns, and sometimes extraction. READ MORE

  • How can I protect my teeth from cavities?

    Ideally, brush twice a day with an electric (not battery powered) toothbrush. I prefer Oral-B or Sonicare. Floss once a day. Limit sugary drinks, as well as carbonated water (because of acidity). Never sip over long periods of time because time of exposure to sugar is key in cavity development. Drink a lot of water and keep your body healthy! READ MORE

  • How can you get rid of a cavity without going to the dentist?

    It is not possible to get rid of cavities on your own, but I agree that it would be great if you could! Or if your body could heal the area! :) READ MORE

  • Do cavities get worse if untreated?

    Yes, cavities will continue to grow over time. READ MORE

  • Is dry socket a type of infection?

    Dry socket is not an infection and does not require antibiotics. Instead, it is disruption of clotting/healing, which is quite uncomfortable but should resolve with time. Some patients opt to return to their provider to have a soothing medication placed at the site of extraction. Although this procedure will delay the healing process, it will decrease pain. READ MORE

  • How many dental implants can you have?

    Although it depends on one’s overall health and surgical risk, many patients can have multiple implants completed in a single procedure. READ MORE

  • Is it possible to have a cavity without tooth pain?

    It is absolutely possible to have a cavity without tooth pain. Pain usually occurs only after the cavity has reached a certain size, and at that point the tooth often requires more extensive treatment than a filling. READ MORE

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Media Releases

Dr. Buller joined the Northstar Family Dental practice in 2012. She has been a passionate and positive leader to the team ever since. Dr. Buller attended The Ohio State University, where she first earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in History, followed by her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Ohio State University College of Dentistry.

Professionally, Dr. Buller develops lasting friendships with her patients while providing exceptional care. She is dedicated to providing each patient with treatment based on the most current research. Dr. Buller is a member of the American Dental Association, the Ohio Dental Association, the Columbus Dental Society, the Capital City Dental Forum, and the Academy of General Dentistry. Additionally, she holds specialized certifications in Botox® and Invisalign®.

In her spare time, Dr. Buller enjoys reading, practicing yoga, as well as practicing playing the piano. She also enjoys the Columbus Metro Parks with her two dogs, Rosa and Kenzie.

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