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Marielaina Perrone DDS is a family, implant, and cosmetic dentist serving Las Vegas, Summerlin, and Henderson NV. Dental services include dental implants, teeth whitening, orthodontics, botox, and treatment of periodontal disease.

"We believe in a comprehensive approach to restorative and cosmetic dentistry, that fully integrates health, comfort, and beauty." - Marielaina Perrone DDS

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Stony Brook Univ Dental Med DDS 1997

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Female English, Spanish
Marielaina Perrone DDS
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  • Coronavirus And Dental Care

    We are experiencing a turbulent and scary time as a global society. The development of the novel coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) has upended many lives and changed others forever. Dental care can sometimes take a back seat in the medical community and in cases like this rightfully so....

  • The Mouth Is A Window To Your Health

    Research is continuously showing a connection between oral health and body health. When it comes to systemic diseases, 90% of them produce oral signs and symptoms. Oral health means more than just an attractive smile. Having poor oral health and untreated oral diseases and conditions can have a...

  • Can Crown Lengthening Enhance Your Smile?

    A smile that shows too much gum tissue can make teeth appear too small for your mouth. Many of us have substantial tooth structure, we just don’t see enough of it to have the full effect of the whole tooth. This exposure of tooth structure through tissue and or gum removal is called crown...

  • Smile Big On Your Big Day!

    You are the center of attention on your wedding day. You want to look your absolute best for this momentous day. This includes wearing the right dress, having the right flowers, and having your hair done just right. But what about your smile? A smile may be overlooked but it will be the center of...

  • The Truth About Cosmetic Orthodontics

    Having a beautiful smile is something everyone wants. For many adults with misaligned teeth, there are plenty of excuses to avoid orthodontic treatment. A common response for many is….”I am too old” or “Orthodontics take too long”. With recent advances in dentistry, cosmetic orthodontics...

  • Can Chewing Gum Improve Your Dental Health?

    An often underestimated way of improving your dental health is by regularly chewing gum. Although it is important to choose the right type of gum for the job. We do not always have the time or means to fully clean our teeth after eating. Here are some tips to help you choose the right gum. Types Of...

  • Potential Complications Of Sleep Apnea

    Obstructive sleep apnea is often called the silent killer. It is a disease that is usually not diagnosed properly for a long time and can have serious side effects that can effect your quality of life. Sleep apnea is caused by the muscles in your throat relaxing too much and closing, preventing...

  • Is A Root Canal Painful?

    Root canal treatments and pain go hand in hand in many people’s minds. Usually, our fears and anxiety stem from other people telling us their experiences and not from our own. A root canal (also referred to as RCT or root canal therapy) is a dental procedure where the damaged nerve (also called...

  • The Benefits Of All On 4 Dental Implants

    Dental implants are a highly advocated option to replace missing teeth, but a more recent dental implant technique can help even more people in a cost efficient way. For patients with no teeth or decaying teeth, the traditional treatment has been the placement of a full removable denture....

  • Dental Care During Pregnancy

    Being pregnant is an exciting time for most women, but it can bring with it a lot of anxiety. Anxiety over doing what it is right for you and your baby’s health. This should include your dental health as well since there is a direct correlation between oral health and our overall health. Once...

  • The Anatomy Of Our Teeth

    No matter what age you are, tooth issues will always be a potential concern. From a young child to an elderly adult, having good dental hygiene and taking preventative measures is paramount to dental health. Have you ever wondered what parts make up your teeth? Why are they so strong?Anatomy Of A...

  • Why Do Our Teeth Shift?

    As we age, many changes occur to our bodies and our teeth. Our teeth shift and move slightly over time due to many factors, some that we can control and others that we can't. These factors include tongue movements, lips pushing against our teeth, and how our teeth fit together. Below, we will review...

  • Why Bone Grafts Are Needed For Dental Implants

    Dental implants are a common procedure in modern dentistry. Another procedure called a bone graft, is required to aide in the stabilization of dental implants. For dental implants to be successfully integrated, the quality and quantity of bone available matters. If the bone is of poor quality or...

  • Choosing The Right Mouthwash

    The use of an anti-bacterial mouthwash is an important part of everyone’s dental hygiene routine. Many people are aware of the necessity of brushing and flossing regularly, but did you know that using an anti-bacterial mouthwash can be just as important? With so many options available at the...

  • Signs of Periodontal Disease

    Periodontal disease is a progressing disease that if left untreated will worsen over time. With many dental conditions, many patients will ignore the symptoms and hope it goes away. Since periodontal disease must be treated and will not go away on its own, it's important to know the signs of it....

  • Dental Care For Autistic Patients

    Autism – a developmental disability that significantly affects communication (both verbal and non-verbal) and social interaction. This disorder is usually evident before the age of three, and can adversely affect educational performance. Other characteristics associated with autism spectrum...

  • Can A Sports Mouthguard Protect Against Concussions?

    A custom mouthguard for sports is needed by every child in youth sports as it can prevent concussions and dental injuries. While most parents provide their child with a helmet before going onto the field, a mouthguard for sports is just as important for a child's overall safety and...

  • Treating Dental Infections With Antibiotics

    Dental infections (also referred to as an abscess) usually develop as a result of untreated tooth decay and poor oral hygiene. Although a dental infection can also develop from previous dental work or traumatic injury. When a dental infection develops, a pocket of pus forms in the mouth as a...

  • Blood Thinners And Dentistry

    Blood thinners are prescription medications that are taken by most dental patients. Blood thinners are used in medicine to prevent potentially fatal blood clots, which can lead to stroke, heart attack, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), or pulmonary embolism (PE). These blood thinners prevent...

  • All On 4 Dental Implants To Restore Your Smile

    Dental implants allow dentists to easily replace missing teeth and to restore smiles to their natural appearance. For individuals who need a more extensive tooth replacement, dentures have been the traditional option. Traditional dentures come with many compromises, including, an imperfect fit,...

  • What Causes Periodontal Disease?

    Periodontal disease comes in different stages. The earliest stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis, this stage is reversible with proper treatment. If this disease is caught and treated before progressing, there will be no long-term side effects. Although if it advances to the next stage,...

  • A New Smile With Orthodontics

    Orthodontics are a great way to rebuild our smiles. For a long time, orthodontic braces was a treatment only used for children. The advances in orthodontic materials have led to changes in the appearance of orthodontic technology, and increased speed of movement of our teeth. Many teenagers and...

  • What Is Smile Design?

    Smile design is a custom plan to improve the overall appearance of your smile to be one with your unique facial features. Our smiles are unique to all of us, and by making some small changes, you can feel dramatically more confident. An experienced cosmetic dentist can transform your appearance...

  • Ready To Look Younger? See Your Dentist

    Cosmetic surgery is a popular specialty of medicine that has been growing rapidly for decades. For many of us, youth is associated with vitality and beauty. Aging is not an easy thing to do and we often seek help to keep us looking and feeling younger and more vibrant. When seeking out cosmetic...

  • Common Questions About Porcelain Veneers

    Porcelain veneers are very popular and commonly used in cosmetic dentistry. Many people around the world benefit from cosmetic dentistry and feel more confident afterwards. There are even more people that are interested in this type of dentistry, but uncertain what the dental...

  • Reasons To Say Yes To Dental Implants

    Dental implants have revolutionized modern dentistry and patient’s lives for almost 60 years. When dentistry first began, patients with missing teeth had limited options which often had many drawbacks. Dental implants have given patients the ability to restore a natural-looking and comfortable...

  • What Is Good Dental Hygiene?

    The effects of poor dental hygiene can range from tooth decay to periodontal disease, and loss of teeth. Luckily, maintaining a good dental hygiene routine, including regular professional teeth cleaning and dental examinations can prevent most of these dental concerns. If you don't maintain...

  • How Often Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned?

    The standard of care for professional dental cleanings has always been every 6 months. Today, this still holds true for most patients. Studies have repeatedly shown that those who go to regular dental visits are less likely to have the need for dental restoration or to need a tooth removed.Are...

  • Can you eat nuts with dental implants?

    Once you are fully healed and dental crown is placed over dental implant you should be free to eat whatever you want. That is a big advantage to dental implants over a removable denture. The ability to eat whatever you want and not feel self conscious when eating. READ MORE

  • What are the first signs of dry socket?

    First signs of a dry socket include: -Severe pain within a few days after a tooth extraction. -Partial or total loss of the blood clot at the tooth extraction site, which you may notice as an empty-looking (dry) socket. -Visible bone in the socket. READ MORE

  • Does Invisalign stay in when you sleep?

    Yes, invisalign to work effectively should be worn approximately 22-23 hours per day. They should only be removed for eating, dental hygiene, and possibly sports where a mouthguard is needed and it does not fit with invisalign retainers. READ MORE

  • Is pericoronitis a serious condition?

    Pericoronitis is a dental disorder in which gum tissue becomes swollen and infected around the wisdom teeth, the third and final set of molars that most people get in their late teens or early twenties. If left untreated, bone destruction may follow. ... If left untreated, a cyst can destroy the bone around it. Pericoronitis is an infection associated with the flap of gum tissue that covers an erupting wisdom tooth. Signs include swelling and pain when biting down onto inflamed tissue. So it can be quite serious if left untreated. READ MORE

  • Can I use mouthwash with Invisalign?

    You can use mouthwash with invisalign. However, it is recommended to remove invisalign retainers prior to rinsing as not to affect invisalign retainers. The mouthwash can change color of your retainers. The beauty of invisalign retainers is the ease in which we can maintain dental hygiene throughout treatment. READ MORE

  • Can I get my fillings changed to white?

    The easy answer is yes you should be able to. However, it depends how big those silver fillings are and how much tooth structure has been replaced. It is best to see your dentist to evaluate each tooth individually to give you the best course of treatment. READ MORE

  • Are braces supposed to make your teeth feel tight?

    Yes, this means they are actively applying slow pressure to teeth to get the desired movements. They will probably alternate between a tight feeling and a looser feeling between orthodontic visits. Generally, they will feel tight for a few days following an orthodontic visit as they were just adjusted to continue treatment. READ MORE

  • How long does a front tooth implant last?

    A properly placed and maintained dental implant should last a lifetime. READ MORE

  • Can you get tooth decay under a filling?

    Yes! This is why it is important to maintain good dental hygiene and regular dental visits. READ MORE

  • Can a 14 year old get Invisalign?

    The general answer is yes. However it depends on what needs to be done to correct your son's smile. A thorough examination by an orthodontist will give you a better idea. Invisalign is an excellent tool but has limitations in severe cases. READ MORE

  • What happens if teeth move too fast?

    If teeth are moved too fast during orthodontic treatment it can lead to root resorption and possible bone loss around teeth. This is why orthodontic treatment is a slow and steady movement of teeth to give best results while maintaining dental health. READ MORE

  • Is teeth bleaching a permanent fix?

    No it is a temporary cosmetic solution. Depending on how you care for your teeth the whitening can last longer. This can be achieved by avoiding staining foods and drinks (like red wine or certain teas). Generally a touch up is needed over time to regain your whiter smile. READ MORE

  • Do you have to brush your teeth after eating with Invisalign?

    When eating while undergoing invisalign treatment, you should remove your retainers while eating and then brush and floss when finished prior to placing retainers back in mouth. READ MORE

  • Is it ok to not wear a retainer for 2 days?

    It is not the end of the world. It may delay treatment abit but you should be ok. Try to do a better job of wearing it as directed. READ MORE

  • Will a dry socket heal itself?

    A dry socket is not a serious complication unless it gets infected, which is rare. However, it can be quite painful. In order to heal, the gum tissue needs to grow down the sides of the bony socket and seal off the exposed bone. This process takes about a week. If you can keep the socket clean with salt rinses, it will heal on its own. It is recommended to seek professional dental care to allow the area to heal without infection or further complication. READ MORE

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  • Professional Teeth Cleanings Can Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

    Getting the teeth cleaned by a professional may not only give you a healthy and sparkling smile but also a healthier heart, according to a new study. In this study, people who regularly got their teeth cleaned and scaled by a dentist had a 24% less chance of getting heart disease, when compared to...

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    Why does my mouth taste like metal?The perception of a metallic taste in the mouth is a symptom that can be found for several reasons. In some cases, this aftertaste depends on mild and transient conditions, sometimes it may be the warning of some more serious pathologies.Among the possible causes:...

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    Invasive dental treatments, like tooth extractions, may increase the risk of heart disease or stroke, according to a new study published in, Annals of Internal Medicine. The results show the risk as a short-term one, which can return back to normal after six months.Earlier studies have shown a link...

  • Floss Your Teeth the Right Way

    Alla Wheeler, RDH, MPA, associate professor of the Dental Hygiene Program at the New York University School of Dentistry, says that since the results of flossing are not immediate, most people do not think that the technique actually works.In reality, this is the best technique, as it does...

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