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Clinical Depression: How it Affects Men and Women

Clinical Depression: How it Affects Men and Women

Clinical depression is associated with social, occupational, and physical impairments. People commonly perceive that depression is a trivial condition that is not entirely genuine. However, depression is a real illness with real and debilitating symptoms, and should not be perceived as anything less. It can consume an individual's mind and body, and people suffering from clinical depression often report that they do not feel like themselves anymore.

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Clinical depression can cause a wide variety of symptoms that affects people in different ways.  Symptoms may range from lasting feelings of sadness and hopelessness, to losing interest in the things they used to enjoy. Moreover, they become ambivalent and tend to cry over things that once made them happy, in addition to developing anxiety. Physical symptoms can also be experienced, such as fatigue, poor sleeping habits, having no sex drive, and complaints of different aches and pains.  At its worst, suicidal ideation may be present ,as the person suffering from clinical depression may feel that life is no longer worth living. 

About twice as many women suffer from clinical depression compared to men.

Factors that contribute to the development of depression in women:

  • Hormonal changes during puberty
  • Menstruation
  • Pregnancy
  • Miscarriage
  • Menopause
  • Stress at home or work
  • Balancing family life with a career

Although clinical depression can most definitely occur in men, its incidence is reported significantly less compared to women. It is common for men to find it more difficult to seek help or medical attention while suffering from depression, or even talk about how they are feeling.

Signs of depression in men include:

Drug abuse and alcohol abuse are typically the cause of depression, rather than the result of it.

Individuals who are unable to relieve negative thoughts and feelings can sometimes lead to violent behavior directed either inwardly or outwardly, which can result in self harm or hurting others.

Clinical depression can be triggered by different factors, but in certain instances depression can occur without reason. However, the common causes of the condition includes life changing events, social isolation, deprivation, personal relationship conflicts, physical abuse, and mental abuse.