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Do Anti-Aging Eye Creams Really Work?

Do Anti-Aging Eye Creams Really Work?

It is true, the eye has some of the most sensitive skin in the whole body, and present day lifestyles and stress can take a toll on the surrounding skin. There are a number of concerns, like development of crow’s feet, puffiness, and dark circles that can occur around the eyes. There are hundreds of products in the market now that claim to erase wrinkles, reduce dark circles, and remove fine lines. 

The soft tissue around the eyes do not contain any fat glands, therefore, it is very sensitive. Dust, smoke, and many other irritants that we come across daily may have harmful effects on this part of the body. Most of eye creams that are formulated are created to cater to the delicate and sensitive parts around the eye. These creams contain a large amount of oil when compared to normal facial lotions. The active ingredients in eye creams specifically focus on the issues seen on the sensitive areas around the eye.

The skin around the eyes dries up easily and is very fragile. Age and fatigue easily affect this part of the face. Lines and wrinkles are also common in this area because of the continuous movement of the eyes. This part is also prone to accumulation of fluid causing bags under the eyes.

If you have fine lines or wrinkles, you may need an eye cream with vitamin C, peptides, and retinol that will help to improve the production of collagen that increases the flexibility of the skin. Moisturizers containing ceramide and hyaluronic acid help to lock the moisture in the skin.

Creams with sodium ascorbate and vitamin C are useful in controlling dark circles caused by sun damage and aging. Some of the components in creams, like niacinamide, vitamin B3, and kojic acid, will help in reducing the dark circles under the eyes.

As fluid builds up under the eyes, it results in puffiness. Creams with caffeine improves circulation and are ideal for reducing puffiness. Keeping the creams cold helps in reducing the puffiness. Creams containing vitamin B 3 and peptides are recommended for reducing the dark circles under the eyes and to improve the production of collagen for making the skin elastic.