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What is a Neck Lift?

What is a Neck Lift?

The neck often ages at a more rapid rate, compared to the face. Moreover, the neck is a very delicate area, and if you put on any extra pounds, fat tends to store there. Although you may have put in the effort to lose any extra weight you may have gained, the neck is the last part of the body that will slim down.

Even if you are not over weight, in some people, the fat stored in the neck is actually caused by genetics. If you are looking to remove any unwanted fat or skin lingering on your neck, a neck lift a perfect solution to this issue. Neck lifts are a combination of a number of procedures, and are usually performed with the addition of a face lift.


The procedures are:

Each procedure is designated for specific needs. A neck lift can help to remove a "turkey wattle", excess fat, and unwanted skin from the neck.

  • The removal of the "turkey wattle" – This is a surgical procedure that involves incisions under the chin and behind the ears, to correct the neck muscle that has loosened with age. In some cases, a small portion of the muscle is removed during this procedure. This procedure is performed by using an endoscope. Botox injections are recommended, in some cases, to relax the muscles of the neck to give a banded appearance in the neck region. Botox procedures are generally day procedures, and may not require an overnight stay in the medical facility.
  • The removal of excess fat – Liposuction is the most common procedure used to remove unwanted fat from any part of the body. When an individual undergoes liposuction, fat is removed through a small cut below the chin. The incisions on the chin are then stitched and bandaged.
  • The removal of excess skin – In this procedure, the excess skin is trimmed and the rest is realigned, or tightened, to improve the overall look of the neck. This procedure can be completed within a few hours.

Doctors may recommend wearing compression bandages around the neck after each of these procedures for a small period of time. The recovery period for a neck lift is normally just a few weeks. For individuals who are physically active, it is safe to return to any physical activity after three weeks have passed since the procedure.

Neck lifts have few side effects; there may be swelling and bruising, which can last for few days. You may also feel a burning, pulling, or tightening sensation on the neck for several days after the procedure. These side effects are not long lasting, and will disappear shortly.