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Does brushing with salt help remove yellow stains from the teeth?

I just quit smoking and I noticed it really did a number on my teeth. I want to make my teeth white again! I read somewhere online that brushing with salt can help. Is this true?

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NO!! Get a cleaning and some whitening.
Congratulations! Did you visit your dentist? Your dentist can remove the hardened discoloration. Sometimes plaque can make your teeth appear really yellow. If you take some baking soda, add a pinch of salt, you can add a few drops of coconut oil and brush your teeth. Some patients use a few drops of lemon essential oil. When you mentioned salt some patients go overboard. Some brush hard and irritate their soft tissues. The oil can prevent the plaque from attaching to your tooth surface. Plaque just doesn't stay at the gum line, it can cover your entire teeth. The problem with salt and baking soda is there is so much of it. Down size your containers. This way you can control the amounts. Use a soft toothbrush. A hard toothbrush and brushing hard will damage the tissue around your teeth. That TISSUE IS PRECIOUS. WHEN YOU SEE YOUR DENTIST ASK HOW YOU SHOULD FLOSS AND BRUSH CORRECTLY. ASKED TO BE SHOWN. YOU WILL BE SHOWN WHERE PLAQUE AND FOOD COLLECTS. THE KEY IS TO FLOSS AND BRUSH CORRECTLY DAILY.

Sorry, salt will not remove stains. Have your dentist make you custom fitting trays and use a carbamide peroxide whitening gel. It should be fairly inexpensive and works great!
To be successful you need to have the professional cleaning and discuss the meter with your dentist. I don’t think that salt is a good choice
No, it's bad.
Unfortunately no. Salt will be great for your gums to allow them to tighten up as well as killing a lot of bacteria in your mouth. However, I don't think your teeth will whiten.
Brushing with salt is abrasive and can lead to removal of stain however this is a bad means for treatment of this. Brushing with salt can lead to further injury and harm. Dental cleanings and whitening toothpastes can aid in returning your teeth to their original shade.
Salt can abrade the enamel on your teeth thereby removing stains. However, the long term effects could destroy the enamel layer, leading to various complications like sensitivity to hot or cold and even sweets at times. Also, it could cause loss of your natural glaze of your teeth by causing a yellowish color as a result of the dentin layer of your tooth being exposed. So it's better to clean and whiten your teeth only by a dentist.
Brushing with salt might help, but it is extremely abrasive and will probably do more harm than good. See your dentist, have a good cleaning, then consider having your teeth professionally bleached. Your dentist should be able to make a recommendation.
The biochemistry of the mouth includes what is ingested. Toothpaste is what is effective in proper hygiene; excessive salt is not.
Salt is very abrasive on the teeth. I wouldn’t recommend it.
Salt as an abrasive will remove surface stains on your teeth. Long-term use will result in excessive wear of your enamel. It is better for you to allow a dental professional to evaluate and remove your stains. If you find that your teeth are still yellow after a cleaning, consider professionally whitening or bleaching your teeth.
Not likely.
Not that I am aware.... Get a professional tooth cleaning and then try Crest Professional Strength White Strips.


The only way salt can whiten your teeth would be through an abrasive action. Congratulations on the big decision to stop smoking. I am sure your dentist will be proud of you. Just consult the office for a better whitening option. You can get excellent results with in-office whitening.

Have a great day.
Congratulations on quitting smoking! Great job! I would not recommend brushing with salt as it is pretty abrasive and can damage the enamel of your teeth. I would suggest to treat yourself for kicking the habit and consult a dentist on professional teeth whitening customized specially for your needs. It is always recommended to have teeth cleaning prior to that so that you can remove plaque and achieve better results.
Try baking soda (mildly abrasive) moistened with a little peroxide, or a whitening toothpaste. First step should be a cleaning by your dentist or hygienist. They'll be able to remove any tarter and heavy stain that may have accumulated. Congratulations on quitting smoking - that's a tough one to do.