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Is RF or laser technology helpful in getting rid of accident scars?

I had a bike accident 4 years back which has left me with hypertrophic scars on the left side of my cheeks. I am getting married next year and I was wondering if I can opt for an RF or laser technology treatment to get rid of the scar? Is this treatment 100% successful?

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It can be. Resurfacing lasers seem to work the best. Several sessions may be necessary. As always, this will depend on the scar tissue, the skin type, and so on.
Hi both RF and lasers are energy based treatments. RF usually tightens scared ares while laser may also stimulate or decrease pigment. Make sure to see a competent Dermatologist or Plasti Surgeon with excellent knowledge with laser and RF
Laser and RF can lessen the appearance of the scar but not completely remove it. Many factors such as skin type, skin pigment, thickness of the scar, location and direction of scar all will have an influence on the outcome. Usually a scar can be minimized with correct treatment and time.
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The treatment by laser and RF will improve the scars.

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In the case of a facial hypertrophic scar, the possibilities are: surgery for excision, in the event of a thick hypertrophic scar, or a combination of microdermabrassion and laser. The latter are probably the best. I would suggedt consulting either a plastic surgeon or a medical spa with a nurse practitioner trained in the use of laser for aesthetic purposes.

Luis A. Laurentin-Perez, MD PhD.
Hi and thank you for your question. You ask if RF or laser technology can be helpful in treating accident or traumatic scars. While both these technologies may have an important role, it really depends on the scar type. A variety of treatments may often be necessary. We apply the scar type to the appropriate treatment, never the treatment or device to the scar. Please seek out a scar revision specialist in your area.
Laser can sometimes work, although no treatment is 100% effective. If you'd like to share a photo, that would help. I tend to recommend intralesional steroid injection to start, but would need to exam you before recommending.

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No treatment can 100% remove scars and return your skin to its pre-injury state.
Several types of laser, however, can improve the appearance and diminish the visibility of hypertrophic scars. These include Co2, Nd:YAG, and pulsed-dye lasers among others.
Steroid injections and topical silicone treatments can help as well.
Consult with a plastic surgeon and/or a dermatologist who has experience in these treatment modalities to find out what plan would be best for your scars.
Hi. Both can be successful. It depends on your scar specifically and your skin type. We are happy to see you and determine best approach. You should start treatments soon if you want results before your wedding. Call 310-659-9900 if you want to come in for an evaluation.
Laser is better for skin resurfacing.

William A. Stefani, MD
Laser resurfacing is a great option for hypertrophic scars
In some cases