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How to Avoid Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

How to Avoid Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Whether you are beauty conscious or not, dark circles under your eyes is a concern. These dark marks are sure to take away the fresh look from the face. It may even make you look ill. One of the most common causes of darkness under the eyes is the presence of excessive fluid beneath the soft skin under the eyes. Dark circles under the eyes may run in the family. Deficiency of nutrients, like iron, may also result in under eye darkness. Lack of sleep, infections, and diseases also result in periorbital dark circles. But these circles can be brightened up to make it look better.

  • Caffeine is one of the most common ingredients that may help in preventing puffiness under the eyes. Caffeine helps to tighten the blood vessels under the eyes. Under-eye circles can also be lightened using vitamin C and E and retinol. Opt for eye creams that are specially formulated for the purpose, particularly those with light texture and consistency. But eye creams alone may not be helpful in completely removing the under eye circles.
  • Dark circles can also be hidden or camouflaged using makeup. Ensure that the color of the makeup matches the skin tone. Opt for shades that will brighten up the skin under the eye. If you are using concealer, take a small amount and blend it in.
  • Using cold tea bags over the eyelids is a known technique to reduce the dark circles under the eye. This helps to ease inflammation of the skin and thus reduce puffiness and darkness under the eyes.
  • Darkness is also caused by too much of rubbing due to itchy eyes or allergies. Taking appropriate treatment for allergies will help in avoiding under eye circles.
  • Sun damage is yet another common cause of the darkness. Use sunglasses that provide protection from UV light would be of help in preventing dark circles.

The most important thing in preventing and treating under eye bags and circles is to understand the real cause for the darkness. The root cause for the issue should be treated completely to erase the dark circles completely.

Some of the popular home remedies for avoiding under eye circles include:

  • Applying cucumber juice under the eyes for 15 minutes and washing it off with cold water
  • Applying tomato juice to lighten the skin color
  • Following regular exercise routine, including breathing exercises to deal with stress and to provide better oxygenation
  • Applying compressed ice water or cold milk for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Relaxing the eyes using eye pads. Put the eye pads dipped in rosewater or cucumber juice for about 20 minutes.