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How Can I Remove the Bags Under My Eyes?

Women have been fighting baggy eyes for generations. Learn some tips that can help you remove them.

How Can I Remove the Bags Under My Eyes?

Under eye bags, a very common sign of aging, refer to the swollen regions under the eyes that give a puffy appearance. The skin under the eyes is very thin and is easily affected by the flow of fluids. Fluid retention is one of the common causes of under eye bags. These delicate tissues and muscles in and around the eyes weaken with aging. They tend to lose the flexibility over a period of time. The fat tissues that support the eyes move under the lower eyelids giving it a saggy appearance. This leads to the formation of puffy eyelids and under eye bags. Hormonal changes, allergies, lack of sleep, sinus infections, and eating salty foods may all result in the formation of puffy eyes.

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Here are a few home remedies to get rid of your under eye bags:

  • One of the most popular treatment methods for treating under eye bags is the use of tea bags. Chamomile is considered to be the best tea for getting rid of swollen eyes and bags under the eyes. Close the eyes and place the cool tea bags over the eyelids. Cover it up with a soft cloth. It increases circulation and tannin present in tea will help in tightening the skin around the eyes.
  • Raw and chilled cucumbers are often used for reducing eye bags. Leaving cool cucumber slices on the eye lids for about 15 minutes is found to increase circulation and reduce the swelling. Cucumber soothes the sensitive areas around the eyes.
  • Egg whites also help in removing eye bags and wrinkles, and also in tightening the skin around the eyes. Apply beaten egg white around the eyes using a brush. One can also add two to three drops of witch hazel to prevent the egg white from drying soon.
  • A cup of dandelion tea is an ideal diuretic that helps in removing excess body fluid and reduce the fluid retention in the body. This helps to remove under eye bags caused by fluid retention.
  • Place ice cubes wrapped in a soft cloth to reduce the swelling and sagging skin under the eyes.
  • Potato slices are also often helpful in reducing dark circles and swelling under the eye lids. Enzymes present in potatoes bring down the swelling under the eyes.
  • Using oil-based cosmetics may increase the risk of under eye bags. Switch to water-based products to reduce swelling under the eyes.
  • Avoid drinking too much water during bed time to prevent fluid retention in the body.