Dr. Nadene Neale, ND, Naturopathic Physician
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Dr. Nadene Neale, ND

Naturopathic Physician

1801 D St #5 Vancouver WA, 98663


Dr. Nadene Neale is a naturopathic physician practicing in Vancouver, WA. Dr. Neale specializes in proactive prevention and treatment. Dr. Neale combines holistic healing methods with traditional solutions to medical illness. Providing both individual and family care, the most common ailments treated are allergies, chronic pain, digestive issues, obesity, heart disease, fertility, menopause, cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome. Naturopathic Physicians place a strong emphasis on natural remedies that add to the broad spectrum of remedies available.

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Dr. Nadene Neale, ND
Dr. Nadene Neale, ND's Expert Contributions
  • Are there any natural treatments for high blood pressure?

    Yes, is the simple answer. More broadly, treating hypertension is about finding the cause and addressing it. If it’s stress, then the adrenal system may need support, if its atherosclerosis then we’d treat leukocyte and platelet adhesion, arterial elasticity, plaque regression, and the endothelial glycocalyx, etc., if it’s about chronic dehydration or kidney compromise we’d treat the renal system. READ MORE

  • My father has been diagnosed with IBD. Do you think naturopathic treatment may help him?

    I won't say "better" for him, as that'd imply that I feel ND medicine is superior to other alternative medicines or allopathic medicine; however, if he isn't tolerating pharmaceutical interventions than he'll need to try another route. ND medicine does shine in moments like these, where "other" roads and routes are needed. READ MORE

  • How is diarrhea treated with natural medicine?

    The only advisable way to treat diarrhea is to find and treat the cause. Treatment is cause specific and will likely involve a combination of nature medicine, dietary modifications, and rehydration. It is unadvisable to use anti-diarrheal medication long term as it doesn’t address the cause and therefore the cause will persist. Short-term use of anti-diarrheal medication has its place for use while you work to understand and treat the cause. READ MORE

  • Are there natural remedies available to treat skin disorders?

    It’s important to understand the cause and type of rash. Treatments vary based on causation and type. Yes, there are many nature made treatments to address skin ailments. For example, a patient developed an infected piercing. We made a garlic poultice and she applied overnight for two consecutive nights and the infection resolved. Another patient developed hives and we used oral bromelain, curcumin, and quercitin frequently until resolution. READ MORE

  • Is there a treatment in naturopathy to treat hair loss?

    I'm sorry to hear that. Hair loss can be difficult as it leads to challenges around ones self-image. If you and your naturopathic physician are able to sort out causation of your hair loss then it would be likely that there'd be corresponding treatments to bring about resolution. READ MORE

  • Can a naturopathic weight loss program cause side effects?

    I don't know what a naturopathic weight loss program is but naturopathic treatments, whether weight loss is a happy bonus or not, are, by principle, not going to produce "side effects" because they are purely focused on enhancing your body's function and removing obstacles to cure. READ MORE

  • Does a naturopathic physician treat conditions through medication?

    I suppose it depends on your definition of medication. Naturopathic physicians are licensed and trained to prescribe and manage pharmaceutical medication when and if the need arises. We mostly prefer to use naturopathic modalities to meet therapeutic and palliative needs as we work to recover someones vitality. READ MORE

  • Is immunization a part of naturopathy medicine?

    Yes, some pediatric focused naturopathic physicians do administer vaccinations. It'd be best to call the office and ask for a free meet and greet with the doctor (if offered by the doctor) to discuss your preferences for your child's healthcare prior to establishing care. READ MORE

  • How much sunlight do we need?

    I suspect this depends on the latitude and longitudinal cross section in which you reside. The further from the equator the more sun exposure would likely be needed. I learned, too many years ago to call it a current understanding, that in the PNW we need 30% of our exposed skin to be under direct sunlight for 10 mins per day for "adequate" vitamin D formation. However, "adequate" vs "optimal" is important to take into account. Optimal levels of vitamin D, re functional ranges, are between 60-80 ng/dL. In my experience unless a patient living in the PNW is supplementing with a high quality active form of vitamin D providing at least 2000 IU (but therapeutic doses vary per individual) per day with a meal that contains fat and have adequate upper GI organ function they will be outside of the functional range and deficient even if they work outside for a living. READ MORE

  • I have severe bleeding during my periods which leaves me very tired. Can I take some natural supplements during this time?

    Yes, there are treatments that can help support your body as it loses so much blood. One such supplement would be iron or eating iron rich foods alongside vitamin C or eating vitamin C rich foods. However, taking iron without knowing if you are deficient is contraindicated since iron overload can deposit iron in your tissues causing issue. The most important next step for you would be to work with your doctor to understand the causation of your heavy bleeding so you can address it. If your doctor doesn't have any ideas move onto the next doctor. I know that can be a hassle and expensive but if you don't have enough information to find an answer you just have to commit and keep looking. The more you look, the more you see, the more you see, the more you know where to look. READ MORE

  • Can a naturopathic treatment help in treating my acne problem?

    I am sorry to hear that. I too suffered from adult acne, in its own way it can be quite debilitating. Naturopathic treatment offers true solutions since it focuses and addresses causation once it's sussed out. READ MORE

  • Is a naturopathic diet recommended in summers?

    No type of diet, any time of year, detoxifying or not, should leave you dehydrated and weak. A naturopathic diet can also be called a functional diet, meaning it helps you avoid harm and feeds the function of your tissue. So when done correctly it improves hydration of your tissue and provides tissue with strengthening nutrients. Ideally a naturopathic diet would be your everyday diet that you only sometimes veer from. READ MORE

  • What is hot yoga and how does it help?

    Hot yoga, specifically Bikram yoga, is a unique form of yoga that uses 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises, and a dialogue. The heat enhances circulation, purgative sweating, lymphatic flow and drainage, and allows your musculoskeletal system to lengthen and strengthen while you push at your edges. It's a beautiful and powerful discipline. Many patrons of the practice at first complain about the heat and the long posture holds and the repetitive nature of the dialogue. BUT those elements are the absolute best parts; see, the yoga doesn't change, but you change, and you can so obviously appreciate the changes in you and your body because of the repetition. READ MORE

  • In a month, how often can I go on a detox diet?

    I would recommend your diet be a "detox" diet daily, ongoing. This would of course be qualified by what you consider a detox diet. I would classify a "detox" diet as one that is functional, doesn't do harm, supports elimination pathways and liver function, enriches the microbiome, maximizes digestive capacity, and protects the gut lining and mucosal layers. READ MORE

  • Should I take my daughter to a naturopathic physician for her pain during her period?

    Absolutely! I feel naturopathic medicine has some excellent tools to work to address underlying pathology that can contribute to menstrual cramping. Sometimes menstrual cramping can be as straight forward as estrogen dominance or progesterone deficiency, and other times it is more complicated. A thorough interview and lab testing can help guide the process of diagnosis and treatment. READ MORE

  • What are the naturopathic remedies for my sleep disturbances?

    Hello there, I'm sorry to hear about your insomnia. I'm in agreement that pharmaceutical sleep aids are not only not addressing the cause of your insomnia, but they aren't without consequence. There are palliative naturopathic remedies such as Valerian, melatonin, and magnesium but those too would not address causation. There's a combo product called Somnium I often prescribe. If the insomnia persists I'd recommend connecting with a practitioner to study causation. Warmly, Dr. Neale READ MORE

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Vancouver, WA 98663
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