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Practicing in Saint Petersburg, FL,Dr. Christian Drehsen is certified by the American Board of Plasic Surgery  and fellow of the American Academy of  Cosmetic Surgery . With his  30+ years of experience in plastic surgery and his personal researches in producing natural  result  Dr. Drehsen has aquired a uniquely sophisticated approach  in the enhancement of face and body appearance.

He has developped  a remarkably natural facial rejuvenation technique ,the Refresherlift with its unique attention to correction of an aging expression has been proven to increase  his patients popularity (as demontrated in his published peer reviewed study  "The emoticon effect " as well as his own  unique corrective solution for displaced breast implants, "Repairing the Gap ".                                                                         These signature procedures have been presented nationally in Television appearances,peer reviewed publication or cosmetic surgery conferences .He was recently  invited by the American Academy Cosmetic Surgery to present a professional educational webinar titled "How to perform a natural face lift and increase patients popularity .                  His uniquely natural results have attracted patients nationally and from overseas that are delighted to undergo their beautification procedure in his beautiful Clinique of Plastic  Surgery in  downtown St Petersburg ,Florida .

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Univ Libre De Bruxelles- Fac De Med Et De Pharm- Bruxelles- 1970

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Plastic SurgeryAmerican Board of Plastic SurgeryABPS

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Male English, Spanish, French
Dr. Dr. Christian G. Drehsen, MD
Dr. Dr. Christian G. Drehsen, MD's Expert Contributions
  • What is a one stitch face lift?

    As always, if it it too good to be true...it's another scam!! READ MORE

  • Is facial liposuction permanent?

    Facial liposuction which is mostly indicated for the neck and chin area is just like any other area of liposuction , permanent with very rare exceptions , Obviously the procedure will only succeed for the right indication and excess skin looseness not a real problem but also if you maintain your weight after surgery .Weight gains after liposuction may not affect the suctioned area but will likely affect the surrounding area . Good luck with our procedure. Christian Drehsen MD Board certified plastic surgeon READ MORE

  • How long does eyelid plastic surgery last?

    Upper and lower lid surgeries rarely need redo when the surgeon performs the right sequence of procedures or basically evaluate that nothing around the eyelids truly needs a correction that subsequently will affect the lid position and possibly create the need for a revision . A common example in my consultations is the case of patients that underwent an upper lid trimming without proper treatment of a droopy brow . The same issue exists when considering treatment of the lower lids without regard for a droopy cheek that may require a cheek lift that will subsequently affect the lower lid repair . In one word my advice in facial rejuvenation is always to consider the face as a whole and especially to evaluate the need for a brow or cheek uplift prior to engaging in a trimming of the lid' skin or in simpler terms check where your belt should be before adjusting your cuffs . Christian Drehsen M.D. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon READ MORE

  • What is the best age for face lift?

    Hi Dear, Having had an extensive experience in face lifts (over a 1000) I have become convinced that when the projected results of a face lift justify the operation, it is the right time. My personal approach focuses a lot on restoring an engaging, dynamic and youthful expression, not merely tightening the skin! Why let aging damages worsen irremediably when a procedure done at a relatively early age will produce splendid results and continue to be enjoyed for years? If you want, check it out and look in the mirror and gently lift your cheeks up and back with 3 fingers.If the improvement is obvious, correcting the early neck fullness, early jowls and a tired look, you get it's time!! Often people believe that fillers will do the job, beware because more and more filler issues are arising (a.k.a. "Pillow Faces" ) and sometimes very difficult to correct. Fillers fill not lift! Computer imaging is invaluable to preview results, seek a surgeon that provides it . For some illustrations, you can visit my refresherlift.com site. Hope this helps. Christian Drehsen, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon READ MORE

  • What to expect after a face lift?

    This could be a double question. 1 About Post Operative Recovery: Pain is not a common issue in face lift recovery and is well controlled by medication and prevention of swelling with cold compresses, cold mask, etc. Swelling and distortion are often disturbing but virtually always fade away around the 5th or 6th day. A short course of steroid can help but is not advised if fat grafting is performed as part of the lift. Most lifts are socially presentable after 7 to 10 days unless some severe bruising has occurred. A face lift become quite natural after 5 to 6 weeks and continue changing for several months . 2 About Results Versus Expectations: If you are lucky enough to have a board certified plastic surgeon that performs computer imaging, the anticipated results will be much less of a surprise and reduce your anxiety. If your surgeon has designed your procedure well enough to avoid the feared "Face-lift look", your results should ideally be a fresher, rejuvenated face with a more engaging look. My practice focuses a lot on improving an aging expression, restoring youthful volumes and a vertical type of up lift such as my RefresherLift. The focus in my mind is the reason that virtually all my patients have received plenty of compliments on their new look from their entourage that has remained wondering if they had lost weight, exercised, changed hair style, etc. but have never suspected a face lift! A face lift ideally should restore in your face the vitality your still carry at any age. Best of luck to you! Christian Drehsen MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon READ MORE

  • Are cheek implants a long-term option?

    Cheek implants are usually indicated for a rather poor projection of the cheekbone areas. The modified implants that fill the mid cheek have now been replaced by fat injection, mid face lift or even injectables. Not a minor enhancement of the cheekbone areas some injectable like Radiesse can do a great job for a long time. READ MORE

  • Are lip injections dangerous?

    In a word, no. If done by a well-trained practitioner, ideally a plastic surgeon with a good esthetic sense (so look at his website!), in some cases, fat injection and/or minor surgical correction of the lip can be indicated to obtain a stunning result. My only word of caution is, do not use permanent fillers (i.e. silicone, bellafill, or other filler containing non-reabsorbable components) beside hyaluronic acid base fillers since H.A. can be easily dissolved and with time disappear. Enjoy your experience. READ MORE

  • What are the risks and advantages of abdominoplasty?

    You pose a very interesting question! In my extensive experience, however, doing a true abdominoplasty along with a delivery might not the best choice for several reasons. The main one being often the need to repair the separated belly muscles (to regain a flat stomach and best performed on the entire length of the 2 muscles often spread above the belly button) ,the potential detrimental effect of weight excess, potential surgical complications and limiting recovery, their effect on breast feeding, and finally the lack of a timely natural recovery. Most often in my experience, the so-called tummy tucks commonly performed by the delivering Ob/Gyn were due to the circumstances, barely a mini tuck with an often mediocre skin and muscle repair! Unless your tummy changes from the pregnancy are minimal, my advice would be for you to give yourself time to enjoy your new baby, lose the excessive weight that you have gained, restore your body fitness and schedule with the right perspective and family help your true abdominoplasty! A tummy tuck well planned and artistically performed by a board certified plastic surgeon can indeed be can be a life changing procedure for women that have suffered significant skin and muscle changes after a single or multiple deliveries. The before and after surgery preparations, the esthetic goals such as placement of the incision low, hopefully below bikini line, in the natural creases, a flat stomach, a pretty belly button, a trimmed waistline, etc., as well as the risk and potential complications, should be clearly explained by your plastic surgeon before your surgery. Christian Drehsen, M.D. Board certified plastic surgeon READ MORE

  • Is there an age requirement for a rhinoplasty?

    At 17, if you are a boy, or 16 for a girl, while you indeed need your parents' approval, your nose has virtually reached its adult size and can be operated on without issues. Correcting a nose is trying to harmonize the different parts of the nose, such as the bridge or hump and tip within themselves or to make the nose blend with the other facial features. I would recommend a plastic surgeon with experience and also preview of his/her plan by computer imaging. Dr. Christian Drehsen, MD READ MORE

  • My son had a botched circumcision. Does he need plastic surgery?

    A pediatric urologist or a pediatric plastic surgeon would be fine and important to see at his age. READ MORE

  • What treatment should I have to remove my stitch marks?

    Big sutures marks or cross hatching, stippling, etc., can look like a permanent stepladder scar. The treatment could be a trial with Co2 laser to hopefully blend in the scars or marks. If not successful or sufficiently satisfactory, a complete removal (full scar revision) of the entire marked areas and resuturing with buried sutures (intradermal sutures) might be the preferred option. READ MORE

  • Does a hair transplant require invasive surgery?

    It's a small procedure done under local anesthesia, lengthy, but not painful and hardly more "invasive" than dental work. READ MORE

  • What is a mommy makeover?

    Mommy makeover is not a procedure per se, but truly a generic term that addresses the correction of some or all detrimental body changes after a full pregnancy. Most often, it means correction of midrift changes, encompassing mostly a tummy tuck with possible adjacent liposuctions and/or breast augmentation or lifts as required to return a mom to a fit and sexy look. Obviously, cost will vary with the number and extent of the procedures requested. Another factor is time out of work or recovery, home help, operative risks, general health condition, weight range, etc., which are factors important in considering a single versus a group of procedures. Choosing an experienced board certified plastic surgeon is very important as the risk of these procedures in un-trained or inexperienced hands can be substantial. Do your homework! READ MORE

  • Can plastic surgery change the entire shape of my nose?

    As in everything cosmetic,100% correction is rare to obtain, especially when unknown damage has occurred and some structures might be too damaged to be fully repaired. Estimating the success of a full correction can be reasonably estimated by an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon. READ MORE

  • How do I know if I have a deviated septum? Will I need surgery?

    A deviated septum can often be visible externally and only produces a cosmetically unacceptable deviation of the entire nose. Sometimes the deviation can only be seen internally and will only require surgery if it significantly decreases or blocks the airflow through 1 or 2 nostrils. READ MORE

  • Is a butt lift safe and all it's made out to be?

    Butt lifts have gotten some bleak marks recently in view of a string of deaths in areas where the procedure is very popular like Miami, Fla. Certainly alarming indeed, as these procedures have gained greatly in popularity, especially among the younger generation. Excessive amounts of fat injected too deep in the buttocks combined possibly with the sketchy training of some poorly trained, self-styled plastic surgeons. A wide investigation is ongoing. Discount surgeries and surgeons can be a very poor choice for your cosmetic surgery procedures! READ MORE

  • What is the treatment for wrinkles?

    As we age, the quality of our supporting tissues diminishes as the elastic fibers diminish or degrade. This degradation is especially visible in the facial skin, where loss of elasticity translates into wrinkles as the face changes its expressions. While genetics is a big factor, sun exposure is definitely the most common exteriorly aggravating factor, especially in the lighter skin tones that are less protected by melanin. Prevention is important with sunscreen for outdoor situations coupled with early preventative treatments such as the Zo Skin Health system aimed at stimulating skin renewal, along with pigment control. These measures are certainly a habit to develop early for their long-term benefits. READ MORE

  • Is liposuction a permanent treatment?

    Often, liposuction is performed during a tummy tuck as the surgeon also removes some deep fat if needed to improve the new contour (to avoid 2 procedures). It can also be used to slim even more the tummy fat layer if it wasn't sufficiently done or couldn't be done during the original procedure. Liposuction provides a permanent fat reduction, but as in any other part of the body, the fat layer can increase to variable degrees with substantial weight gains.The best advice is to do Lipo when you are comfortable with your weight to avoid disappointments. READ MORE

  • How do I prepare my body before undergoing liposuction?

    Be comfortable with your weight to make it easier for you to maintain it. With a stable weight, your results will be permanent. Reducing local excess fat or rolls is the main purpose of liposuction, not weight loss! READ MORE

  • Can plastic surgery put one at a risk of nerve damage?

    Too large an implant and its necessary pocket creation, the higher the risk of reducing nipple sensation by damaging the sensory nerve along the rib cage and side of the breast. Rely on the experience and board qualification of your plastic surgeon! READ MORE

  • What are the risk factor associated with a plastic surgery?

    as for any surgery there are some risks that you will sign on in your surgery consent ,declarinng that you understand and accept them .Despite our best efforts ovr the last 50 or so years breast implants main complication (a nuisance more than a true risk) is "capsular conracture" which is a reaction of your body to your implant that results in a thighter envelopping layer , lining up the pocket around th implant and making it feell firmer >It may even affect its shape and sometimes become uncomfortable .While some improvements have appeared over the years we have not been able to eliminate this risk completely remaining at 3 to 5%.Seriou complicatrions are very rare for the right patient and technique and also with properly trained plastic surgeon .. READ MORE

  • Can liposuction work for diabetic patients?

    There are no specific added risk for liposuction in diabetics On the contrary ,removal of excess abdominal fat especially in the tummy area has been associate with better insulin control ! READ MORE

  • Will my diabetes hinder my lip surgery?

    As long as you diabetes is controlled there is no added risks for facial plastic surgery on diabetic patients READ MORE

  • If my nose surgery goes wrong, can It be corrected?

    Well, a careful review of your surgeon before and after results and his reputation as a plastic surgeon doing aesthetic work is a good preliminary precaution. During your initial visit, I believe that a computer rendering of your possible results are quite important. Computer imaging is indeed an excellent way to visualize the artistic sense of your surgeon, and it will provide a surgical plan that you and your surgeon can agree to and also addresses your specific complaints and condition. No aesthetic result can be 100% guaranteed, but a good understanding of the plan is certainly a safe way to maximize your satisfaction. Minor corrections can occasionally be needed. You should inquire about your surgeon's policy regarding secondary corrections as a delay of 1 year or more is usual for nose revisions! READ MORE

  • What should I do to prevent an infection after plastic surgery?

    In general, infections after facial and nose surgeries are very rare and, when they occur, are not usually a serious health issue (in my experience of over one thousand cases, less than a handful have occurred beyond some simple suture infection). My usual preventive precaution is to apply mucopyrocin ointment in both ear canals and nostrils twice a day for 3 days prior to surgery (as one might harbor without symptoms strains of staph aureus and mersa). Face and hairs are washed with shampoo and chlorexidine for 2 days prior to surgery. Antibiotics are usually injected at the beginning of surgery and are rarely given afterwards unless some implants or grafts are performed. Nasal saline spray to rinse the nasal passages followed with application of same antibiotic ointment should help as well as keeping the nasal passages clean and reducing the inflammation after surgery. Active acne and/or viral outbreak should be controlled prior to surgery. READ MORE

  • Can I undergo surgery with diabetes?

    Reassure yourself, well-controlled diabetes is not an obstacle to cosmetic surgeries, especially in the face. Difficulties healing could be more likely in the lower limbs where some decreased circulation could be present. I have performed dozens of surgeries on the face, breasts, and tummies on diabetics without complications. Christian Drehsen, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon READ MORE

  • What are the risks involved with a plastic surgery procedure?

    While there are some risks to any procedure (even non-invasive), proper training, including board certification in plastic surgery, combined with experience in cosmetic surgery are the best precautions for a patient to limit risks to a minimum, and if ever some complication should occur, obtain the best possible outcome for its correction. A common problem is the patient's confusion regarding the type of treatment that would benefit them the most. Clearly defining an attainable goal and the true benefits of a given procedure require the advice of an unconditionally honest, skilled, and knowledgeable plastic surgeon well-versed in the specific conditions and the variety of treatment options best suited to guarantee the best chances of success. Do your homework in the education and review of plenty of results from any "plastic surgeon" prior to engaging in a procedure! Christian Drehsen READ MORE

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Media Releases

Get to know Plastic Surgeon Dr.  Christian G. Drehsen, who serves patients in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Over the past three decades, a board-certified and accomplished plastic surgeon, Dr. Drehsen has dedicated his life to perfecting the art and science of cosmetic surgery, becoming one of the most innovative, skilled and respected surgeons in the country. He is the Founder & Director of the Clinique of Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Devoted to exclusively producing natural results, Dr. Drehsen believes in a holistic, “less is more” approach to surgery. By subtly altering and refining one’s features to bring out their innate beauty, he is able to improve their appearance in a way that looks and feels extremely natural. With an impeccable eye for beauty and an inherent sense of symmetry and proportion, his aesthetic instincts and artistic passion have allowed him to produce exquisite results for thousands of patients.

Highly respected in his industry for his unparalleled skill in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Drehsen is well known for developing the signature Refresher Lift℠ – an innovative procedure that overcomes the limitations of the standard facelift. 

A member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the Pinellas County Medical Association, he is board-certified in plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). The mission of the ABPS is to promote safe, ethical, efficacious plastic surgery to the public by maintaining high standards for the education, examination, certification, and continuous certification of plastic surgeons as specialists and subspecialists.

Born in Belgium, Dr. Drehsen achieved his medical degree at the Free University of Brussels. From there, he moved to the United States, where he received complete training in general surgery, followed by comprehensive training in all fields of plastic surgery at the University of Louisville, Kentucky under the direction of Dr. Leonard Weiner. He also trained in hand surgery under the world-renowned hand surgeon, Dr. Harold Kleinert, and in microsurgery under the direction of Dr. Robert Ackland. During his residency at Morton Children’s Hospital in Louisville, he kept close contact with the burn unit and developed strong pediatric skills as well.

Over the years, Dr. Drehsen has employed his broad surgical experience and demanding, goal-oriented and aesthetic approach to cosmetic surgery to help his patients achieve their ultimate dream of beauty. His artistry and technical skill have been recognized by both the local and national media through his appearances on television and radio, as well as by his medical colleagues through national peer-reviewed presentations and medical publications. 

Highly respected in his industry, he has been featured in top-rated magazine Cosmetic Surgery Times for his focus and dedication to facial plastic surgery, including the renown signature Refresher Lift℠. He has also been awarded many accolades and honors, most notably: St. Petersburg FL Best Doctors (2016), New Beauty Top Doctors (2016, 2015), Guide to America’s Top Plastic Surgeons 2012 Issue, Plastic Surgery Practice Best of 2012 Issue, Plastic Surgery Practice Best of 2011 Issue, Plastic Surgery Practice Best of 2010 Issue, Patients’ Choice Awards (2009), and Tampa Bay Best Doctors 2007 Issue.

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body. It can be divided into two main categories – reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. A plastic surgeon’s primary responsibility is performing surgical and non-surgical procedures, and they use a variety of reparative and reconstructive techniques to get the job done. 

In his free time, Dr. Drehsen enjoys boating in the beautiful Florida waters or traveling abroad to his native Belgium and farther.

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