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Dr. Christine Foutch is a Holistic Physician practicing in Rock Island, Illinois. The practice of holistic medicine integrates conventional and alternative therapies to prevent, treat disease and most importantly promote optimal health. With the creation of Holistic-InfoWars she sets out with the intentions of spreading knowledge and helping to educate individuals gain some understanding of the biological functions of the body. She truly believes one must gain the knowledge and the understanding of bodily functions, if one wants to truly gain success in the areas in which the individual has set out to achieve.

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PennFoster CHN 2013

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National Council On Strength and fitness CPT

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  • Vitamin C Interest in Gastritis and Gastric Disease - By Christine L. Foutch

    Vitamin C also known as Ascorbic AcidIs a water-soluble vitamin, naturally present in some foods, added to others, and available as a dietary supplement.Humans Cannot Synthesize Vitamin C Vitamin C is required for the biosynthesis of collagen. Collagen is an essential component of connective...

  • The First Formally Recognized Bacterial Carcinogen - By Christine L. Foutch

    Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) Is a gram-negative spiral-shaped bacterium that is affecting up to 50% of the world’s population; with a higher prevalence in developing countries.A very successful human pathogenThe discovery of H. pylori as the cause of gastritis and peptic ulcers led to the...

  • The Energy Dates - Feel That Energetic Boost!

    To say it simply, the nutrients within our foods are needed by the body. Our foods supply the nutrient-chemicals that maintain our bodily structure, regulate biochemical reactions, and supply the energy-yielding-nutrients that provide the power needed for our muscle contraction.For those within the...

  • Black Maca Root - The Nutritional Benefits

    Sexual Dysfunction is widespread; announced to occur in 20%-30% of men and 40-45% of women. Ultimately, going forth to produce the altered mood, modified well-being; as well as, affecting our interpersonal relationships. Pharmacological Management for these Sexual Complications currently involves...

  • Detox: The Removal of Toxic Substances from the Body

    Today, studies have shown that the toxins and chemicals that we are all exposed to influence our health. This includes dietary and environmental factors.Some of these chemicals can disrupt the endocrine, or hormonal, system, while others affect neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are modified amino...

  • A Faster Possible Way? Gain Your Fat Loss Goals!

    Get The Weight Loss ResultsWhether you are looking to lose weight, sculpt and tone your muscles, or increase your overall health and wellness, you will find many experts are in agreement that our chosen foods can considerably impact both our health and risk for disease as we age. Life would not...

  • The Miracle Herb: The Healing Potential Of Nigella Sativa Black Seed Oil

    Nigella sativa is more recognized for the black seeds. These black seeds and nigella sativa’s cumin oils have quite a lengthy history of folk Ancestral usage. It’s particularly popular in traditional systems of medicine from the Middle East, North Africa, the Asian Subcontinent and the Far...

  • Nature’s Healers Nutritional Interventions The Medicinal Mushroom & Mushroom Extract Powder Benefits

    Medicinal Mushroom History:Mushrooms have been frequently appreciated for their enrichment to our culinary prepared dishes. However, the Medicinal Mushrooms have been applied and accepted as a standard therapeutic measure for thousands of years. These mushroom therapies have been used quite...

  • The Soothing Environment - By Christine L. Foutch

    Romantic AttractionThe natural experience for both men and women. The passionate union of consenting adults; freeing oneself to completely experience the tender touch of someone you fully trust.Love That Blossoms Into Kinship Intimacy in truth compels one to become vulnerable; exposed within the...

  • Serve Yourself Up The High Fiber Foods...Seriously! - By Christine L. Foutch

    Why? Let Us Jump Right In! Fiber, the term refers to an assorted group of Plant-Polysaccharides. This refers to carbohydrates in plants; consisting of molecules of multiple simple-sugars bonded together. The Interesting Thing About FiberThat it cannot be digested. In human nutrition, cellulose is...

  • Fearful Situations - Social Anxiety Disorder

    Self-expression, the privileged communication of one’s views. Some, great courage and personal growth arises from the freedom one feels to express their own individuality.A primary, universal human characteristic is our curious need to interact within our environment; physically, socially, and...

  • Type 2 Diabetes - By Christine L. Foutch

    Type 2 Diabetes Is The Most CommonAround 90 to 95% of people with diabetes will fall into this category. About 1 out of every 4 people have or will have this disease. Type 2 Diabetes Can Occur At Any AgeOften developing in middle-aged or older adults, however, a growing number of teens and...

  • Type 1 Diabetes - By Christine L. Foutch

    Juvenile-onset DiabetesType 1 Diabetes often occurs during childhood and early adolescence, typically around 12 to 14 years of age. This is why Type 1 Diabetes was once called juvenile-onset diabetes.Type 1 Diabetes CausesGenetics, immune system, and the environment causes Type 1 Diabetes. That...

  • What Is Diabetes Mellitus? - By Christine L. Foutch

    Diabetes Is A metabolic disorder characterized by elevated levels of Glucose within the Blood; known as Hyperglycemia. First Described Over 2,000 Years AgoThis disorder caused excessive thirst, weight-loss, and sweet-smelling urine that attracted flies. Before the discovery of Insulin, there was...

  • Your Health Compared To Your Fitness - By Christine L. Foutch

    Health Opposed To FitnessHealth is a disease-free state of well-being that improves your quality of life and independence. While fitness is based on the measurement of one's physical performance.Physical Fitness Into Two CategoriesPhysical fitness can be broken into two categories, health-related...

  • The Tale Of Oregano - By Christine L. Foutch

    OreganoA flowering plant that belongs within the mint family (Lamiaceae). The leaves have a compacted oval appearance, arranged oppositely on their centered twig.The TrichomeThese plant hairs can change the leaf surface to help reduce heat from the sun and retain moisture. The oils and resins will...

  • Therapeutic Foods By Christine L. Foutch

    The Suggestions We Have Heard We have all heard to eat a colorful diet, watch your weight, and exercise. First, you should ask yourself, "Are the foods I choose quality and nutrient-rich?"The Nutrients Our Bodies NeedWe need nutrients for the maintenance, repair, and growth of our structure....

  • Controlling Sarcopenia by Christine L. Foutch

    Our Population Is Growing OlderAdults are able to live longer, healthier, more fit, and functional lives than ever before. Aging influences our perception of "self" therefore our own perceived quality of life. Aging Is Not Fully UnderstoodOur body completely changes with age, including structural...

  • Healthful Adequate Sleep by Christine L. Foutch

    Everyone Requires SleepSleeping allows for needed renewable processes in our bodies. During our sleep, our cells repair, adapt, and stabilize from all the impacts of our day. Extensive WakefulnessIn this fast-paced world, there is extensive wakefulness. With cell phones ringing at our hips,...

  • Understanding Autism

    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a collection of neurodevelopmental disturbances that are characterized by the identified shortage of social interactions; the verbal and nonverbal communications during the initial 3 years of life. I will repeat that for some additional clarity.A collection of...

  • Chen Village Style Tai Ji Quan - The Birth Of A Chinese Medicinal Art

    Traditional Chinese Martial ArtsThe accumulation of the various, diverse combat-methods that have come into development throughout antiquity within China. Fighting-features that became classified by their particular common traits, and the Family or the Schools of origination.Tai Chi A...

  • Vital Feelings Within the Body & Mind Relationship

    Because of the high prevalence of depression and its consequences, the understanding of the condition’s pathophysiology is best said to be basic. Pathophysiology is defined by the functional alterations that characterize the condition. This is related to the data gathered that covers any...

  • Need To Detox?

    For Your Health & WellnessEducational PurposesThere are many examples of detoxifications. Some examples include:Experts are now predicting that everyone potentially takes about 700 contaminants within their body.This includes not only the environmental factors, but also dietary factors as well....

  • The Unexpected Burden: The Spiral Bacterium Increasing the Need For Vitamin-C?

    For Your Health & Wellness Educational PurposesAre you among those millions of Americans that experience something known as “fire in the belly?”For more than a century now, it has been known that bacteria are present within the human stomach. Bacteria is also believed to be the contaminants...

  • Meet Christine Foutch

    Christine L. Foutch, CNS, CDN, PNS, ATC is a practicing Holistic Physician in Rock Island, Illinois. She specializes in physiology, weight loss, weight gain, fitness maintenance, functional range of motion, hypertrophy, strength training, and power training, among many others.The art of holistic...

  • What Is Fructose? - By Christine L. Foutch

    What is fructose?Fructose is one of the most common ingredients in added sugars, alongside glucose. While fructose is mostly found in table sugar, it can also be found in sugary sweeteners like agave syrup and high fructose corn syrup, which are very popular in today's diet. Is fructose bad for the...

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup: The Most Successful Food Ingredient in Human History

    Fructose is a hexose-sugar. Hexose refers to the number of carbon-atoms within the sugar- molecule itself.Naturally present with glucose, and forming with sucrose, this disaccharide would be found within fruits, honey, and vegetables.Humans and most mammals have developed the ability to use fructose...

  • The Monosaccharide, Fructose

    Early within the 1900s, the average individual took in about 15 grams of monosaccharide, otherwise known as fructose, daily.So fructose, which can also be called fruit sugar, was once a much smaller part of our human diet; with the majority of the fructose coming from the consumption of whole foods,...

  • Iodine Deficiency & The Functioning Thyroid

    The discovery of iodine was made by chance, during the earlier part of the 19th century.It was in the year 1811, during the extraction of sodium salts for the manufacturing of gunpowder for the use by Napoleon’s army.Bernard Courtois, a French chemist, observed an unusual purple vapor coming from...

  • The All Important Achilles Tendon

    The importance of the strength, as well as the flexibility, of the Achilles Tendon is unquestionable. This tendon withstands a lot of stress when performing the actions of running, jumping, and even walking. Whether these movements are performed for everyday activities or during the athletic...

  • Back Pain and Exercise? Should I?

    For Your Health & WellnessEducational Purposes Christine Foutch - Holistic PhysicianBack Pain, Pains & ExerciseMany individuals have a false impression when it comes to back pain and exercise. Many people are reluctant to begin an exercise program out of fear that any stretching or...

  • A Continuation To The Introduction To The Phyto-Chemicals

    There is definitely some uncertainty out there about which of the dietary phytochemicals or the combinations of those plant constituents, that are providing protection to our health. The significance of the role that oxidative stress can play in the development of certain chronic diseases is well...

  • Introduction To The Phyto-Chemicals

    Plants are composed entirely of chemicals of various kinds. The name Phyto-Chemical comes from the Greek word "Phyton" which means plant.Phytochemicals are chemical compounds produced by the plants that help them to thrive, battle the competition, and fight off the predators and various pathogens....

  • Nutritional Deficiency Caused by Malabsorption

    The structure, as well as the surface area of the small intestine, make the process of nutrient absorption very efficient. To be very clear, nutrient absorption refers to the transfer of the nutrients into and out of the enterocytes. If you remember back my previous articles, you would know that the...

  • The Stomach

    The stomach is a storage container for our ingested foods. However, in addition to the storage and the production of gastric secretions, this guy, our stomach, gets its groove on so that the formation of chyme can take place.Not quite sure what chyme is? Let's start from the beginning.The stomach...

  • For Your Health & Wellness Educational Purposes

    If one were to glance at the lining of the stomach, it would look as if it were covered with tiny holes. That appearance would be correct. However, if one were to magnify those holes, you would see that they are penetrating deeply into the mucosal-layer, which is just referring to the tissue lining....

  • For Your Health & Wellness

    It has become more & more apparent to healthcare providers that, the health of the body is depending on a healthy functional gastrointestinal tract  But because of the high metabolic activities as well as the Nutritional-Requirements for the GI. The cells lining it are more susceptible than...

  • The Chemistry of Life

    For educational purposesEnergy is defined as the capacity to do work or to put matter into motion, and of course the greater amount of work done, the greater amount of energy is used doing the work. Compared with matter, energy is much less tangible, having no mass. It does not take up any space. We...

  • A Capacity to Change

    It was about 15 billion years ago. The Universe began, a cataclysmic eruption of very hot and energy-rich subatomic particles.Seconds later the simplest elements began to take form.You may ask at this point: What were they? They were Hydrogen and Helium.As the Universe expanded, it began to cool the...

  • Your Natural Killer Immune Cell

    For Educational PurposesResource: Anatomy and Physiology Textbook 6th EditionYour Immune SystemI bet you did not know that you have a "natural killer" circulating throughout your body.The natural killer cells are, right now, out patrolling your body in the lymph and the bloodstream. This unique...

  • Your Immune System

    Educational PurposesResourceAnatomy and Physiology Textbook 6th EditionThe body uses a huge amount of non-specific cellular and chemical strategies to protect itself including Phagocytes, Natural Killer Cells, Anti-microbial-proteins, and fever. The inflammatory chemicals put out by damaged cells...

  • Your Immune System: A Look Into the Innate Defenses

    For educational purposesResource: Anatomy and Physiology Textbook 6th EditionOur immune system is more of a functional system rather than a full blown organ-system. What do I mean by that?A lot of immune cells, most notably the lymphocytes, populate the lymphoid tissues while also circulating...

  • A Introduction To The Immune System, Your Bodily Defenses

    For educational purposesResourceMicrobiology-3rd-Edition Diseases By Body SystemAnatomy and Physiology Textbook 6th EditionEvery day, we come into contact with pathogens that can cause disease....

  • Getting Type 2 Diabetes

    Type 2 is the most common form of diabetes. 90 to 95% of people with diabetes fall in this category.Within the United States, Type 2 diabetes has become very widespread. It is estimated that 1 out of every 4 persons have or will have this disease, or have a family member with it. The American...

  • Getting Type 1 Diabetes

    Type 1 Diabetes occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin.Without insulin, most cells cannot take up glucose. This inability to take up the glucose causes the blood sugar levels to raise dangerously high. This is the reason why individuals with type 1 diabetes require daily insulin...

  • The History of Diabetes

    Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by the elevated levels of glucose in the blood. This is known as hyperglycemia.Before I get into it, let's look at some diabetes history first.It was first discovered more than 2,000 years ago as a affliction that caused excessive thirst, weight loss,...

  • The All-Important Range of Motion

    For educational purposesResource:National Council On Strength & FitnessNCSF-ACPTThe range of motion at a joint will greatly affect the way the joint functions as well as how well it performs and the abilities to perform comfortably at varying velocities. Maintaining an optimal level of...

  • Health Versus Fitness

    For Educational PurposesResource:National Council On Strength & FitnessNCSF CPT-Physical Fitness & HealthMany people believe that health and fitness go hand in hand together, but this is not always the case.Health is a disease-free state of well-being that allows an individual to experience...

  • Can acupuncture regulate metabolism?

    Impressive, yes it is... acupuncture the complementary and alternative therapy has been demonstrated within clinical studies that acupuncture applied at specific acupoints can contribute to the restoration of endocrine and metabolic disorders in subjects with the simpler weight issues. READ MORE

  • Are there certain diseases not to see a naturopath for?

    The physician you chose is always your decision. Naturopathic medicine relies moreso upon the natural bodily defenses. Dietary interventions, physical therapies, and herbal blends that will assist the body within the detoxification processes. A naturopathic physician should assist you within the knowledge, the education you, yourself need to support your very own healing process. READ MORE

  • Can massage therapy help someone going through radiation treatments?

    This here is described as the Therapeutic Touch; the belief is that human beings are systems of energy. With the energy field extending a few inches beyond our bodily surface. The goal is to restore balance, harmony, by restoring a sense of well-being. Reducing anxiety, increasing relaxation, decreasing pain while easing depression. Studies on cancer patients show significant findings; therapeutic touch receivers have reported benefits including improved mood, well-being, while also improvements in their interpersonal relationships. The reduction in pain, nausea, anxiety, and fatigue. Increases within daily energy, and satisfaction within the therapy. READ MORE

  • Can massage therapy help fibromyalgia?

    Not entirely concluded; however, studies do present massage therapy with a duration of 5 + weeks come to show beneficial effects on improving pain, anxiety, and depression in patients with Fibromyalgia. READ MORE

  • Is exercise incorporated into naturopathic medicine?

    The word "Exercise" can sometimes be taken to the extremes. Increasing one's physical activities can be beneficial enough with the progression towards, say, the structured exercise programs. Altering your diet increasing your fruit and veggie consumption while increasing your physical activities is a wonderful start. Physical fitness is more of a state of your active performance; while health is a state of your being. READ MORE

  • How do I lose weight without surgery?

    First things first, please do not let exercise participation frighten you, there are multiple types of aerobic training; with varying intensity levels. In fact, the lower intensity aerobic training is recommended for weight-loss, as there is more of an emphasis on lipid\fat metabolism. Meaning biochemically this steady-state of aerobic exercise training mobilizes more of the stored fat calories for expenditure. Simple daily walks will begin the additional fat metabolism that you are seeking while also acclimate you to the more moderate intensity for the increased caloric expenditure and cardiovascular benefits. The caloric reduction can be done through simple dietary changes. Focus on multiple smaller meals throughout the day. 4-5 small meals, which can be described as grazing throughout the day. Fruits, veggies, lean meats, and dairy. When one goes forward with the intentions of weightloss, please keep in mind that the metabolically active tissues need to be maintained; therefore keeping blood sugar levels stable is necessary, or you can reduce your metabolism as you reduce your metabolically active tissues, your muscle mass. Eating regularly with these multiple meals will support the blood sugar levels allowing for the retainment of the active tissues; while also maintaining your metabolism. Slow progression is the key to long term success. Be kind to yourself as you begin the necessary changes. READ MORE

  • I want to try a natural medical treatment, should I see a naturopath physician?

    Yes. The Naturopathic or Holistic physician can guide you on the dietary interventions and any supplementary needs, with the added and needed education to assist your journey. The education, in my opinion, is key here. Giving the individual more of an understanding, helping them to stick to the behavioral modifications which can help them within their journey. READ MORE

  • How is naturopathic medicine beneficial for people?

    Holistic and Naturopathic medicine relies on the bodies own natural defenses to combat and treat disease. Therefore taking into account one's diet, physical activity, environment, medications, supplementation, stress levels, and familial support. READ MORE

  • Can I solve my stomach issues through natural remedies?

    Search out a holistic or naturopathic physician within your area. Therefore the assistance you need within education and the dietary modifications can be explained thoroughly to you. Gastrointestinal issues can be of some complexity. With an attentive, knowledgable physician the functional balance you seek can more than likely be restored. READ MORE

  • How can I treat lupus with home remedies?

    Hello, and good day. The treatment for the signs and symptoms of lupus will depend on the type and of course the severity of the disease. The general recommendations include sun protection, proper diet\nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation. READ MORE

  • Are there any natural ways to help relieve neck pain?

    Nodding exercises or preferably the cranio-cervical flexion can help stabilize while re-training the deep-neck-muscles; this can have a profound effect in relation to posture and one's neck pain symptoms. READ MORE

  • What are natural remedies for anxiety?

    Nutrition and neuroscience are shedding light on the fact that nutritional factors are intertwined with human cognition, behavior, and emotions. The dietary intake patterns reflect that often One is deficient in many nutrients, especially essential vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. Notably, the diets of patients suffering from mental disorders have a severity of deficiencies in these nutrients. READ MORE

  • Can a naturopathic doctor recommend me natural medicines to treat a UTI?

    One should be encouraged to drink plenty of fluids to urinate frequently... helping to flush any bacteria from the bladder... Also, waiting or preferably holding in one's urine for a long period of time will allow for the bacteria to multiply within the urinary tract... wipe from front to back; this will reduce the spread of E. coli. Women are also encouraged to clean the genital areas before and after sexual intercourse; avoid having multiple sexual partners will also help to reduce the risk of both UTIs and sexually transmitted infections. Skin allergens that are introduced to the genital area... this will include items such as bubble bath liquids, bath oils, vaginal creams\lotions, deodorant sprays or soaps may need to be avoided as they could alter vaginal flora and ultimately result in UTIs. READ MORE

  • Is celery juice good for my health?

    The Literatures goes on suggesting that the phytonutrients found therewithin our very common vegetable, Celery reduces… Elevated blood glucose levels… Elevated blood lipids levels… Lowers blood pressure, assisting the heart function, Antifungal… Anti-inflammatory… Antibacterial… The Seeds are a treatment of Bronchitis… Asthma… Skin disorders… including psoriasis The Ayurvedic physicians are said to have used the Celery Seed to treat ailments including… Colds... Flu... Water retention… Poor digestion… Arthritis… Liver Disease… Spleen ailments. READ MORE

  • What natural supplements can I take to boost my immune system?

    Hello, good day. First things first: cleaning up your diet and bringing down any toxic load for the body will assist the immune system. However, as for a product, βeta -Glucans have been examined for their ability to guard against infection, cancer, and for their therapeutic potentials. Check into NSC Beta Glucan, NSC = Nutritional Science Company. They may still have Doug's Duo as well - for some additional savings for you - this offer gives a discount on the combination of the NSC beta glucan 100 + Caprylic Acid. READ MORE

  • What herbs can help get rid of a sore throat?

    Hello, good day... You may try warm Ginger Tea which is an awesome herbal-aid. However, if this irritation within the throat has continued on for an extended amount of time it is very important that you have a physician take a look into your symptoms. READ MORE

  • What are some natural ways to relieve allergy symptoms?

    Allergies are an overactive immune system, best said. responding to harmless foreign substances... there are some wonderful products that may assist within your discomfort... check into Seagate dot com and the olive leaf nasal sprays ~ will assist within immune response & relief thereof towards any fungal bodily load... and the immune modulator NSC Beta glucan... alters the immune response where and when in need... however as always dietary changes can aid the detoxification systems of the body bring much relief. READ MORE

  • Do natural treatments work for the healing of arthritis?

    Slow progression is the key to long term success... dietary changes are necessary... the synovial membrane filters the blood producing the synovial fluid. which is probably inflamed, the membrane that is. your immune system has targeted these membranes causing the swelling and pain you are experiencing... change your diet, this will clean up the circulating blood reducing the toxins therewithin, assisting within the reduction of the inflammation around the joint\joints, as your body goes through the detox allowing the porous membrane to heal, which will generally relieve symptoms. Overdoing it with the activity? once again the area needs to heal~ there is too much damaged cellular debris. alter your activities & your diet again reducing the circulating toxins and the induced damage... lower impact\lighter-weights ~ with slow controlled movements. more is not always better... the body needs time to fully adapt to the stress from which we undergo. this adaptation creates the strength and tissue densities for better handling thereof those stresses... otherwise, the body weakens. READ MORE

  • Do homeopathic therapies work for insomnia?

    First things first, check your caffeine intake... Sodas, Tea, Coffee... limiting of your intake may be all that is required. Furthermore... Melatonin is a hormone secreted in response to darkness. Its sleep-promoting actions are mostly caused by its feedback from the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN; the master clock) which is receiving direct input from your eyes about the amount of light exposure... shut off your phone, computer, lights, while creating for yourself a nighttime ritual of relaxation and quietness. READ MORE

  • Is the Keto diet healthy?

    A low carbohydrate ketogenic diet can help to control hunger\improve fat metabolism reducing one's body weight. Some ketogenic diets use foods that mimic the more carbohydrate-rich foods helping one to stick to the diet... the diet can be useful in treating obesity\excessive weight issues, although should be monitored by your physician. READ MORE

  • Can naturopathic massages aid in treating depression?

    Massage, although not considered superior to medical treatments has shown some important improvements, simply due to a generalized relaxation response… massage is considered one of the most popular complementary\alternative medical treatments for anxiety and depression. READ MORE

  • Can naturopathic medicine help with depression?

    The importance of Dietary Nutrients for Psychological Health is to no measure... Many Positive improvements when Patients are treated with nutrients such as Manganese and Nicotinic-Acid. Manganese a mineral found within several foods; Nuts, Legumes, Seeds, Tea, Whole-Grains, and Leafy Green Veggies. Nicotinic-Acid also called Niacin or vitamin B-3 is found within foods such as ~ Yeast, Milk, Meat, tortillas, and Cereal-Grains ~ growing evidence still emerges about the effects of the Trace-Elements on the Brain and the Behavioral Functions; as zinc, copper, and magnesium have surfaced to play an important role in behavioral disorders and One’s perceived well-being. There is considered no better method than Regular Aerobic Exercise Participation for the improvement of Emotional Health & mood elevation READ MORE

  • Is there a naturopathic treatment for premature grey hair?

    Gray hair occurs as the cells surrounding the hair follicles, called Melanocytes, lose their ability to produce the pigment Melanin. It is not that the hair actually turns to a gray color, rather, the new hair growing in has less Melanin. Melanin is a polymer of tyrosine amino-acids, meaning repeating sequences thereof. When the Melanin production decreases, the hair turns gray or white. READ MORE

  • How can darker skin patches be treated naturally?

    Sun exposure generally plays a role in the development of liver spots. Avoid excessive sun exposure/sunburn, use a good sunscreen. Improving your husband's liver function is important to prevent/manage skin conditions, to detox the body.... Consume quality foods rich in antioxidants. These molecules help to stop the destructive effects of any free radicals. READ MORE

  • Can you suggest natural laxatives that are safe for elderly patients?

    Glucomannan is an excellent fiber source, it is also a great natural cure for constipation and irregularity. READ MORE

  • Can consuming fennel seeds after eating cause relief from bloating and gas?

    Fennel is practiced for numerous digestive problems such as heartburn, intestinal gas, bloating, loss of appetite... READ MORE

  • Can naturopathic treatment work for seniors?

    Glucomannan is a wonderful fiber source... helping individuals to lose weight, lower cholesterol, reduce appetite, lower blood sugar & it is an exceptional natural cure for any constipation & irregularity. READ MORE

  • Is homeopathy a good option for treating muscular pains and aches?

    Flexibility is the capacity of a joint/series of joints to move through an unrestricted & pain-free range of motion. The range of motion will be influenced by the movement of the soft tissues that are surrounding the joint: muscles, ligaments, tendons, joint capsules, etc. Joints require movements through the full range of motion to maintain the health of the cartilage/other structures in the joint as well as the need for increased blood flow & nutrient-supply to the area. Muscles that are inflexible tire very quickly, which will cause the opposing muscle groups to work much harder...causing muscle fatigue, which can lead to injuries & the inability of the tired surrounding muscles to protect the joint. Decreased flexibility can lead to abnormal stress on the structures & tissues. The first step is to create a Flexibility Range of Motion program to follow through with regularly, which will also reduce stress levels. READ MORE

  • Are mushrooms bad for your health?

    Mushrooms have been used as a culinary wonder for ages, folk medicine, Oriental practice. The medicinal uses of mushrooms discovered so far are as antioxidant, antidiabetic, hypocholesterolemic, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, immunomodulatory, anti-allergic, nephroprotective, and anti-microbial agents. READ MORE

  • Can yoga help me reduce blood pressure?

    The quick answer would be yes. I must throw in here as well that less active individuals are 30%-50% more likely to develop hypertension than their more active counterparts. For those with mild to moderate hypertension, the current treatment guidelines do emphasize the role of non-pharmacological intervention, such as modifications to diet and participation in routine physical activity. READ MORE

  • Is there a way to treat high blood pressure naturally?

    Hello, thank you for your question. Several dietary patterns have shown to lower blood pressure. Vegetarian dietary patterns have been associated with lower systolic blood pressure (the blood pressure during contraction phase of the cardiac cycle). The DASH diet (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension), which includes lean meats and nuts while emphasizing fruits and veggies, is found to very effective, though, I need to put in here as well that less active people are 30%-50% more likely to develop hypertension than the more active individuals. There are many benefits to physical activity and exercise in reducing disease. Low to moderate activity 30-45 minutes most days is important inclusion for the prevention of hypertension. READ MORE

  • I have a typical sinus allergy. How can naturopathy help?

    Hello to you, The immune system functions to clear the body of foreign bodies such as viruses, bacteria, blood cells, tissue cells, etc. Allergic responses are unusual responses of the immune system, occurring when the immune system reacts to a normally harmless protein that the body has identified as harmful, representing an altered reaction to an antigen. The antigens involved in an allergic response are called allergens. Allergies can represent the overactivity of the immune system, as the immune system is attacking harmless substances. Check into NSC Nutritional Science company & NSC Beta Glucan, which can help to modulate the immune response.. READ MORE

  • I am on a naturopathic weight loss program and passing a lot of gas. Is it normal?

    Methanogenic bacteria have been known to be human gut inhabitants for more than 30 years now through the detection of methane in the breath. Methanogenesis is a unique metabolic process, CO2 is reduced to CH4 using H2, which is produced by anaerobic bacterial fermentation. Check into atrantil, it may help to promote intestinal comfort. READ MORE

  • Can you recommend natural treatment for back pain?

    For most back problems, exercise and movements are the natural stimuli for the healing process, meaning gradual, progressive exercise, that is. This most often provides the best long-term solution for reducing back pain and preventing or at least lessening any future episodes. Most experts advise against any prolonged periods of inactivity as this can increase back pain, as the back becomes stiff, weak, and deconditioned. Also, you may be experiencing what is called the Piriformis syndrome. It is believed to be caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve as it passes through the buttocks region. When the sciatic nerve is constricted and irritated, the individual will experience the symptoms of what is believed to be the Piriformis syndrome. These symptoms may include back pain and pain and numbness in the buttocks going down the leg. Often, the symptoms are worsened with prolonged sitting. Set a timer for 30-60 minutes to remind yourself to get up and stretch/move. READ MORE

  • Are there any natural treatments for high blood pressure?

    Hello to you, Several dietary patterns have been shown to lower blood pressure. Vegetarian dietary patterns have been associated with lower Systolic-Blood Pressure, the blood pressure during the contraction phase of the cardiac cycle, along with the DASH diet, which includes lean meats and nuts with an emphasis on fruits, veggies, and nonfat dairy products. I must include as well that less active individuals are 30%-50% more likely to develop hypertension. Despite the many benefits of physical activity and exercise in reducing disease, many people still remain inactive. READ MORE

  • Is stevia recommended for diabetics?

    Studies revealed that Stevia has been used throughout the world since ancient times for various purposes as a sweetener and a medicine. Stevia is likely to become a major source of high-potency sweetener for the growing natural food market in the future. Although Stevia can be helpful to anyone, there are certain groups who are more likely to benefit from its remarkable sweetening potential. This includes diabetic patients, those interested in decreasing caloric intake, and children. Stevia is a small perennial shrub that has been used for centuries as a bio-sweetener and for other medicinal uses, such as to lower blood sugar. READ MORE

  • What are the foods that can lead to kidney stones?

    Generally, drinking enough liquids every day is the best way to help prevent most types of kidney stones. Drinking enough liquids keeps your urine diluted and helps flush away minerals that might form any stones. Water is best, but other liquids such as citrus drinks may help prevent kidney stones. Studies show that citrus drinks, lemonade/orange juice, protect against kidney stones because they contain citrate, which stops crystals from turning into stones. READ MORE

  • What is the best way to improve my lactation naturally?

    Milk production is most affected by the frequency of suckling and the hydration status of the mother. However, milk composition varies according the mother's diet, reflecting her dietary intake. READ MORE

  • How much sunlight do we need?

    Brief/casual exposure of sunlight to the face, arms, and hands is thought to equal about 5 mcg (about 200 IU) of vitamin D. READ MORE

  • Is there a natural remedy to treat hair loss?

    Hair thinning/loss can be brought on by a number of factors that upset the balance between hair loss/replacement. Depressing as it may be, the follicle only has so many cycles in it, growing the fastest/the most between the teens & the 40s. Also, protein-deficient diets/lactation can lead to the thinning of hair because new hair growth stops when the protein, Keratin, that is needed for the synthesis of hair is not available or is being used for the production of milk. READ MORE

  • How can I increase my metabolism rate through naturopathy?

    To increase the caloric expenditure, one should increase their metabolically active tissues/muscle mass. READ MORE

  • Is there a cure in naturopathy for a cold due to allergies?

    Check into NSC. Beta Glucan, to say it simply, it is an immunomodulator, which supports and balances the immune system response. READ MORE

  • Can a naturopathic physician help me maintain a healthy weight?

    My friend, the easiest answer is to just say yes to your question. However, I know that is not what you are looking for, so please take into consideration that at any moment, thousands of chemical reactions are taking place within our bodies, & all these reactions are having a purpose, & that purpose is to sustain life. The term "energy metabolism" is referring to the hundreds of chemical reactions involved with the break down, synthesis, & the transformation of the energy yielding nutrients. The metabolic pathways are working together in a complex way to maintain a steady supply of energy in a form that needs to be synthesized. Our bodies run at the microscopic level. Glucose is a rich supply of energy that can be used by all cells of the body to produce the body's energy currency, which is ATP. This must be synthesized, created. Most of the glucose in the body comes from carbohydrate-rich foods. Glucose, which can also be stored within the body as glycogen reserves as well as adipose tissue, also known as fat. The major roles of the amino acids in the body, from which come from the breakdown of proteins, well, the easiest way to say it is they are the building blocks for muscle as well as enzymes, which function in many physiological processes of the body, neuropeptides, which are neuronal signaling molecules that influence the activity of the brain, &, because all of this, their major role as the building blocks, that is, amino acids, are not considered a major energy yielding source. They are a building block source, synthesizing muscle, enzymes, and neuropeptides. I know I am repeating myself, just trying to get it across. These nutrients will use energy as they are used in synthesis, which in the long form is saying they are used in the production of chemical compounds by the reactions taking place from simpler materials. Fats are another important energy source when the readily available energy sources are low, which is glucose. Low glucose availability causes glucagon, a hormone which is secreted in the response to low glucose-levels. This goes on creating a chemical cascade to increase the blood glucose levels. This chemical cascade also increases the hormone-sensitive enzyme, Lipase, which goes on to start breaking down your stored lipids/fats/adipose tissue to also increase the blood glucose levels. You have to take into consideration that theses energy sources have to become available before they can be used, & they have to be removed from storage & then broken down. As the chemical bonds are broken within these molecules, it releases energy stored within that your body uses to go do work, which is your physical activities & just living life. Please now, take a look into your diet with this knowledge of energy sources & building blocks. You can tweak what you are consuming as well as increase your weight bearing activities, forcing your body to synthesis contractile proteins, increasing your muscle mass, as your body will need to adapt to your new activities. You can increase your energy expenditure (calories burned) through just the increase in muscle mass, as muscle is an active tissue consuming your energy sources, even at rest. At rest, the muscle tissue is consuming energy as it is growing. If it is used to adapt to the stress you have put it through, next time, the tissue will handle that stress better. If muscle tissue is not used, it will be broken down, removing the nitrogen containing amino group, leaving the carbon shell, which can be stored as fat, too. This will reduce your muscle mass as well as reducing your metabolism at the same time. This is muscle. It is an energy consuming tissue. If it is not used, the body will not waste the time to feed it. It is not used, so it will become a stress during the times of low energy, meaning low blood glucose because the body cannot feed it. This will increase your Cortisol levels, which is your stress hormone, & will now decrease your immune system. See? Everything is linked together. So, with that said, eating regularly so that you are maintaining your blood glucose levels, every 3-4 hours, something small, like low-sugar fruits, berries, & veggies, lean dairy, lean meats...this will maintain the blood sugar so that you are feeding the active tissues, which need to be fed. This maintains the metabolism & the active tissues so that you are more likely to maintain your desired weight. Sorry this was so long. READ MORE

  • Can naturopathy help in preventing diabetes in a person?

    My friend, the easiest answer is to just once again say yes to your question. But that is not what you are looking for, so please take into consideration that at any moment, thousands of chemical reactions are taking place within our bodies, & all these reactions are having a purpose, & that purpose is to sustain life. The term "energy metabolism" is referring to the hundreds of chemical reactions involved with the break down, synthesis, & the transformation of the energy yielding nutrients. The metabolic pathways are working together in a complex way to maintain a steady supply of energy in a form which needs to be synthesized. Our bodies run at the microscopic level. The story to tell about carbohydrate metabolism is really the story of glucose, as all carbohydrates are eventually transformed into glucose. Glucose enters into our cells by what is called Facilitated-diffusion, & this process is greatly enhanced by insulin, as insulin is actually received onto the receptor sites on the cellular membrane, which goes on to activate the GLUTs transporters, which is actually how the glucose gets into the cell. The cell has to change shape to allow this big molecule within. These transporters have to be made by the cell through expression of the genes, & if the cell is not in need of the energy source, it will decrease the production of the transporters so that the glucose cannot get into the cell; it is not needed, so the glucose stays within the bloodstream, raising blood glucose levels as the cells are not in need of the energy source. They do not want it, so they reduce the amount of transporters that they are synthesizing to control the amount of glucose coming in, & the glucose stays within the bloodstream. Physical activity plays a significant role in controlling diabetes. During exercise, cellular uptake of glucose for the working muscles increases dramatically as the working muscles are in need of the glucose. They will use it, so they take it up into the cell from the bloodstream, reducing the blood sugar levels. Let's take into account fiber. Fiber-rich carbohydrates, well, fiber cannot be digested. We do not have enzymes to break it down, so it goes through the intestinal intact, absorbing excess sugars & toxins, removing them, & preventing their absorption into the bloodstream. Every gram of fiber potentially absorbs 7 calories of sugar, inhibiting its absorption into the bloodstream. So, simply focusing on increasing your fiber intake, eating lower sugar fruits, berries, & veggies, & increasing your physical activity is a great start. Increasing your muscle mass will increase the metabolism, as muscle is an active tissue, even at rest. This would be the next step. I hope this helps. READ MORE

  • Can naturopathy help us with my mother's diabetes?

    My friend, the easiest answer is to just once again say yes to your question. But that is not what you are looking for, so please take into consideration that at any moment, thousands of chemical reactions are taking place within our bodies, and all of these reactions are having a purpose, and that purpose is to sustain life. The term "energy metabolism" is referring to the hundreds of chemical reactions involved with the break down, synthesis, and transformation of the energy yielding nutrients. The metabolic pathways are working together in a complex way to maintain a steady supply of energy in a form that needs to be synthesized. Our bodies run at the microscopic level. The story to tell about carbohydrate metabolism is really the story of glucose, as all carbohydrates are eventually transformed into glucose. Glucose enters into our cells by what is called Facilitated-diffusion, and this process is greatly enhanced by insulin, as insulin is actually received onto the receptor sites on the cellular membrane, which goes on to activate the GLUTs transporters, which is actually how the glucose gets into the cell; the cell has to change shape to allow this big molecule within. These transporters have to be made by the cell through expression of the genes and, if the cell is not in need of the energy source, it will decrease the production of the transporters so that the glucose cannot get into the cell. It is not needed, so the glucose stays within the bloodstream, raising blood glucose levels as the cells are not in need of the energy source. They do not want it, so they reduce the amount of transporters that they are synthesizing to control the amount of glucose coming in, and the glucose stays within the bloodstream. Physical activity plays a significant role in controlling diabetes. During exercise, cellular uptake of glucose for the working muscles increases dramatically as the working muscles are in need of the glucose. They will use it, so they take it up into the cell from bloodstream, reducing the blood sugar levels. Let's take into account fiber. Fiber-rich carbohydrates...Well, fiber cannot be digested. We do not have enzymes to break it down, so it goes through the intestines intact, absorbing excess sugars and toxins, removing them and preventing their absorption into the bloodstream. Every gram of fiber potentially absorbs 7 calories of sugar, inhibiting its absorption into the bloodstream. So, simply focusing on increasing your fiber intake, eating lower sugar fruits, berries, and veggies, and increasing your physical activity is a great start. Increasing your muscle mass will increase the metabolism, as muscle is an active tissue, even at rest. This would be the next step. I hope this helps. READ MORE

  • Is honey safe for kids?

    Infant Botulism is often associated with the consumption of honey. Parents are advised to not feed honey to infants until their intestinal flora is well developed to inhibit the germination of C. Botulinum endospores, which is usually about 1 year. Infants especially under 6 months are susceptible. Do not feed infants honey. READ MORE

  • What does naturopathic medicine include?

    Naturopathic practice is based on the belief in the body's ability to heal itself. As for myself, my first approach is through nutritional interventions, looking for possible nutritional deficiencies, Myco-toxicities through contaminated foods, intestinal flora imbalances, candida\yeast over growths, etc., then the push towards physical medicine & rehabilitation. READ MORE

  • Can acupuncture treat digestive problems?

    Acupuncture is generally used only in combination with other forms of treatment. You may benefit from paying attention to his chewing habits. Make sure he is chewing his foods well. Digestion of the complex carbs begins in the mouth. Digestive enzymes released from the salivary glands mixes as you chew your foods. Improper chewing can cause increased intestinal gases, along with the swallowing of air. If he has been treated with an antibiotic, there may be an imbalance within the intestinal flora. A good probiotic may help; try Dr. Ohhira's probiotic. READ MORE

  • What are precautions to take for a 14-day only water fasting?

    Water fasts are extremely stressful to a toxic individual & should not be attempted unless under strict supervision as fat-soluble toxins as well as vitamins.. should I mention Medications.. yes I should.. can be stored within the adipocytes which are the fat cells of the body & released into circulation, causing at least flu like symptoms. Fasting with fresh-fruit juices or fresh-veggie drinks may be done for short periods of time with very little stress on the body. READ MORE

  • How effective is turmeric to cure a ringworm infection?

    Dermatophytosis; ringworm is a fungal disease caused by Dermatophytes, which are fungi that grow on the skin, nails, which stimulate a cell mediated immune response that can damage the deeper tissues. Curcumin is a component of Turmeric, in the same family as ginger, having antifungal properties. Good to have in the supplement cabinet, however, topical antifungal agents are effective with treating some infections. A more wide spread infection may require oral agents. READ MORE

  • What can I do to naturally build immunity for my 5 year old?

    He is in need I am sure of a probiotic..which will help to begin to re-establish the beneficial gut flora...within the intestines...that crowd out the harmful yeasts. The antibiotics...they kill everything when taken...they are unable to choose between the good & bad they alter the gut flora.. which lead to increased infections...Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics can be purchased. READ MORE

  • What are the natural ways in which I can deal with hair loss?

    Hair thinning can be induced by a number of factors that upset the balance between hair loss\replacement .. examples are.. high fevers.. surgery.. emotional trauma\stress.. certain drugs.. excessive vitamin A.. some antidepressants.. blood thinners.. the follicle only has so many cycles in it.. growing the fastest between the teens & the 40s.. However.. also protein deficient-diets.. lactation .. lead to the thinning of the hair.. because new hair growth stops when the protein Keratin that is needed for the synthesis of hair is not available.. .. or.. is being used for the production of milk.. READ MORE

  • What are the best natural ways to control diabetes?

    Physical activity plays a significant role in controlling diabetes. During exercise, cellular uptake of glucose for the working muscles increases dramatically as the working muscles are in need of the glucose too. EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption) increases the metabolism after the exercise bout as there is a need for the oxygen to clear out the lactic acid that was produced during the exercise. Reducing your sugar intake, focusing on lean meats, dairy, fruits & veggies. Grains are contaminated with mycotoxins reducing your intake is necessary. Mycotoxins, which are a metabolite of microbes from the soils as well as storage. Exposure is the key here so reducing your consumption is necessary. These are naturally occuring biological chemicals that can interfere with protein translation as well as transcription of the newly synthesized proteins. READ MORE

  • What are the best natural ways to control diabetes?

    Hello and thank you for your question. In the case of type 2 diabetes, maintaining blood glucose levels can be accomplished by weight management, regular exercise, and a healthy diet. Reducing your sugar consumption is a must. Increasing your fiber intake is also a must as fiber absorbs 7-calories of sugar per gram as it binds it up and inhibits the sugar absorption and eliminates the sugars. Taking a 30-minute walk daily will reduce blood sugar levels. Increasing the intensity of the walk will increase EPOC, which is excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This will increase your metabolism for a time after the exercise, as there is an increase of oxygen consumption to clear out the lactic acid that was produced during the exercise bout, reducing your blood sugar levels for a time after exercise as well. Eating acidic or fatty foods with the higher sugar foods will slow their absorption into the blood stream. Taking that 30-minute walk cut into 3 10-minute-walks will cause the EPOC to take place each bout of exercise, increasing your metabolism after each little walk. Physical activity plays a huge role in managing diabetes; during exercise, cellular uptake of glucose is increased, and this is done without the high levels of Insulin. This is an insulin-like effect that working muscles have on blood glucose levels as they, meaning the muscles, are more readily taking up the glucose because they need it, versus the insulin forcing the uptake and then storage. This effect will improve the blood glucose levels. Resistance training as well can improve the blood glucose levels, especially when combined with aerobic exercise, say, in a circuit. Positive adaptations are seen in glucose control, insulin action, muscular strength, and even the tolerance to the exercise. READ MORE

  • What are the natural ways in which I can deal with hair loss?

    Hello and thank you for the question. Let's see what we can come up with. Hair thinning can be induced by a few factors that are upsetting the normal balance between hair loss and then hair replacement. Examples are high fever, surgery, severe emotional trauma\stress, certain drugs, excessive vitamin A, some antidepressants, blood thinners, anabolic steroids, and most chemotherapy drugs. Moving off that, I would like for you to take into consideration your diet. Diets that are deficient in protein can lead to the thinning of the hair because the new hair growth stops when the protein needed, which is keratin, is unavailable for the growth. In rare cases, the immune system can attack the hair follicles, and this can cause the hair to fall out in patches, but the hair follicle survives. Hair loss that eliminates the follicle...well, this is permanent. However, the follicle only has a limited number of cycles in it. With optimal conditions, the hair grows the fastest within the teen years to about the 40s, then slows. Given the fact that the hairs are shed faster than they are replaced, thus leads to the thinning. Hair is made mostly of protein; eating a diet that contains sufficient levels of protein is considered essential for keeping hair healthy, strong, and growing naturally. Spinach and other green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and Swiss chard are good sources of iron, beta carotene, folate, and vitamin C, which help keep hair follicles healthy and scalp oils circulating. Vitamin C is particularly beneficial for aiding circulation to the scalp and supporting the tiny blood vessels that are feeding the follicles. READ MORE

  • Lab tests

    Blood test will give insights into a person's health.. examples we can use.. in some anemias, the blood can look pale.. a high fat\lipidemia.. gives the blood a yellowish hue.. forecasting problems for those with heart disease.. blood transports hormones from the releasing endocrine organ.. the endocrine system influences metabolic activity by the means of the hormones.. which travel through the blood to the targeted organ.. bind to the specific receptor creating their specific effect.. both overactivity & underactivity of a hormone can cause metabolic disturbances.. the endocrine system works on positive & negative feedback systems.. which work to keep the body within homeostasis\balance.. Homeostasis is so important that most diseases can be a result of the body falling out of balance.. as we age, the body's control systems do become less & less efficient.. which can be seen within the blood chemistry.. READ MORE

  • Excessive burping with stomach pain -- what's the reason?

    You may have altered intestinal flora.. having an overgrowth of candida... a good probiotic should help...Dr O'hhira's Probiotics READ MORE

  • I don't like taking high blood pressure medication

    For individuals with mild or moderate hypertension the current treatment guidelines do emphasize the role of non-pharmacological intervention such as the modifications to diet & then the participation in a routine physical activity .. there's been a large number of studies that are demonstrating that regular aerobic exercises may play a significant role in management the of the disease .. aerobic exercise used to treat high blood pressure does not have to be performed in a single long duration .. It can be done in shorter bouts... several 10 minute walks throughout the day provide the same benefits as 30 minutes of continuous walking .. at the same intensity .. as well as reducing sugar consumption.. alcohol.. smoking.. the removal of oxidizing chemicals .. Regular aerobic exercise has been found to lower blood pressure by an average of 10 mmHg in both systolic ..&.. diastolic measures ..while at the same time improvements in blood lipid profile.. &.. insulin sensitivity it also improves endothelial function.. platelet activation .. &.. the inflammatory response for individuals in stage 1-hypertension.. READ MORE

  • Is my vitamin b12 deficiency from my change in diet?

    B 12 also called Cobalamin is unique because it cannot be made by plants or higher animals such as mammals and birds .. only micro organisms such as bacteria & fungi .. for this reason many of our dietary sources of this vitamin are not actually synthesizing it ..meaning.. making it themselves rather ... obtained from micro organisms living in the environment within the G.I. tract .. most B 12 vitamins in food is bound to proteins that must be cleaved before absorption .. these proteins are removed in the stomach by acids and the enzyme pepsin.. free B 12 then binds to the R-proteins and intrinsic factor that are also made with in the stomach the R-proteins are thought to protect the B 12 from destruction in the stomach .. in the intestine the R-protein is released while intrinsic factor remains bound to B12 once absorbed B12 is released from intrinsic factor & Bound to another protein called transcobalamin which begins the circulation of B 12 in the blood .. however .. with the dietary changes .. if you are including fish within your diet.. some good sources include.. salmon .. crab .. clams(canned).. Oysters (raw).. trout .. fortified breakfast cereal .. READ MORE

  • Natural treatment for kidney stone?

    The herbal approach to preventing and eliminating kidney stones can include .. Java Tea .. which is said to dilate ureters allowing a small kidney stone to pass .. parsley root tea is a strong diuretic .. couchgrass .. or.. quackgrass tea.. is good for reducing the rate of kidney stones.. ginger tea may be used as compresses over The kidneys to relieve pain by means of a mild counterirritant .. dandelion .. dwarf elder.. contain phytochemicals the act as a potent diuretic .. READ MORE

  • I am very intolerant of narcotics

    Pain can be caused by any abnormal process that changes the architecture of bones .. joints..soft tissue & organs.. swelling .. inflammation .. gas distending the hollow organs are the basic cause of pain.. repairing or correcting the disease process will usually illuminate the need for painkillers & anti-inflammatory medications.. pain is a warning signal.. & taking medication to relieve the pain is like cutting the wire to your emergency fire exit .. Honestly.. I would like a little more info here.. but.. let us talk about the joint.. The joints .. or.. articulations.. are the sites where two or more bones come together & meet.. Joints have 2-fundamental functions.. they give the skeleton mobility..&.. hold it together.. Joints are the weakest part of the skeleton.. Fibrous joints .. the bones are joined together by connective tissue collagen fibers.. & ..there is no joint cavity.. Cartilaginous joints.. are like fibrous joints.. in that they are lacking the joint cavity.. Synovial joints are those in which the articulating bones are separated by a fluid containing joint cavity... this arrangement.. allows for a lot of freedom of movement.. Now.. I am assuming.. you are having issues with a synovial joint.. A feature unique to the synovial joint.. is the joint cavity.. which is a space that contains a small amount of Synovial fluid.. The joint cavity is it enclosed by a two layer articular capsule .. or .. joint capsule.. which is strengthening the joint so that the bones are not pulled apart... the inner layer of the joint capsule.. is a synovial membrane.. composed of loose connective tissue.. the Synovial membrane functions... to make synovial fluid.. Synovial fluid is a small amount of slippery fluid that occupies... all the free spaces within the joint capsule.. The fluid is made by filtering the blood flow through the capillaries in the synovial membrane.. Synovial fluid provides a slippery weight-bearing film.. that reduces friction between the cartilages.. without this lubrication .. rubbing .. would wear away joint surfaces & .. excessive friction could overheat & destroy the joint tissues.. Synovial fluid is forced from the cartilage when a joint is compressed.. as the pressure on the joint is relieved the synovial fluid.. seeps back into the articular cartilage like water into a sponge.. this process is called weeping lubrication .. as it lubricates the free surfaces of the cartilage while nourishing the cells.. I would first.. like a look at your diet.. because .. of the functioning filtration process the synovial membrane has of the blood .. that is creating the synovial fluid.. if there is toxins within the blood .. this can alter the ability of synovial membrane to function properly .. as there toxic oxidizing chemicals around that can damage the membrane.. causing inflammation .. as.. right there .. within the area is immune eating cells .. that are clearing away .. any microbes & cellular debris.. with damage to the membrane .. this will increase the amount of the Phagocytes.. which are the immune eating cells.. within the area.. this is called inflammation.. as more & more immune cells show up .. this increases pressure .. on the nerves .. swelling .. in the area as more immune cells are showing up to fix the damage & proteins are leaking .. out of the bloodstream to fix the damage .. as well.. redness .. occurs as there is a increase in blood flow to the area... I would like you to look into Mycotoxins .. Molds are a organism which are neither plant nor animal. They are part of the fungi kingdom.. Mycotoxins are toxins produced by mold species... Myco = fungal.. &.. toxin = poison... These mycotoxins are some of the most toxic substances none in existence. ... Mycotoxins are not like a mold spore...They are a metabolite = a product of a fungal metabolism .. that the organism omits or .. puts out to kill other bacteria .. or other molds.. Mycotoxins are also very toxic to all animal groups... even in a low concentration... Aflatoxin made by Aspergillus mold is the most well known... because very toxic & carcinogenic = cancer causing... The American Food and Agriculture estimates that at least 25% of all the worlds food crop is contaminated with the mycotoxin = Aflatoxin.. &.. other mycotoxins.... Though reducing steps are taken, it is impossible to eliminate.. &.. it is the amount of exposure that is the problem.. theses are mutagenic chemicals.. that can alter DNA .. as well as newly transcribed proteins.. that have function in the body.. Reduce your grain in take.. corn.. peanuts.. peanut butter.. pistachios.. potatoes.. all grains.. are myco-toxic .. focus on low sugar fruits & berries .. veggies.. lean meats & diary.. &.. you may be able to reduce the inflammation.. just with dietary changes.. READ MORE

  • Does echinacea work?

    Hello.. thank you for contacting me.. &.. to answer your question... Echinacea.. has been found to protect healthy cells from viral and bacterial infection .. it does this by stimulating the activity of the immune system .. in general .. helping the immune system to identify & attack pathogens & toxins.. it can take a few weeks to build up the immunity enhancing effects.. however.. it is helpful in lessening the severity of colds & the flu.. while also.. helping to speed up the recovery time.. however .. people with autoimmune disorders should use under the supervision of a physician ... I hope this helps & you have a wonderful day READ MORE

  • I don't sleep well, Any help?

    Hello.. thank you for contacting me.. I hope you have not been waiting long .. I came across your question last evening.. &.. so we will get right to it.. Let's begin with some Education.. if you don't mind.. Named for the position below the thalamus.. we have the hypothalamus.. like the thalamus.. the hypothalamus has many functions.. &.. acting with other regions of the brain one of its functions is to regulate our sleep.. &.. wake cycles.. Meaning.. Setting the timing for our sleep-cycle.. in response to daylight.. & ..darkness cues... received from our visual pathways.. Hypothalamic disturbances can cause a number of disorders including severe body wasting .. obesity .. sleep disturbances .. dehydration .. &.. emotional imbalances.. The Pineal Gland.. secretes the hormone .. which is.. Melatonin.. which is a sleep-inducing-signal ..&.. powerful antioxidant.. The production of melatonin increases as light fades .. &.. peaks at night .. during the darkness .. The Pineal gland directly .. receives input from your visual pathways .. meaning.. your eyes.. concerning the intensity.. & .. the duration of the daylight.. Exposure to bright-light .. Suppresses .. the secretion of melatonin.. &.. Can Reset.. your biological clock .. timing .. please take into account.. your evening lighting.. phones.. tablets.. computer.. television.. as the lights can cause disturbances.. The result in the change in the melatonin levels causes the alteration of physiological processes.. meaning functioning processes .. such as .. body temperature .. sleep & appetite.. Okay so what to do.. Tart Montmorency cherry juice concentrate is reported to contain high levels of phytochemicals including .. melatonin.. the Hormone which is critical in regulating the sleep-wake cycles.. data suggests that the consumption of a tart cherry juice concentrate provides an increase in melatonin .. &.. is beneficial in improving sleep duration.. &.. quality in healthy men & women .. this may help the management of your disturbed sleep... Also.. including the whole .. fruit .. within your diet .. would be a wonderful snack/addition to meals.. as to increase melatonin levels.. The precursor .. to melatonin is serotonin.. a neurotransmitter that .. is derived from the amino acid tryptophan... 5- hydroxy tryptophan.. 5HTP.. is very similar to tryptophan.. &.. does not cause unpleasant side effects such as dry mouth.. or.. loss of libido .. 5HTP has been found to alleviate depression ..&.. function as a sleep aid .. also .. has been shown to help suppress appetite.. The majority of insomnia is due to a calcium deficiency .. Calcium is required for the utilization of tryptophan to make serotonin.. which in turn makes melatonin... illuminate anything from your diet that interferes with calcium absorption.. caffeine .. carbonated drinks.. excess sugars.. The herbal approach to insomnia can include.. Valerian.. tea or powder.. 30 minutes before bed Lavender oil has a mild sedative effect when added as bath oil .. on bedclothes.. or.. use as a massage oil.. Passion flower tea.. powdered herb.. has long been known for the sedative properties.. Chamomile tea ..has a long history as well as for bedtime.. I hope this helps enjoy your day READ MORE

  • Long term narcotic use

    Hello thank you for contacting me I hope you have not been waiting for long.. I came across your question last evening.. Okay.. to begin.. very frequent .. mild exercise ..such as walking ..&.. then the consumption of 4 to 6 cups of fruit & veggies per day .. along with 8 to 10 glasses of water per day will solve simple constipation.. ground flaxseed .. is a wonderful way to get extra fiber in your diet.. adding it to say .. yogurt.. is quite yummy.. make sure you are getting enough fiber within your diet.. fiber is undigestible .. we do not have the enzymes to break down it goes through the intestinal tract in tact.. absorbing.. toxins & excess sugars.. every gram of fiber potentially.. can absorb about 7-calories of sugar.. fiber cannot be digested.. &.. as it moves through the intestines it helps to strengthen .. the intestinal muscle.. try to increase your fiber intake.. 25-30 grams.. daily.. Fiber provides the bulk.. needed for peristalsis which is the wavelike motion the muscles create.. that moves the food through the intestines.. The bulk.. The fiber can create can give ... the ability for a good grip downwards .. I guess you could say.. sorry if that is unpleasant .. for the intestinal wall muscle.. as it trys to move the substances through.. this gripping action will strengthen the muscle within the intestinal wall.. Probiotics .. are organisms .. that contribute to the health of the intestinal tract .. they are the beneficial bacteria .. helping to fight .. illness as well as disease.. The use of a probiotics can keep your intestines clean.. illuminate bad breath caused by intestinal putrefaction... constipation .. foul smelling flatulence .. &.. aid in the treatment of acne & other skin problems as well as strengthen the immune system .. which.. weakens as we age.. You can expect a probiotic to help correct bowel.. problems including.. bloating .. constipation .. gas.. I would recommend Dr. O'hhira's Probiotics.. Magnesium supplementation may help relieve constipation .. as it relaxes your bowels & pulls water into your intestines. The water helps soften & bulk up your stool.. which can make it easier to pass.. taking 2- 200mg tablets.. before bed may help for the next morning.. however.. please remember.. if taken more then necessary.. you will have watery stools.. I hope this helps.. enjoy your day READ MORE

  • Hand pain after carpal tunnel surgery

    Hello thank you for contacting me. I hope today finds you well. To answer your question, some individuals have pain along their incision, the area may stay sensitive after the surgery and there is a possibility of excessive scar tissue building up causing issues. If too much scar tissue forms, the nearby soft tissues can well become bound together. The incision may appear raised and the nearby skin can feel tight. It may feel as if there is a bump beneath the incision area and your wrist and hand movements may feel some restrictions. The scar tissue can bind the flexor tendons and median nerve preventing the smooth glide through the carpal tunnel and pain and loss of range of motion can occur. However, within some severe cases, surgery may be needed to remove the extra scar tissue and you may need to see your surgeon to examine the area. I hope this helps. Have a wonderful day. READ MORE

  • Natural Appetite suppressant

    Hello thank you for contacting me.. I hope your day is going well.. Look for .. the seagate products Nopal Cactus fiber supplement .. it re-absorbs about 50-Times its weight ... &.. when taken... it provides a feeling of fullness.. &.. reduces hunger. .. however the root cause of weight challenges are generally mineral-deficiencies ..resulting in what we call... the munchies.. failure to deal with the mineral deficiencies will result in .. cravings .. binge-eating ... &.. well.. the munchies.. I would recommend.. eating regularly.. every 3 to 4 hours.. focusing on.. Low sugar fruits and berries.. lean meats.. and low-fat organic dairy.. and fresh veggies.. eating small meals every 3 to 4 hours will keep your blood sugar levels stable as well as reducing your cortisol levels.. cortisol is the stress hormone.. if your blood sugar drops.. your body will see this as a stress.. and cortisol will be released.. cortisol.. will.. reduce your muscle mass as the underfed muscle has now become a stress .. this will reduce your lean tissues which are also your metabolically active tissues decreasing your metabolism.. making it even more difficult to lose weight.. eating regularly.. Will keep the lean tissues fed.. &.. keep your metabolism high.. so you can burn the fat.. Please reduce your grain consumption.. Grains.. are contaminated with Mycotoxins.. what is that.. they are a product of a fungal metabolism.. myco = fungus.. toxin -is poison.. within the storage process of our grains.. those warm silos are a perfect environment for the replication of tiny microbes... bacteria and yeast cells.. And .. they battle each other with their toxins.. which damages the food supply.. you can cook off mold but these toxins stay.. which does cellular damage.. please for your own benefit check into the Myco-toxicity of our grain supply ... look into aflatoxin B1.. which is a common contaminated of peanuts .. corn.. our grain supply.. these toxins.. interfere with the translation of newly transcribed proteins .. creating toxic malfunctioning proteins.. as well as interfering with the replication of DNA.. causing cancer.. creating all kinds of havoc within the body.. also if you have a yeast condition within the body .. as well .. they are parasites.. surviving off you and what you ingest.. causing cravings.. as you are battling for your own ingested nutrients.. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

HypertrophyDisease ReversalPersonalized Nutritional InterventionEducation Functional AnatomyEducation Biochemical ProcessesSpecial Populations ProgrammingWeight LossWeight GainCardiovascular Fitness ProgrammingHypertrophyStrength TrainingPower Training

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Holistic Educator Christine Foutch-Holistic InfoWars-Facebook - 2017
  • Holistic Nutritionist Holistic InfoWars - 2017
  • Certified Personal Trainer Holistic InfoWars - 2017
  • Wellness writer Holistic InfoWars - 2017

Professional Memberships

  • International Association of Healthcare Professionals  

Professional Society Memberships

  • The International Association of HealthCare Professionals (IAHCP)

What do you attribute your success to?

  • Being fascinated by the body and wanting to wholeheartedly understand it.

Teaching and speaking

  • Christine set out to educate individuals through sharing information and educational facts. Her goal is putting individuals in control of their healthcare through understanding the functions of the human body.

Hobbies / Sports

  • Hobbies = Continuing Education = Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Nutrition, Spending Time With family & kids .. Sports = Black Belt, Kick-Boxing, Bodybuilding, Cross-Training

Christine Foutch's Practice location

94Th Ave 13th St west -
Rock Island, Il. 61201
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