Christine Foutch, Nutritionist
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Christine Foutch

Naturopathic Physician

9411 13th St W Rock Island Illinois, 61201


Dr. Christine Foutch is a holistic physician practicing in Rock Island, IL. Holistic medicine integrates conventional and alternative therapies to prevent disease, treat disease, and most importantly promote optimal health. With Dr. Foutch's contributions, she has set out with the intention of spreading knowledge. Helping to educate individuals to gain some understanding of the biological functions of the body. She truly believes that one must acquire the knowledge and the understanding of bodily functions if one wants to truly gain success in the areas in which the individual has set out to achieve.

Education and Training

PennFoster CHN 2013

PennFoster College

National Council On Strength and fitness CPT

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Female English
Christine Foutch
Christine Foutch's Expert Contributions
  • Bodybuilding For Weightloss? At Home Programming Making Weightloss Simple!

    Skeletal-Muscle is our bodily organ of locomotion. Furthermore, it is also the largest contributor to what is considered our resting metabolism. For some additional clarity, Skeletal-Muscle plays a central role in the maintenance of our physical appearance, movement, and our metabolic...

  • The Energy Dates - Feel That Energetic Boost!

    To say it simply, the nutrients within our foods are needed by the body. Our foods supply the nutrient-chemicals that maintain our bodily structure, regulate biochemical reactions, and supply the energy-yielding-nutrients that provide the power needed for our muscle contraction.For those within the...

  • Your Backyard Medicinals - Dandelion, Taraxacum Officinale

    Wonders of the plants commonly viewed as weeds. They can be found rising in the cracks of sidewalks and along roadsides; patches of the included nuisances found within our lovely green lawns. As young children, many of us remember grabbing the tall standing puff of the dandelion, and with our...

  • Christine L. Foutch - Your Backyard Medicinals

    Plants Commonly Viewed As Weeds  They can be found rising in the cracks of sidewalks and along roadsides; patches of the included nuisances found within our lovely green lawns. Dandelion, Taraxacum OfficinaleRemember? As children grabbing the tall standing puff of the Dandelion, and with our...

  • Garlic The Great Medicinal - By Christine L. Foutch

    Medicinal Garlic UseTherapeutic use of Garlic against Atherosclerosis, Coronary Thrombosis, inhibition of Platelet Aggregation, and its antibacterial activity are well-known throughout history. In 1944Allicin became identified as one of the agents responsible for the therapeutic activity of...

  • Garlic - Historically Among The Most Medicinal Foods - By Christine L. Foutch

    Garlic; The Ancient Remedy of IllnessAmid the absence of pharmaceuticals, the Garlic-Bulb supplied the ancient pharmacies; due to their wide-ranging medicinal effects.In Ancient ChinaGarlic was of the most used medicinals. The Sumerians actively used Garlic; the belief is that they brought this...

  • Vitamin-C A Immune System Advantage - By Christine L. Foutch

    Humans Require Vitamin CInadequate intake is associated with excessive symptoms, reflecting the diverse functions attributed to Vitamin C. Vitamin C also known as Ascorbic AcidIt is involved in all phases of wound healing, including the inflammatory phase. Vitamin C is required for white blood cell...

  • Vitamin C Interest in Gastritis and Gastric Disease - By Christine L. Foutch

    Vitamin C also known as Ascorbic AcidIs a water-soluble vitamin, naturally present in some foods, added to others, and available as a dietary supplement.Humans Cannot Synthesize Vitamin C Vitamin C is required for the biosynthesis of collagen. Collagen is an essential component of connective...

  • The First Formally Recognized Bacterial Carcinogen - By Christine L. Foutch

    Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) Is a gram-negative spiral-shaped bacterium that is affecting up to 50% of the world’s population; with a higher prevalence in developing countries.A very successful human pathogenThe discovery of H. pylori as the cause of gastritis and peptic ulcers led to the...

  • Black Maca Root - The Nutritional Benefits

    Sexual Dysfunction is widespread; announced to occur in 20%-30% of men and 40-45% of women. Ultimately, going forth to produce the altered mood, modified well-being; as well as, affecting our interpersonal relationships. Pharmacological Management for these Sexual Complications currently involves...

  • Detox: The Removal of Toxic Substances from the Body

    Today, studies have shown that the toxins and chemicals that we are all exposed to influence our health. This includes dietary and environmental factors.Some of these chemicals can disrupt the endocrine, or hormonal, system, while others affect neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are modified amino...

  • A Faster Possible Way? Gain Your Fat Loss Goals!

    Get The Weight Loss ResultsWhether you are looking to lose weight, sculpt and tone your muscles, or increase your overall health and wellness, you will find many experts are in agreement that our chosen foods can considerably impact both our health and risk for disease as we age. Life would not...

  • The Miracle Herb: The Healing Potential Of Nigella Sativa Black Seed Oil

    Nigella sativa is more recognized for the black seeds. These black seeds and nigella sativa’s cumin oils have quite a lengthy history of folk Ancestral usage. It’s particularly popular in traditional systems of medicine from the Middle East, North Africa, the Asian Subcontinent and the Far...

  • Nature’s Healers Nutritional Interventions The Medicinal Mushroom & Mushroom Extract Powder Benefits

    Medicinal Mushroom History:Mushrooms have been frequently appreciated for their enrichment to our culinary prepared dishes. However, the Medicinal Mushrooms have been applied and accepted as a standard therapeutic measure for thousands of years. These mushroom therapies have been used quite...

  • The Soothing Environment - By Christine L. Foutch

    Romantic AttractionThe natural experience for both men and women. The passionate union of consenting adults; freeing oneself to completely experience the tender touch of someone you fully trust.Love That Blossoms Into Kinship Intimacy in truth compels one to become vulnerable; exposed within the...

  • Serve Yourself Up The High Fiber Foods...Seriously! - By Christine L. Foutch

    Why? Let Us Jump Right In! Fiber, the term refers to an assorted group of Plant-Polysaccharides. This refers to carbohydrates in plants; consisting of molecules of multiple simple-sugars bonded together. The Interesting Thing About FiberThat it cannot be digested. In human nutrition, cellulose is...

  • Fearful Situations - Social Anxiety Disorder

    Self-expression, the privileged communication of one’s views. Some, great courage and personal growth arises from the freedom one feels to express their own individuality.A primary, universal human characteristic is our curious need to interact within our environment; physically, socially, and...

  • Type 2 Diabetes - By Christine L. Foutch

    Type 2 Diabetes Is The Most CommonAround 90 to 95% of people with diabetes will fall into this category. About 1 out of every 4 people have or will have this disease. Type 2 Diabetes Can Occur At Any AgeOften developing in middle-aged or older adults, however, a growing number of teens and...

  • Type 1 Diabetes - By Christine L. Foutch

    Juvenile-onset DiabetesType 1 Diabetes often occurs during childhood and early adolescence, typically around 12 to 14 years of age. This is why Type 1 Diabetes was once called juvenile-onset diabetes.Type 1 Diabetes CausesGenetics, immune system, and the environment causes Type 1 Diabetes. That...

  • What Is Diabetes Mellitus? - By Christine L. Foutch

    Diabetes Is A metabolic disorder characterized by elevated levels of Glucose within the Blood; known as Hyperglycemia. First Described Over 2,000 Years AgoThis disorder caused excessive thirst, weight-loss, and sweet-smelling urine that attracted flies. Before the discovery of Insulin, there was...

  • Your Health Compared To Your Fitness - By Christine L. Foutch

    Health Opposed To FitnessHealth is a disease-free state of well-being that improves your quality of life and independence. While fitness is based on the measurement of one's physical performance.Physical Fitness Into Two CategoriesPhysical fitness can be broken into two categories, health-related...

  • The Tale Of Oregano - By Christine L. Foutch

    OreganoA flowering plant that belongs within the mint family (Lamiaceae). The leaves have a compacted oval appearance, arranged oppositely on their centered twig.The TrichomeThese plant hairs can change the leaf surface to help reduce heat from the sun and retain moisture. The oils and resins will...

  • Therapeutic Foods By Christine L. Foutch

    The Suggestions We Have Heard We have all heard to eat a colorful diet, watch your weight, and exercise. First, you should ask yourself, "Are the foods I choose quality and nutrient-rich?"The Nutrients Our Bodies NeedWe need nutrients for the maintenance, repair, and growth of our structure....

  • Controlling Sarcopenia by Christine L. Foutch

    Our Population Is Growing OlderAdults are able to live longer, healthier, more fit, and functional lives than ever before. Aging influences our perception of "self" therefore our own perceived quality of life. Aging Is Not Fully UnderstoodOur body completely changes with age, including structural...

  • Healthful Adequate Sleep by Christine L. Foutch

    Everyone Requires SleepSleeping allows for needed renewable processes in our bodies. During our sleep, our cells repair, adapt, and stabilize from all the impacts of our day. Extensive WakefulnessIn this fast-paced world, there is extensive wakefulness. With cell phones ringing at our hips,...

  • Understanding Autism

    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a collection of neurodevelopmental disturbances that are characterized by the identified shortage of social interactions; the verbal and nonverbal communications during the initial 3 years of life. I will repeat that for some additional clarity.A collection of...

  • Chen Village Style Tai Ji Quan - The Birth Of A Chinese Medicinal Art

    Traditional Chinese Martial ArtsThe accumulation of the various, diverse combat-methods that have come into development throughout antiquity within China. Fighting-features that became classified by their particular common traits, and the Family or the Schools of origination.Tai Chi A...

  • Vital Feelings Within the Body & Mind Relationship

    Due to the high prevalence of depression and its consequences, the understanding of the condition’s pathophysiology is best said to be basic. Pathophysiology is defined by the functional alterations that characterize the condition. This is related to the data that covers any additional...

  • Need To Detox?

    For Your Health & WellnessEducational PurposesThere are many examples of detoxifications. Some examples include:Experts are now predicting that everyone potentially takes about 700 contaminants within their body.This includes not only the environmental factors, but also dietary factors as well....

  • The Unexpected Burden: The Spiral Bacterium Increasing the Need For Vitamin-C?

    For Your Health & Wellness Educational PurposesAre you among those millions of Americans that experience something known as “fire in the belly?”For more than a century now, it has been known that bacteria are present within the human stomach. Bacteria is also believed to be the contaminants...

  • Meet Christine Foutch

    Christine L. Foutch, CNS, CDN, PNS, ATC is a practicing Holistic Physician in Rock Island, Illinois. She specializes in physiology, weight loss, weight gain, fitness maintenance, functional range of motion, hypertrophy, strength training, and power training, among many others.The art of holistic...

  • What Is Fructose? - By Christine L. Foutch

    What is fructose?Fructose is one of the most common ingredients in added sugars, alongside glucose. While fructose is mostly found in table sugar, it can also be found in sugary sweeteners like agave syrup and high fructose corn syrup, which are very popular in today's diet. Is fructose bad for the...

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup: The Most Successful Food Ingredient in Human History

    Fructose is a hexose-sugar. Hexose refers to the number of carbon atoms within the sugar-molecule itself.Naturally present with glucose, and forming with sucrose, this disaccharide would be found within fruits, honey, and vegetables.Humans and most mammals have developed the ability to use fructose...

  • The Monosaccharide, Fructose

    Early within the 1900s, the average individual took in about 15 grams of monosaccharide, otherwise known as fructose, daily.So fructose, which can also be called fruit sugar, was once a much smaller part of our human diet; with the majority of the fructose coming from the consumption of whole foods,...

  • Iodine Deficiency & The Functioning Thyroid

    The discovery of iodine was made by chance, during the earlier part of the 19th century.It was in the year 1811, during the extraction of sodium salts for the manufacturing of gunpowder for the use by Napoleon’s army.Bernard Courtois, a French chemist, observed an unusual purple vapor coming from...

  • The All Important Achilles Tendon

    The importance of the strength, as well as the flexibility, of the Achilles Tendon is unquestionable. This tendon withstands a lot of stress when performing the actions of running, jumping, and even walking. Whether these movements are performed for everyday activities or during the athletic...

  • Back Pain and Exercise? Should I?

    For Your Health & WellnessEducational Purposes Christine Foutch - Holistic PhysicianBack Pain, Pains & ExerciseMany individuals have a false impression when it comes to back pain and exercise. Many people are reluctant to begin an exercise program out of fear that any stretching or...

  • A Continuation To The Introduction To The Phyto-Chemicals

    There is definitely some uncertainty out there about which of the dietary phytochemicals or the combinations of those plant constituents, that are providing protection to our health. The significance of the role that oxidative stress can play in the development of certain chronic diseases is well...

  • Introduction To The Phyto-Chemicals

    Plants are composed entirely of chemicals of various kinds. The name Phyto-Chemical comes from the Greek word "Phyton" which means plant.Phytochemicals are chemical compounds produced by the plants that help them to thrive, battle the competition, and fight off the predators and various pathogens....

  • Nutritional Deficiency Caused by Malabsorption

    The structure, as well as the surface area of the small intestine, make the process of nutrient absorption very efficient. To be very clear, nutrient absorption refers to the transfer of the nutrients into and out of the enterocytes. If you remember back my previous articles, you would know that the...

  • The Stomach

    The stomach is a storage container for our ingested foods. However, in addition to the storage and the production of gastric secretions, this guy, our stomach, gets its groove on so that the formation of chyme can take place.Not quite sure what chyme is? Let's start from the beginning.The stomach...

  • For Your Health & Wellness Educational Purposes

    If one were to glance at the lining of the stomach, it would look as if it were covered with tiny holes. That appearance would be correct. However, if one were to magnify those holes, you would see that they are penetrating deeply into the mucosal-layer, which is just referring to the tissue lining....

  • For Your Health & Wellness

    It has become more & more apparent to healthcare providers that, the health of the body is depending on a healthy functional gastrointestinal tract  But because of the high metabolic activities as well as the Nutritional-Requirements for the GI. The cells lining it are more susceptible than...

  • The Chemistry of Life

    For educational purposesEnergy is defined as the capacity to do work or to put matter into motion, and of course the greater amount of work done, the greater amount of energy is used doing the work. Compared with matter, energy is much less tangible, having no mass. It does not take up any space. We...

  • A Capacity to Change

    It was about 15 billion years ago. The Universe began, a cataclysmic eruption of very hot and energy-rich subatomic particles.Seconds later the simplest elements began to take form.You may ask at this point: What were they? They were Hydrogen and Helium.As the Universe expanded, it began to cool the...

  • Your Natural Killer Immune Cell

    For Educational PurposesResource: Anatomy and Physiology Textbook 6th EditionYour Immune SystemI bet you did not know that you have a "natural killer" circulating throughout your body.The natural killer cells are, right now, out patrolling your body in the lymph and the bloodstream. This unique...

  • Your Immune System

    Educational PurposesResourceAnatomy and Physiology Textbook 6th EditionThe body uses a huge amount of non-specific cellular and chemical strategies to protect itself including Phagocytes, Natural Killer Cells, Anti-microbial-proteins, and fever. The inflammatory chemicals put out by damaged cells...

  • Your Immune System: A Look Into the Innate Defenses

    For educational purposesResource: Anatomy and Physiology Textbook 6th EditionOur immune system is more of a functional system rather than a full blown organ-system. What do I mean by that?A lot of immune cells, most notably the lymphocytes, populate the lymphoid tissues while also circulating...

  • A Introduction To The Immune System, Your Bodily Defenses

    For educational purposesResourceMicrobiology-3rd-Edition Diseases By Body SystemAnatomy and Physiology Textbook 6th EditionEvery day, we come into contact with pathogens that can cause disease....

  • Getting Type 2 Diabetes

    Type 2 is the most common form of diabetes. 90 to 95% of people with diabetes fall in this category.Within the United States, Type 2 diabetes has become very widespread. It is estimated that 1 out of every 4 persons have or will have this disease, or have a family member with it. The American...

  • Getting Type 1 Diabetes

    Type 1 Diabetes occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin.Without insulin, most cells cannot take up glucose. This inability to take up the glucose causes the blood sugar levels to raise dangerously high. This is the reason why individuals with type 1 diabetes require daily insulin...

  • The History of Diabetes

    Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by the elevated levels of glucose in the blood. This is known as hyperglycemia.Before I get into it, let's look at some diabetes history first.It was first discovered more than 2,000 years ago as a affliction that caused excessive thirst, weight loss,...

  • The All-Important Range of Motion

    For educational purposesResource:National Council On Strength & FitnessNCSF-ACPTThe range of motion at a joint will greatly affect the way the joint functions as well as how well it performs and the abilities to perform comfortably at varying velocities. Maintaining an optimal level of...

  • Health Versus Fitness

    For Educational PurposesResource:National Council On Strength & FitnessNCSF CPT-Physical Fitness & HealthMany people believe that health and fitness go hand in hand together, but this is not always the case.Health is a disease-free state of well-being that allows an individual to experience...

  • How can I lower my intraocular pressure naturally?

    Research findings from as early as the 1970s show that cannabinoids do reduce intraocular pressure. READ MORE

  • What medication is best for depression?

    Unfortunately, the interest in nutrition and mental health weakened with the introduction of psychiatric medications in the 1950s. Nutrient deficiencies that have been observed related to mental illness and mood disorders are deficiencies in B vitamins, trace minerals, and circulating amino acids. Those on a wellness journey should first ask themselves “Are the foods I choose Quality and Nutrient-Rich?” Unfortunately, forcing the body to perform whether physically or emotionally without the proper nutrient chemicals increases stress weakening the body moreso. Pharmaceuticals force function without the nutrient replenishment. We have completed that full circle; let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food. READ MORE

  • Can I get better without antidepressants?

    The straightforward answer is, yes. Now the long answer... The Nutrient chemicals therewithin our foods create the internal environment within our bodies that repair our cellular structures; providing our daily functional capabilities. If these nutrient chemicals are not there in the correct amounts this puts the body under a form of stress that is brought about by the nutrient deficiency. Importantly here = All Stress alters blood flow through our brain away from the frontal lobe; the frontal lobe provides understanding & our behavioral control. This is a survival mechanism.... so blood flow is directed towards the occipital lobe for your vision; so you can see well while running for your life. This nutrient deficiency stress is added to the other stresses that your body is already under = the Emotional & Physical. ALL this stress creates more nutrient bodily needs which are NOT available. Creating more nutrient deficiency stress added to other stresses. Going forth redirecting blood moreso & therefore the large amounts of nutrients in the blood away from the frontal lobe which is providing understanding & our behavioral control. Literally a horrible cycle. So simply put, Stress creates the need for more nutrient chemicals from wholesome foods... If these nutrients are not available more stress is created altering blood flow removing important nutrients away from important areas of the brain creating a loss of some function = Emotional understanding, Behavioral control, and therefore your reactions now to the stimuli in front of you. Please forgive the long answer, but, I do believe education is the key to unlocking good health. Check into the Ortho Molecular approach & get a juicer. READ MORE

  • Is it safe for a child with a history of allergic reactions to get a covid-19 vaccine?

    No... Anaphylaxis is an acute and potentially life-threatening serious allergic reaction. Severe allergic reaction (e.g., anaphylaxis) to any component of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Make sure to thoroughly educate yourself on all sides of the opinions. Copy\paste & follow the links for further info. READ MORE

  • What is a natural way to manage anxiety?

    Research over many years now has observed depression & anxiety disorders within individuals known to be deficient in B vitamins & trace elements. With the introduction of psychiatric medications in the 1950’s this interest in nutrient status & treatments declined. Take a look at your diet... increase your consumption of fruits & veggies making sure that you are eating properly; decrease your consumption of the nutrient voided foods. Supplementation can assist, however the whole food is recommended, providing the proper nutrient environment for the bodily absorption & use. READ MORE

  • Is CBT effective for anorexia?

    Overall to date cognitive-behavioral therapy can be helpful; depending on the needs of the patient. CBT can reduce rates of relapse, supporting the healing. READ MORE

  • How do you self treat anxiety?

    Nutrition & Psychology is emerging showing much promise in addressing the burden associated with mental & mood disorders. The quality of one's' diets is related to one's risk for common mental disorders, such as anxiety disorders & depression. Check your diet; remove the nutrient-void foods & increases your consumption of fruits & veggies. READ MORE

  • Where can you buy high-quality herbs?

    You can check into Dr. John Christopher - the founder of The School of Natural Healing. READ MORE

  • Can probiotics cause gas and stomach pain?

    With the initial stages of the recolonization that takes within the intestinal lumen after consuming a probiotic can cause discomfort for a period of time as the more harmful & transient bacteria become, best said, crowded out & then removed with the flow towards excretion. READ MORE

  • What are the best herbal medicine herbs?

    Check into Dr John Christopher - the founder of The School of Natural Healing. READ MORE

  • Is there homeopathic treatment for xanthoma?

    Xanthoma could be sign of lipid metabolism dysfunction. It is necessary to have your circulating lipids examined. READ MORE

  • Can acupuncture regulate metabolism?

    Impressive, yes it is... acupuncture the complementary and alternative therapy has been demonstrated within clinical studies that acupuncture applied at specific acupoints can contribute to the restoration of endocrine and metabolic disorders in subjects with the simpler weight issues. READ MORE

  • Are there certain diseases not to see a naturopath for?

    The physician you chose is always your decision. Naturopathic medicine relies moreso upon the natural bodily defenses. Dietary interventions, physical therapies, and herbal blends that will assist the body within the detoxification processes. A naturopathic physician should assist you within the knowledge, the education you, yourself need to support your very own healing process. READ MORE

  • Can massage therapy help someone going through radiation treatments?

    This here is described as the Therapeutic Touch; the belief is that human beings are systems of energy. With the energy field extending a few inches beyond our bodily surface. The goal is to restore balance, harmony, by restoring a sense of well-being. Reducing anxiety, increasing relaxation, decreasing pain while easing depression. Studies on cancer patients show significant findings; therapeutic touch receivers have reported benefits including improved mood, well-being, while also improvements in their interpersonal relationships. The reduction in pain, nausea, anxiety, and fatigue. Increases within daily energy, and satisfaction within the therapy. READ MORE

  • Can massage therapy help fibromyalgia?

    Not entirely concluded; however, studies do present massage therapy with a duration of 5 + weeks come to show beneficial effects on improving pain, anxiety, and depression in patients with Fibromyalgia. READ MORE

  • Is exercise incorporated into naturopathic medicine?

    The word "Exercise" can sometimes be taken to the extremes. Increasing one's physical activities can be beneficial enough with the progression towards, say, the structured exercise programs. Altering your diet increasing your fruit and veggie consumption while increasing your physical activities is a wonderful start. Physical fitness is more of a state of your active performance; while health is a state of your being. READ MORE

  • How do I lose weight without surgery?

    First things first, please do not let exercise participation frighten you, there are multiple types of aerobic training; with varying intensity levels. In fact, the lower intensity aerobic training is recommended for weight-loss, as there is more of an emphasis on lipid\fat metabolism. Meaning biochemically this steady-state of aerobic exercise training mobilizes more of the stored fat calories for expenditure. Simple daily walks will begin the additional fat metabolism that you are seeking while also acclimate you to the more moderate intensity for the increased caloric expenditure and cardiovascular benefits. The caloric reduction can be done through simple dietary changes. Focus on multiple smaller meals throughout the day. 4-5 small meals, which can be described as grazing throughout the day. Fruits, veggies, lean meats, and dairy. When one goes forward with the intentions of weightloss, please keep in mind that the metabolically active tissues need to be maintained; therefore keeping blood sugar levels stable is necessary, or you can reduce your metabolism as you reduce your metabolically active tissues, your muscle mass. Eating regularly with these multiple meals will support the blood sugar levels allowing for the retainment of the active tissues; while also maintaining your metabolism. Slow progression is the key to long term success. Be kind to yourself as you begin the necessary changes. READ MORE

  • I want to try a natural medical treatment, should I see a naturopath physician?

    Yes. The Naturopathic or Holistic physician can guide you on the dietary interventions and any supplementary needs, with the added and needed education to assist your journey. The education, in my opinion, is key here. Giving the individual more of an understanding, helping them to stick to the behavioral modifications which can help them within their journey. READ MORE

  • How is naturopathic medicine beneficial for people?

    Holistic and Naturopathic medicine relies on the bodies own natural defenses to combat and treat disease. Therefore taking into account one's diet, physical activity, environment, medications, supplementation, stress levels, and familial support. READ MORE

  • Can I solve my stomach issues through natural remedies?

    Search out a holistic or naturopathic physician within your area. Therefore the assistance you need within education and the dietary modifications can be explained thoroughly to you. Gastrointestinal issues can be of some complexity. With an attentive, knowledgable physician the functional balance you seek can more than likely be restored. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

HypertrophyDisease ReversalPersonalized Nutritional InterventionEducation Functional AnatomyEducation Biochemical ProcessesSpecial Populations ProgrammingWeight LossWeight GainCardiovascular Fitness ProgrammingHypertrophyStrength TrainingPower Training

Professional Memberships

  • International Association of Healthcare Professionals  

Professional Society Memberships

  • The International Association of HealthCare Professionals (IAHCP)

What do you attribute your success to?

  • Being fascinated by the body and wanting to wholeheartedly understand it.

Teaching and speaking

  • Christine set out to educate individuals through sharing information and educational facts. Her goal is putting individuals in control of their healthcare through understanding the functions of the human body.

Hobbies / Sports

  • Hobbies = Continuing Education = Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Nutrition, Spending Time With family & kids .. Sports = Black Belt, Kick-Boxing, Bodybuilding, Cross-Training

Areas of research

Holistic Health, Disease Reversal, Weight management, physical rehabilitation, Nutrition, biochemistry, biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, immunology, microbiology

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Christine Foutch - Holistic Physician

9411 13th St W -
Rock Island, Illinois 61201
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    What is bentonite clay?Bentonite clay, also called as Montmorillonite clay, is taking health and wellness to a different level. It is also regarded as a "healing clay" because it heals and cleanses the body. Bentonite clay can be used both internally and externally. Most people use bentonite clay by...

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Turn left at Elm StDestination will be on the left
131 ft
1227 E Rusholme St, Davenport, IA 52803, USA