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What are the Benefits of Plyometrics?

What Are the Benefits of Plyometrics?

Plyometrics, plyos, or jump training, is an exercise regimen developed to improve power, agility, and speed. These exercises were developed originally for the Olympic athletes to enhance their performance. Now, these rebounding exercises have become very popular among others, particularly for adolescents. It consists of several fast and powerful movements that are known to increase athletic power. These high intensity exercises include steps that rapidly stretch a muscle and then bring it back to normal, ultimately strengthening them. The most common exercises in this regimen include hopping, jumping, and rebounding movements that help to improve one's speed, power, and strength.

These exercises should be performed only with proper training and supervision, as they are associated with several risks. Adults, adolescents, and children can also get the benefits of plyometrics when it is properly designed and monitored.

The major benefits of this exercise regimen include:

  • Increased performance – Increasing one's speed and power while running, punching, or throwing the ball, is one of the benefits of indulging in plyometrics.
  • Increase in muscle power – The strength of muscles in arms and legs are guaranteed by these exercises, which use high intensity rebounding steps and exercise moves.
  • Burning calories – With the increase in muscles of arms and legs, the amount of calories burnt during the exercise also increases considerably. Moreover, it increases the metabolic rate and this helps to burn calories even at rest.
  • Improved endurance – Enhanced stamina is a major attraction with this exercise pattern. With the increase in power endurance, a person is able to perform activities involving high intensity patterns, as in athletics and sports, for a longer duration. If you are planning to participate in an event in the next few weeks, plyometrics would be the right choice of exercise for you to perform better. Muscular efficiency, producing more power with the use of less energy, improves considerably.
  • Convenience – This exercise pattern does not require any expensive equipments for practice. One can use the normal things available at home to perform plyometrics.
  • Customized exercise – Just like the convenience of usage, plyometrics can be modified according to the need of the person. Just ensure to take help from an experienced person to plan out the program according to your needs and calibre.