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Dr. Clifford Gluck is a urologist practicing in Hingham, MA. Dr. Gluck specializes in diseases of the urinary tract and the male reproductive system. This includes areas of the bladder, urethra, kidneys, penis and prostate. Urology is a surgical specialty and requires knowledge in other areas of expertise such as gynecology and internal medicine due to the variety of clinical problems that are involved.

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Dr. Clifford D. Gluck, MD, FACS
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  • I have a brownish discharge while urinating since yesterday. What could it be?

    Brownish urine can mean many things. It can mean blood in the urine, usually old blood, it can also mean bile in the urine. If you have liver disease the urine can turn brown. A fistula to the bladder or urethra from the colon can cause brownish fecal matter to color the urine. A brownish discharge from the urethra maybe either blood or an infection. I would advise you to get checked by a urologist. A urinalysis should be done. Clifford D Gluck MD FACS READ MORE

  • UTI

    Chronic urinary tract infections in the elderly are usually the result of arophic vaginitis. With the loss of hormones at menopause, the wall of the vagina thins out and is unable to support healthy bacteria to prevent urinary tract infections. As you know, the vagina and the bladder are neighbors, and after menopause the vagina becomes a bad neighbor. This can be reversed through a couple of different strategies. One is to provide hormonal replacement, which should be bioidentical, such as estradiol and progesterone. A non-hormonal solution is through radio frequency vaginal rejuvenation, ThermiVa. This treatment induces the growth of new healthy vaginal tissue. With the addition of oral probiotics, the vagina can support a colony of healthy bacteria to prevent the “bad” bacteria from causing urinary tract infections. I have used this strategy in several of my patients, with good success. Additional benefits are improved vaginal hygiene, appearance, and lubrication. Clifford D. Gluck, MD, FACS READ MORE

  • Urine trac pain

    There are many reasons to have pain in both the pelvic area or the lower back. If they are connected, it could be due to urinary tract infection, but it could also be due to a condition such as interstitial cystitis. That is a benign, but painful condition, which can be treated in a variety of ways. It is important for you to have another evaluation. Clifford D. Gluck, MD, FACS READ MORE

  • My husband has difficulty maintaining an erection. What can we do to improve our sex life?

    I would recommend a full evaluation with a urologist as well as primary care physician. If medication is not working, such as Viagra or Levitra or Cialis or Stendra, then other new and exciting treatments are available. There is some good evidence that platelet rich plasma and Low intensity shockwave therapy can restore improved function. READ MORE

  • I am 5 months pregnant and I am suffering from a burning sensation every time I urinate. What could it be?

    You should immediately check with your doctor to rule out a urinary tract infection or a kidney stone. READ MORE

  • Does urine incontinence indicate a weak bladder?

    Your symptoms indicate genuine stress urinary incontinence, the most likely result of relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles, increased mobility of the urethra during coughing, and subsequent leakage of urine. There are new in exciting therapy is available, which are non-invasive. One is the Emsella chair, the other is a ThermiVa radio frequency energy. Emsella uses focused magnetic resonance energy to achieve forceful contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, and restore continence, simply by sitting fully clothed on the device. I ThermiVa uses a gentle radio frequency energy To induce collagenesis and restore vaginal integrity and thickness. It also may have a calming effect on the bladder. READ MORE

  • What could be the reason behind my pain during urination?

    I would ask your doctor about the possibilities of either prostatitis or interstitial cystitis. These are two conditions which might have a normal urine but still result in painful urination. Although interstitial cystitis is most often diagnosed in women, it is fairly prevalent in the male population. READ MORE

  • Itching and burning while passing urine continues after antibiotics. What could be the reason?

    Yes you should check with your doctor, and all appropriate tests to rule out STDs, as well as a urine culture. Make sure you follow up with your doctor regarding the results in any further therapy that might be needed. It is always wise to check the prostate to make sure there is no inflammation or prostatitis. READ MORE

  • My urine smells. Is it an infection?

    Are you changing your underwear because you are incontinent? You may have a urine infection, or a more serious problem. Get your urine checked with your doctor today. Follow up with your regular doctor. You may need the help of a urologist. READ MORE

  • Why should people with kidney stones avoid spinach?

    In the United States, the most common type of kidney stone is made from calcium oxalate. Spinach is very high in oxalates, as well as some other related leafy green vegetables such as Swiss chard or kale. You can eat the spinach in moderation, but there are better ways to prevent the stones, starting with hydration, and some forms of medication. This is a good question to discuss with your urologist. READ MORE

  • What is the test recommended to learn the cause of smelly and yellow urine?

    You should immediately consult your doctor for a urinalysis, culture, and any further work up that is indicated from the results of that test. Smelly urine can indicate infection, or it may be very innocent result of eating vegetables. Asparagus is notorious for smelly urine in some people. READ MORE

  • Can regular consumption of cranberry juice keep a UTI away?

    A few studies suggest that an acidified urine may help to prevent some infections. Larger trials to look at cranberry juice have found no beneficial effect from drinking the juice in order to prevent infection or stones. READ MORE

  • Is cloudy urine a sign of an infection?

    Cloudy urine may be the result of precipitation of benign crystals, or it could mean infection. Usually if there is an infection, there are symptoms associated with an irritable bladder, such as urinary frequency and pain on urination. In any event, I would recommend you see your doctor to have the urine checked for infection or cells and appropriate follow-up depending on the results. READ MORE

  • How will I know if my kidney stone has gone out in my urine or not?

    I’m trying to pass a small kidney stone, you can strain your urine through a regular strainer or disposable strainer given to you by your doctor. To ensure that the stone has passed, follow up imaging should be performed. Of course, if you develop pain out of control, fever, chills, or severe urinary problems, Then you should go seek immediate emergency medical care. READ MORE

  • I have dark urine despite being hydrated - What's wrong?

    Dark yellow urine can represent either dehydration, concentration of vegetables in the urine, or sometimes vitamins. Check your diet and vitamins, if you were taking a lot of beta-carotene, that can color urine yellow. READ MORE

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