Dr. Miya Bazley DC, Chiropractor
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Dr. Miya Bazley DC


1712 I ST NW 1012 Washington DC, 20006


Dr. Miya Bazley is a chiropractor who has been  practicing in Washington, DC for over 12 years. Dr. Bazley specializes in  diagnosing and treating conditions associated with the neuromusculoskeletal system, while improving each patients functionality and quality of life. Conditions treated include sciatica, neck pain, and arthritis pain, among many others. Dr. Bazley seeks to reduce pain and discomfort mainly through manipulation/adjustment of the spine, assisted stretching abd therapeutic exercises.

Education and Training

Univeristy of Bridgeport DC 2005

Board Certification

American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians

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Dr. Miya Bazley DC
Dr. Miya Bazley DC's Expert Contributions
  • What could be the cause for Upper back pain?

    Good information and analysis of your predicament. The rib joints can experience dysfunction as spinal joints and patients explain it as a stabbing type of pain. Since you are feeling tingling into your hand I would visit a chiropractor. You can try cat-camel exercise or foam rolling your mid back for about 20 seconds twice a day for a few days. If that doesn't work, I would once again see a chiropractor. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help with breathing?

    Possibly! If there is poor movement in the rib joints and/or spinal joints in that region, chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue work to the muscles in that area could help. READ MORE

  • When should I see a chiropractor for wrist pain?

    Now. In case that sounds too flippant, I would see a colleague if I was having trouble opening jars, typing, opening doors, holding weights and it didn't go away with simple stretches. The chiropractor will assess and take a history to rule out if bone in the wrist is broken or if the wrist pain is coming from your neck (it happens). READ MORE

  • Why do I feel nauseous after the chiropractor?

    It could be a few things, since I'm not sure what the chiropractor is treating. If you are dehydrated or have an inner ear problem, turning from side to side might make you queasy. Also, if your treatment consists of heat, ice, or a lot of exercises, that might be throwing off your body temperature or blood pressure and make you nauseated. Nevertheless, I would bring it up with your chiropractor. READ MORE

  • Is it good to get adjusted by a chiropractor?

    Being adjusted by a chiropractor can benefit your overall health. I am biased since I am a chiropractor. Plus, I think it's better to be adjusted by a chiropractor than be adjusted by a dentist, the amazon delivery person or veterinarian. We have the most training in it by any healthcare profession. Does everyone need to be adjusted? I doubt it, but I do think many people can benefit. READ MORE

  • Should you rest after chiropractic adjustment?

    No, you do not have to. For example, athletes can be adjusted in the field of play. A common side effect is to feel tired after treatment, but if you have the range of motion and are pain free enough to be active after treatment, you can continue on with normal activities. READ MORE

  • Can you pop a dislocated ankle back into place?

    If it’s truly dislocated you can’t. There is a term called subluxation which is anything less than a dislocation and even then popping the ankle back into place is something I would not advise a layperson to do. READ MORE

  • How often should I wear a posture corrector?

    It should have come with directions and I would follow them. However if it didn't the general advice depends on what it is made out of. If it's a pliable material 30 minutes a day is the maximum amount of time it will give you a lot of support. If it's harder material possibly an hour and I would make sure you are doing plenty of movements in it, like walking and household chores. READ MORE

  • How do I stop forward slouching?

    This might seem silly but make sure you are doing gluteus muscle strengthening exercises. Strengthening your butt muscles will help you stand more upright. Also the superwoman pose for a minute will help with tight pectoral muscles and naturally lift your head up. Also, if you use your cellphone a lot, try to use it less or bring it up higher so you're not looking down at your phone and encouraging a forward head posture. If doing these three things for a month doesn't help see care as there are a few more techniques that can be used. READ MORE

  • How do you know if your body is out of alignment?

    Personally, I know when I'm out of alignment when I take a deep breath and I can hear popping in my back or my neck feels stiff and I feel like I need to "move it." Also, if walking is no longer comfortable to me, I know I need to see a colleague. Patients will describe a feeling of being "off" or not efficient with simple tasks like walking or crouching down. Also, I'll hear from patients subtle complaints of not sleeping well, not being comfortable sitting or a feeling of needing to "crack" their backs or get movement into them. A few patients have mentioned they look rotated when looking into a full length mirror or their clothes no longer sit on them correctly. I hope this is helpful information. READ MORE

  • Is it bad to pop your fingers?

    It's an old wive's tale that "popping" or "cracking" your knuckles is bad for your fingers. It's such a strong superstition that I would not be surprised if the most learned amongst us had strong feelings about it. However, if the popping is painful or your fingers are constantly stiff, I would suggest having that checked out. READ MORE

  • What does a pinched nerve in the shoulder feel like?

    A true pinched nerve can feel like numbness and tingling that radiates down the arm or leg, or even a burning sensation in the skin in a specific way. If it's very bad, there could be muscle weakness in the muscles that nerve supplies. The term "pinched nerve" can be used colloquially to describe a sharp feeling that happens with movement, but that sensation is rarely caused by a pinched nerve. It's still a problem and something that can be fixed. Hope that helps. READ MORE

  • Can sleeping on your side cause shoulder impingement?

    Possibly, that is not the most common way to develop shoulder impingement. Sleeping on your side is now considered a gold standard position to sleep in (it used to be sleeping on your back). So, if more frequent causes of shoulder impingement has been ruled out, it's something to consider. READ MORE

  • Can I see a massage therapist and a chiropractor for shoulder pain?

    Yes. I would let the massage therapist and chiropractor know you are seeing both for care. READ MORE

  • Do chiropractors work on arms?

    Many chiropractors will/can but not all. Some chiropractors might only work READ MORE

  • What exercises improve posture?

    Such a great question! If you have access to a 15lb kettlebell (maybe more if you're stronger), the farmer's carry and the briefcase carry are solid exercises. Also, goblet squats can be helpful if you are up to it. It's not an exercise, but stretching the pectoralis muscles and hip flexors can help as well if you noticed your arms curling in or you sit a lot during the day. There are a few more exercises, but I would start with those. READ MORE

  • How long should it take for a chiropractor to fix your back?

    It depends on how long you have had this pain and what caused the pain (trip and fall, picked up something wrong or hit by a car). In 2016, The Journal of Physiological and Manipulative Therapies (JMPT), one of the scientific journals that puts out a lot of information for chiropractors published the Clinical Practice Guideline: Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain. A group came together and looked through the literature to see what was most effective with the information we currently have. The guideline suggests that for acute injuries possibly up to 12 visits over 3-4 weeks to chronic or an exacerbation of low back pain which could 2-6 visits over a month. Right now, that is the current guideline. There is also a guideline for wellness care in regards to the low back. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help with headaches and dizziness?

    Yes, however, headaches and dizziness can be caused by a few things. The chiropractor will take a history and do an exam to see if he/she can get to the bottom of why you are having dizziness and the headaches. The see if they have the tools necessary to get you better. If the headaches are like a thunderclap or you have nausea or vomiting seek immediate emergency help. Other than that, I would get evaluated. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help SPD?

    Do you mean Sensory Processing Disorder(s)? If chiropractic can help the best person to ask is a chiropractor with a diplomat in neurology (DACAN/DACNB). Because of the board spectrum of sensory processing disorder symptoms and that it is not a true stand alone diagnosis, a chiropractor who has the extra training in neurology would have better insight in answering this question. READ MORE

  • Should I wear a bra to the chiropractor?

    A bra rarely gets in the way of examining or treating a patient. So if you usually wear a bra during the day I wouldn’t change up for a chiropractic appointment. You can always take it off or take the straps down during the course of the appointment if needed. Also, If you think the bra straps might get in the way of you explaining your concerns to the chiropractor then I would go with a strapless bra if you have one. READ MORE

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  • American Chiropractic Association  

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