Dr. Miya Bazley DC, Chiropractor
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Dr. Miya Bazley DC


1712 I ST NW 1012 Washington DC, 20006


Dr. Miya Bazley is a chiropractor who has been  practicing in Washington, DC for over 12 years. Dr. Bazley specializes in  diagnosing and treating conditions associated with the neuromusculoskeletal system, while improving each patients functionality and quality of life. Conditions treated include sciatica, neck pain, and arthritis pain, among many others. Dr. Bazley seeks to reduce pain and discomfort mainly through manipulation/adjustment of the spine, assisted stretching abd therapeutic exercises.

Education and Training

Univeristy of Bridgeport DC 2005

Board Certification

American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians

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Dr. Miya Bazley DC
Dr. Miya Bazley DC's Expert Contributions
  • Can a chiropractor help me with a pain in the back of my thigh?

    A chiropractor can treat a soft tissue injury like a pulled muscle or bursitis. I have treated conditions that have caused similar hamstring pain. It will probably take more than one visit to get you 100%. READ MORE

  • Will a chiropractor be able to help me with my hip pain in the 5 month of my pregnancy?

    Congratulations on the pregnancy! I think it is worth being evaluated by a chiropractor as hip, back and even upper back pain can be provoked by the changes going on in the body during pregnancy. Most chiropractors are comfortable treating pregnant women till about the eighth month and there a few chiropractors who specialize in treating pregnant women. Feel free to tell your obgyn as he/she may even have a chiropractor in mind. If they don't, it should not be too hard to find one. READ MORE

  • I was diagnosed with gout. Can a chiropractor help me manage the pain?

    A chiropractor can help you with the nutritional part of gout care as there is a good chance you will have to change your diet to decrease painful episodes. There are some analgesic creams/gels that work really for the pain that a chiropractor can also help you identify. You will probably have to be managed by your primary care practitioner if changing your diet does not radically reduce the episodes of pain. Stay warm and hydrated in the meantime. READ MORE

  • I've been suffering from scoliosis since I was 19 years. I am now 32 years old. Will this problem be corrected with surgery?

    Most people who are surgical candidates for scoliosis usually know at a younger age. Surgery is recommend if there is a curve over forty degrees. Bracing might still be an option and exercises. If you have not seen an orthopedist or scoliosis expert this might be the time to do so. A chiropractor can help with the pain and some are scoliosis experts. READ MORE

  • I have undergone about 5 X-rays in the last 2 months for my spinal problem. Are there any risks?

    I can understand your concern about the amount of radiation you are being exposed to as your spinal condition is being monitored/treated. You are exposed to radiation with each radiograph (X-ray) taken, even dental X-rays, however it is far less than a CT scan and even flying on an airplane exposes you to some of the same radiation. If you are pregnant or actively trying to get pregnant, radiographs should not be taken unless absolutely necessary. For men, screens over the groin area should be used as a safety precaution. As a general rule, radiographs should be taken if a doctor suspects some sort of instability, broken bone(s), cancer, possibly osteoporosis, things of that nature. If a patient isn't responding to care, radiographs might be taken to rule out bony anomalies. The healthcare professional ordering the X-rays should be able to tell you what they are looking for and if there are any other ways they can get the same information without using X-ray technology. I hope this is helpful. READ MORE

  • I am suffering from anterior tibial tendinitis. Should I quit my job?

    Pain and disability are two different things. Pain is very subjective so it's hard for me to advise you on whether you should quit your job because of it. I can see how standing increases the pain but it shouldn't lead to permanent damage of the muscles, arteries or joints in your lower legs. You might want to talk to your family if needed to see if you are able to quit working right now and find a job that allows you to sit more. However, if your doctor believes you can be helped with conservative care like chiropractic or physical therapy I would try to do that route if you like the type of work you do. Also, there is a condition called compartment syndrome that happens in the lower legs and requires surgery which is usually sucessful. So make sure you know your options for treatment before leaving a job, especially if you need it and/or enjoy it. READ MORE

  • I have lipoma under my arms. Can a chiropractor help?

    Actually, I would not see a chiropractor about the lipoma. If you feel like the lump is growing in size or you get numbness and tingling into the arm on the same side of the lipoma then I would see your primary care. You would then either get radiographs or a biopsy to make sure it is a benign lesion. Lipomas are common and the chances of it becoming threatening in size or becoming something very serious are very slim. Hope this helps. READ MORE

  • My mother has developed a problem of shaking hands. What could be the reason behind it?

    I am glad you are concerned about your mother. I would have her follow up with her primary care or a neurologist. That is a tell tale sign of a more complicated neurological condition. Do not be scared, be proactive in seeing a medical doctor and then a chiropractor, who specializes in more advanced neurological disorders, can come up with some good adjunct therapy and treatment plans. READ MORE

  • Are there any symptoms of osteoporosis?

    Usually, pain is not a strong indicator of osteoporosis, but it could be a sign of other ailments, especially if it's in multiple joints. For women, strength training and being active is strongly correlated with a DECREASE risk of osteoporosis. If you have a family history of osteoporosis or are on medication that could accelerate bone loss, there is a mild chance that your pain is related to that, however, I would get checked out regardless by a healthcare professional if you have multiple joints that are achy and/or sore. READ MORE

  • Very tight neck

    Yes, in my clinical experience, I have seen a lot of patients improve with care who were getting massages regularly and still experiencing neck stiffness. Joint dysfunction can make a region feel stiff as the muscles that cross over those joints are no longer moving well in their own space. Stiffness and sharp pain with movement are common. Since your neck stiffness is not improving with massage, that's a good indicator that there is something going on at the joint complex level. READ MORE

  • I am having severe neck pain. What could be the reason?

    If you feel feverish, nauseated, have a splitting headache and/or this is the worst pain you have ever felt then go to urgent care or the emergency room. If at home remedies like a hot shower or over-the-counter pain medications do not help (or you can not tolerate those medicines) then feel free to see a chiropractor or your primary care. It might be quicker to get in to see a chiropractor and even if (s)he thinks the cause of the neck pain would be better treated by someone else, you will be referred out accordingly. READ MORE

  • My mother has developed a problem of shaking hands. What could be the reason behind it?

    She should see her primary care or a neurologist. It seems like she has a central nervous system condition that is effecting her motor system. I can't give you anything more specific than that without seeing her. I do believe she should be evaluated by a neurologist or her primary care doctor who will probably send her to a neurologist. I'm glad you are doing this for your mother. READ MORE

  • Is it bad to suddenly stop chiropractic care?

    Regularly as in once a week or once a month or even once a quarter? Not knowing what condition(s) you are being treated for I really can't say. Your chiropractor might be able to give you home exercises or even nutritional recommendations that can help you if you're not able to be treated as often. READ MORE

  • My left shoulder is broader than the right. Is this a growth problem?

    I am not sure if you mean that your left shoulder is thicker, higher or wider than the right. Also, not knowing your age it's hard for me to give an opinion. I don't see the harm of getting it check out to see if it's postural, muscle imbalances or something else. READ MORE

  • Very tight neck

    There is a good chance chiropractic can alleviate. There is a good chance that the stiffness you are feeling is not from the muscles directly but in the joint capsules. A chiropractor will probably check the joints in your neck, upper back and shoulders to see if the stiffness is actually coming from those joint areas. It's also good to rule our osteoarthritic changes that can lead to stiffness but even that can be addressed by a chiropractor. READ MORE

  • Do chiropractors typically take x-rays?

    X-rays (radiographs) are taken to rule out bone abnormalities and pathologies especially in high risk populations, for examples those over a certain age with certain conditions such as osteoporosis or in individuals who where injured in a trauma lie a tumble down a flight of stairs. The use of x-rays have changed in the chiropractic profession over the last hundred years as we have developed our clinical expertise as doctors and learned more about the pros and cons of radiation as well as the limitations of radiographs. If a chiropractor takes an x-ray on the first visit it should be to rule out a condition that would change the course of care and not every patient needs an x-ray before starting a course of treatment. READ MORE

  • Is scoliosis preventable?

    In true cases of scoliosis where there is a curve and rotation of the spine, a majority of cases are considered idiopathic, which means they have no known cause hence they probably do not have a known prevention. If scoliosis is more common in the men in your family possibly being checked more regularly could be helpful. Usually children and adolescents are checked once a year. Also, your son should feel free to be active in gym class and with his friends (unless he has an illness prevents him from doing so). There are other reasons to not carry a heavy backpack and promote good posture and I would encourage those in all young persons not just those who are concerned with scoliosis. Hope this helps. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor relieve muscle pain?

    The core of chiropractic care is treating joint ailments and muscles cross joints. While mostly known for treating spinal joints we are trained to look at all joints. So, there is a good chance that a chiropractor can diagnose and treat your muscle ailment even if it's in your hips, shoulders or somewhere else. Dr Bazley READ MORE

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  • American Chiropractic Association  

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