Dr. John Lowitz, OD, Optometrist
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Dr. John Lowitz, OD


2236 Todds Ln Suite B Hampton VA, 23666


Dr. John Lowitz, OD is an Holistic Therapeutic Optometrist practicing in Hampton, VA. since 1989. Dr. Lowitz specializes in providing state of the art eye care that treats the patient as a whole. Body, mind, and Spirit. At Better Vision Center our goal is to provide the best eye examination our patients have ever experienced. We specialize in custom contact lenses, for astigmatism, difficulty reading, those with systemic diseases and patients with histories of poor vision. We accept most insurances and have an extensive stylish modern eyeglass collection! We treat infections, dry eyes, glaucoma and diabetic eye diseases.
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Education and Training

Southern College of Optometry OD, BS 1989

University of Maryland BS 1981

Provider Details

Male English
Dr. John Lowitz, OD
Dr. John Lowitz, OD's Expert Contributions
  • Ophthalmology?

    Absolutely ok! READ MORE

  • Can a two year old have glasses?

    Yes it’s possible. If you’re concerned take her to a Pediatric Optometrist or Opthalmologist. Better yet take her out to play, and cut the TV time! READ MORE

  • Can styes in my eyes affect my eyesight?

    They can leave scars. Wash your hands and finger nails well, touch your face and eyes less. Use heat, hot as you can stand and pressure for 20 minutes at least 4 times a day to soften and/or open styles before they harden and scar. READ MORE

  • A ball hit my eye and now it's swollen. What should I do?

    Ice it 20 minutes 4 times per day. After an eye trauma it’s a good idea to have a complete eye exam with dilation. READ MORE

  • My left eye sight went out this morning?

    Go directly to the emergency room! READ MORE

  • What should I do for recurrent pink eye?

    Hello! Happy Memorial Day! It’s time to see your local Optometrist for an exam! Let’s find out if you’re having allergy or infection issues. Have a great weekend, call your Dr for an appointment! Dr. John Lowitz, OD READ MORE

  • My eyes are puffed up and feel heavy. Why?

    Hello, Allergies would still be my best bet. If you’re using any new cosmetic or cleaning products discontinue them. If your cosmetic brushes are old or haven’t been well cleaned, replace them as well. Change your bedding, wash your pillow, and inner pillow case and the mattress cover. Vacuum your mattress and flip it over if you can. If you still have discomfort, see your Optometrist. Thank you, Dr. John Lowitz, OD READ MORE

  • What causes dry eyes?

    Hello! That’s a great question. Dry eye is multicausal. Generally as we get older, cells that create our tears become less efficient. Some medications can dry the eyes, low omega-3 intake, and dehydration are also major factors. Long hours on computers and other electronic devices are making everyone at greater risk for eye dryness. I hope this was helpful. Stay safe! Dr. John Lowitz, OD READ MORE

  • What will happen if I sleep with my contact lenses?

    Hello, Nothing good will happen if your lenses is not designed for extended wear, be sure. If it is, there is still an increased risk of infection, abrasion, corneal ulcer, and corneal clouding, events that can lead to loss of vision. That said, modern extended wear contacts have been tested for a month of continuous wear. You balance the risk/reward, Take care! READ MORE

  • I have been blinking too much. Is it normal?

    Hello, Interesting question! There could be a lot of causes to increased blink rate. You may want to relax and time duration from one blink to the next. 2 to 5 seconds is normal. Stress, anxiety, dry eye, allergies, lack of sleep, dirt, dust, pollen, these things can all increase your blink rate. So can just thinking about it! All the best! Dr. John Lowitz, OD READ MORE

  • Can the UV rays make someone blind?

    Sadly, this is true. UVA and UVB have both been implicated in causing cataracts, and macular degeneration. UVB is a skin cancer agent. So, it’s best to try to avoid midday sun. Wear sunglasses, a large brim hat, long sleeves, find a cool spot in the shade, and a cold drink this summer! READ MORE

  • Can you get an infection from wearing contacts for over a month?

    Hello! Yes, sleeping in contacts increases your risk of infection every day we sleep in them. We should never sleep in lenses that are not designed for extended wear. Modern lenses have been okayed for up to four weeks of continuous wear. Discuss with your doctor how long your particular lenses are safe to sleep in. I advise my patients not to sleep in their lenses for more than about a week; it’s safer and the lenses feel less grody. Thanks for the question! Dr. John Lowitz, OD READ MORE

  • Will I need reading glasses after cataract surgery?

    Hello! Medicare and the vast majority of insurances pay free distance only implant. Unless you’ve paid for a custom multifocal implant you will need reading glasses and a separate pair of computer glasses. I’m a big advocate of multifocals for my patients after cataract surgery. There may be a distance Rx left over and we’re doing a lot more computer work these days. You may also notice increased brightness from the sun and glare at night. READ MORE

  • Is there any supplement to improve eyesight?

    Hello, Spectacle prescriptions are compensatory for an eye that are not in balance. Supplements won’t help a physical attributes like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. That said, he will lead the healthiest life with a good diet low in sugar, fresh fruits and vegetables, plenty of sunshine, lots of good sleep, and a loving and supporting family as he already has. No supplement can beat that! Best to you and yours! Dr. John Lowitz, OD READ MORE

  • I am having a dull pain in my left eye along with a minor headache. What could this be?

    Hello! If your vision is stable, it very well could be a sinus headache, particularly if you have a history of allergy and sinus issues. Secondarily, it could be an inflammation of the iris called iritis. If this is a new type of headache and it’s persistent, you should have an eye examination. My best to you, take care, Dr. John Lowitz, OD READ MORE

  • Is there such a thing as a whole-eye transplant surgery?

    Hello, I’m sorry to report, there is currently no known way to transplant an entire human eye. However, I recommend a visit to an Oculist to have an evaluation, and revision or replacement of the current prosthesis. A well-fitted one should be significantly more comfortable. Thanks for the great question, Dr. John Lowitz, OD READ MORE

  • Can high thyroid hormone levels also affect the eyesight of a person?

    Yes, Thyroid Eye Disease can produce numerous vision and eye symptoms. Please have an eye doctor perform a complete exam to help you become more comfortable. Thank you for the question. Dr. John Lowitz, OD READ MORE

  • I had corrective eye surgery, but I still can't read without glasses. Is something wrong?

    Hello, Your surgeon only corrected your eyes for distance vision. Surgery can only correct for distance or near vision. Sometimes patients and doctors agree to leave one eye blurred so they can read with it, mono vision. Speak with your surgeon about this option. I hope this helped, Dr. John Lowitz, OD READ MORE

  • Can blood pressure medicines cause blurred vision?

    Hello, Great question. Have you had a recent eye examination and been diagnosed with glaucoma? Calcium channel blockers and diuretics are commonly used to lower blood pressure. They can make glaucoma advance more quickly. ACE inhibitors have less risk in this regard. Please speak to your prescribing doctor about your concerns. Best of health, Dr. John Lowitz, OD READ MORE

  • My son has been having a yellowish discharge from his eyes. What could this be?

    Sounds suspiciously like an infection. Please maintain social distance and have your son mask up around others. Please get him a COVID test and an appointment with an Eye Dr. All my best to you and your family. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Specialty contact lenses for astigmatism, presbyopia (difficulty seeing up close), corneal disease, and poor vision with glasses. Treatment of diseases of the eye and surrounding tissue.

Charities and Philanthropic Endeavors

  • American Cancer Society, Wounded Warrior Project, Lions Club

Dr. John Lowitz, OD's Practice location

Better Vision Center

2236 Todds Ln Suite B -
Hampton, VA 23666
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New patients: 757-838-3465

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