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Are there such a thing as cancer genes?

I understand that if you have breast cancer, or colon cancer, or really any type of cancer in your family, that you have a higher risk for them. Is this because of certain genes...

Why is smoking somehow related to your genes?

I was taking a class, and there's a statistic that says children are three times likely to smoke cigarettes if their parents smoked cigarettes. At first, I thought this because...

What are the causes of congenital heart diseases?

My baby was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease, and it completely blindsided our family. Neither me or my husband have a history of these diseases, or not that we are aware...

What are the chances that my child will have sickle cell anemia?

Both my husband and I have the sickle cell anemia gene, and now I'm pregnant. This pregnancy was completely unplanned and now I'm starting to worry that my child will have the...

How accurate are DNA kits like 23andMe?

I just got a 23andMe kit for Christmas and my friend is telling me that it's not really that accurate like I think. How do these companies process your DNA?

Can diabetes cause heart failure?

I have diabetes and a history of heart problems in my family. Am I at a potential risk of a heart attack?

Is 23andMe accurate?

One thing that I really like about 23andMe is that they not only look at your ancestral history, they also give medical history based off of your genes. However, is 23andMe really...

What are the various factors that cause cystic fibrosis?

My father has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. I know that this diseases is typically diagnosed during childhood, but he's only been recently diagnosed. What factors could...

Is breast cancer genetic?

Is it possible for breast cancer to be in someone's genes? Does it meant that I can get it if my mother had it?

Should I get a genetic disorder test done during my pregnancy?

When does one diagnose genetic disorders in a person. Should I get a genetic disorder test done during my pregnancy to ensure my son is free from any hereditary or genetic disorders?...

Are heart diseases heriditary?

My mother and father both passed away due to a cardiac arrest. Am I also likely to have a weak heart?

What conditions does gene therapy treat?

What are the various conditions that can be treated through gene therapy?

My sister has hemophillia. Should she have a baby?

My sister has hemophillia. Are there chances that it could spread to her child? Are there risks if she's pregnant?

My daughter is going for genetic testing. What should I expect?

I am bringing my daughter in for genetic testing next month. What can we expect during the visit?

Is blindness heriditary?

My husband is visually impaired. I am scared to have a baby thinking he may carry this impairment. What are the chances?

What is the treatment for marfan syndrome?

My 2 year old nephew has been diagnosed with Marfan syndrome. Can this be treated?

Can leukemia be genetic?

My brother had leukemia when he was a child, but the cancer went into remission. Now, he's 28 years old, and his wife is about to have a family history. But now her OBGYN is...

My son died of cystic fibrosis when he was a teenager. Is it possible for his brother to get it too?

My son was only 13 when he died of cystic fibrosis, and now I'm pregnant again with another boy. Is cystic fibrosis a genetic disease? Is it possible for my baby to have this...

Is there a way to understand if my child has any genetic issue during pregnancy?

I am 4 months pregnant. My first child was born with Down's syndrome and after much reluctance, my husband and I have planned to have a second child. Can we identify if our second...

Can doctors identify congenital heart disease while the baby is in the womb?

My nephew was born with a slight heart murmur. My sister and I aren't sure how this happened, as throughout her pregnancy, her doctor said that she was very healthy. When he...

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