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Does a dental filling require anesthesia?

I feel like I'm going to need at least 3 fillings done soon (I looked inside my mouth after experiencing pain and saw teeth that look like cavities). If I need all of these filled...

Root canal on a baby tooth?

At my son's last dental appointment, his dentist recommended a root canal for one of my son's baby tooth. I understand that root canals are meant to save the natural tooth, but...

Do I have a cavity?

I am experiencing a toothache and sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweet foods. Do you think that this could be a cavity?

Penicillin for root canal?

I just had a root canal for an infection in one of my back teeth, but now after my appointment, I was prescribed Penicillin. Is it normal to be prescribed Penicillin after a root...

Does tooth pain mean I have a cavity?

My tooth hurts when I drink cold water and eat cold food. Because my tooth is so sensitive, do you think I should go see a dentist? It doesn't seem like I have a cavity in that...

I brush my teeth 2x a day, why do I still have bad breath?

I have no broken teeth, and I believe I have no cavities, but even if I brush my teeth twice a day I still have bad breath? What could this be?

Can having a root canal cause any long-term complications?

I need to have a root canal on one of my back molars, and I'm a little worried. I never had one of these done before. Could there be any complications from getting a root canal?...

Will I experience any pain after the root canal?

I'm due for a root canal very soon. Is it possible to have any pain or tenderness in that area after the procedure's done?

Are the effects of a root canal short-term?

I'm going to get a root canal treatment for one of my front teeth. I'm not really excited about it, obviously, but I know it needs to be done. However, I heard that the benefits...

The tooth where I need a root canal isn't bothering me. Why do I need it?

My last checkup showed that I needed a root canal in one of my back molars, but this tooth isn't bothering me at all. If I'm not in pain or have any discomfort, why should I really...

When should I follow up with my dentist after my root canal?

I just had a root canal completed recently and my endodontist said I should definitely follow up with him after the treatment, but he didn't recommend any sort of time frame....

Should I stay away from certain foods after a root canal?

I'm going to get a root canal next week, but I'm worried about what exactly I can eat after the root canal. I have a party immediately after my appointment (bad planning on my...

What medications are prescribed after a root canal?

I need to have a root canal at the end of the week, and my dentist said that he sometimes gives his patients antibiotics after the treatment. I'm really confused. I didn't question...

How can a toothache cause a headache?

I have a headache that comes and goes. It goes away after I take medication, but I also have a toothache in one of my upper teeth--this doesn't go away. My mother seems to think...

Can you get a root canal during pregnancy?

I haven't gone to the dentist yet, but I know that I need a root canal treatment for my back molar. But I'm also in my third trimester of pregnancy. Is it safe to get a root...

Is tooth sensitivity a sign of decay?

The teeth in the back of my mouth have been really sensitive lately, and I'm not sure why. Could this sensitivity be a sign of tooth decay?

Does an anesthesia injection in the mouth cause pain?

I am scheduled to undergo a root canal and I know I will get an anesthesia injection for the procedure. Will the injection hurt a lot?

Is it safe to have a root canal during pregnancy?

I am 8 months pregnant, and I need to have a root canal. Is it safe to have a root canal while pregnant?

What causes tooth erosion?

What causes someone to have tooth erosion?

How is a tooth abscess treated?

What is the treatment for tooth abscess? Is there a natural way to treat them?

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