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Why am I feeling numb around where I had a root canal?

I have numbness where I had my root canal, and this numbness has been there for the past few days. Why could this be happening?

Is a broken tooth a dental emergency?

My husband broke his tooth while playing ice hockey. The puck hit his mouth pretty hard and he was not wearing a cage on his helmet. He got stitches for the cut on his lip, but...

How long will I have to be on painkillers after a root canal?

For how will I need to take painkillers after a root canal surgery?

What kind of foods should I avoid after a root canal surgery?

I have to have a root canal next week, and I want to know if there's anything that I should avoid after I have it done. Like food, certain drinks, etc.

I have had 6 root canals in the past. I need another one now. Why is this?

Even though I brush and floss every day and see the dentist routinely for cleanings, I have has 6 root canals done and was just told I need another one. What am I doing wrong?...

I have had a second root canal on the same tooth. Why?

I just got a second root canal done on a tooth that had root canal performed on it about 6 years ago. What could be causing this tooth to get infected repeatedly?

Is root canal the only way to treat a tooth cavity?

I have a bad cavity in my tooth, and the dentist told me that I needed to have a root canal to treat it. Is it the only way? What determines that a root canal should be treated...

Can my braces ever rust?

Braces are made of steel and I am wondering if they can ever start rusting?

I have tooth loss at the age of 34. Is it normal?

My tooth had just fallen out, naturally, at the age of 34. (Naturally meaning that I didn't do anything for it to fall it). Is this normal, or should I be really concerned?

I had three of my crooked teeth extracted and they won't stop bleeding. What should I do?

I had my two crooked teeth (upper central part) and one normal tooth (lower molar) extracted 8 hours ago. The bleeding won't stop, the first gauze that the dentist gave me was...

Why do I feel sensitivity even after a root canal?

I got a root canal a few days ago, but I still feel slight sensitivity. Is this normal? Why am I experiencing sensitivity?

I think I have infected soft pulp tissue in my back tooth. What's the treatment for this?

I have a feeling the soft pulp tissue in one of my molars is infected. Before I go see my dentist, I'm wondering what the course of treatment will be for this tooth?

How to fix cracks in the teeth?

I have little cracks in my teeth, what could this be from? I have no other dental issues. The cracks bother me when I smile as its noticeable. What is the treatment?

Can two root canals on the same tooth be a problem?

I have had two root canals on the same tooth. Can it lead to some other problems?

I let a cavity go way too far, and it's causing a lot of pain. What should I do?

The obvious answer is go to the dentist, I know. But I have an appointment soon, and I just want to limit the amount of pain around the area until then. What do you recommend?...

What are the signs of a failed root canal?

How can I identify that a root canal treatment has failed? Are there any symptoms to look out for?

Can a tooth affected by cavities be saved?

My tooth has been affected by cavities. Can my tooth be saved, or will I need to have it pulled?

Is my tooth infection spreading?

I had nerve pain and tooth sensitivity on the last tooth on the bottom right side. However, now I feel like even the tooth before that is having a similar sensation. Could it...

Can a root canal have prolonged recovery?

I underwent a root canal about 6 months back, however I have still not completely recovered from it. Does the recovery sometimes take this long?

What can be the risks involved in an endodontic surgery?

Are there any risks involved in an endodontic surgery, specifically a root-end resection? I am also a diabetic and I just want to weigh all the risks before giving permission...

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