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Do children with leukemia frequently get fevers?

My daughter would get fevers without having any infection. We took her to the doctor, and he would like us to get her tested in case she has something a lot more serious. . ....

Is a rash with leukemia normal?

My son is currently being treated for leukemia, and it was diagnosed in one of its early stages. He's managing the treatment better than we thought he would, which is a huge relief...

Is radiotherapy effective for leukemia?

Instead of chemotherapy, my cousin's daughter might be undergoing radiotherapy to treat her leukemia. She's a teenager as well. Is this an effective treatment for leukemia?

My son has thyroid nodules. What happens if they are malignant?

My 13 year old son was diagnosed with thyroid nodules and he'll be having a biopsy next week. I'm terrified. What happens if the nodules are malignant? What would the next steps...

When is radiation therapy considered over chemotherapy?

My grandmother has breast cancer, and for her treatment, her and her doctors decided to have her on radiation therapy rather than chemotherapy. When is radiation therapy considered...

My son is so small! Will general anesthesia hurt him?

My 9 year old son is having surgery to remove, and test, a tumor he has in his leg. I'm concerned about many things but first things first -- the anesthesia. My son is very small...

How does radiation therapy work on cancer?

My son has had a brain tumor that was cancerous, but recently, doctors told us that his tumor is now benign and a lot smaller than it was. They now believe that it's safe to remove...

How do I know if my child's bone marrow transplant is working or not?

My 12 year old son recently received a bone marrow transplant. How will I know if it is working or not?

What are the risks of brain tumor surgery in a child?

My 7 year old son has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Are there any dangers I should be concerned about regarding the surgery they want to perform on him to remove the tumor?...

Is intense nausea normal after chemotherapy?

My 8 year old son is undergoing chemotherapy. After each session he gets so nauseous and won't eat or drink for hours for fear of vomiting. Is this kind of nausea normal?

Will my toddler be able to see again after brain surgery?

My 4 year old son has a cancerous brain tumor that is putting pressure on his eyes. He has been having blurry vision and complains its difficult to see. Once he has his tumor...

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