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Sore throat in the morning?

Every morning, I have a sore throat that eventually goes away. I'm not really experiencing any symptoms, however, apart from this and a sore throat. Is this a normal thing to...

Hot flashes after menopause. Normal?

My mother is 70-years-old, and went through menopause when she was 55 years old. However, even though she's in seventies, she's still experiencing hot flashes. Is this normal?...

What should I do if my child refuses to use the toilet?

We're still training my son to use the toilet. He's fine peeing, that's not our issue. It's the pooping that's the issue, and he holds it in and makes himself constipated. We...

Daughter is constantly having mood swings. Is this from her period?

I'm a single dad, with a daughter who is 13-years-old. She really recently got her period, and that's a whole other story on its own, but she's been having such an attitude lately...

Can vitamin C prevent the flu?

I've been trying to boost up my immune system so that I don't have to take any of my sick days from work. I want to try taking something like, Airborne, to increase my levels...

What are the symptoms of fatty liver disease?

My father was diagnosed with fatty liver disease after going to the doctor for a routine appointment for his diabetes. It seemed he had no symptoms for this disease at all before...

What should I do if I have a pink eye?

So I was washing my face yesterday and I rubbed my eye with a towel. Today it's red in the corner of my eye for some reason. And I'm really concerned about it. Is it pink eye?...

How can I manage my son's type 1 diabetes while he's at school?

My son has type 1 diabetes, and I'm worried about how well his school nurse would monitor this condition. Is there anything I should tell his nurse so I can be sure it's managed...

Difficulty swallowing

I am a heavy smoker, have had a sore throat for 2 weeks, and have had difficulty swallowing at times. I also suffer from GERD. Should I see a specialist? My doctor doesn't seem...

Is it possible for stress to delay my period?

I've been crazy stressed lately because of the holidays, and I just realized that this month my period was not only late, but also short (like 3-4 days when it usually lasts the...

Can my family doctor treat anxiety?

My younger brother has been experiencing anxiety attacks in these past couple of weeks. We aren't sure if we should go to our family doctor for his issue, or if we should take...

What can I do to prevent a heart attack?

Are there any supplements available to maintain a healthy heart? What can I do to prevent a heart attack?

Is there a cure for HIV?

My brother in law has been diagnosed with HIV. Is there a cure for this, or a long-term treatment?

What can I do for body pain related to a fever?

I am experiencing a lot of body pain with my fever. Is there anything I can do to treat this?

I took emergency contraceptive 2 days after sex. Can I still get pregnant?

I had an emergency contraceptive pill 2 days after I had sex. Can I still get me pregnant?

How do I lose 50 lbs with diabetes?

I have type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. What is the best way for me to lose 50 lbs?

I keep getting blockages in my nostrils. Would I need surgery?

I frequently have nasal blockages. They usually settle on their own, but my doctors says that I may need surgery if they keep happening. Would I really need surgery?

When is one recommended insulin injections?

In case of type 2 diabetes, when is a person recommended insulin injections? Please advice.

What are empty calories? How can I avoid them?

What are empty calories? Do they harm my body in any way?

Does taking metformin for a long time affect the body?

I have been taking metformin for over 7 years. I haven't experienced any serious side effects, but I was wondering, it I'm taking this medication for a long period of time, would...

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