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Wrist pain when trying to move hand. What should I do?

After doing my daily push ups, I can't move my wrist properly and have some pain in that area. Do you think I need an X-ray for this? I don't think it's broken, but it's concerning...

Trigger finger therapies?

Are there other therapies for trigger finger other than surgery? I'd really like to try other treatments before surgery.

How long is the recovery after a carpal tunnel release?

I'm getting a carpal tunnel release because my carpal tunnel has become pretty unbearable. My surgery is scheduled for next week. Any idea on how long the recovery time for this...

Occupational therapy for carpal tunnel?

I was just diagnosed with carpal tunnel, and while it isn't severe enough for surgery (yet), I don't want to have surgery for it in the future. I'd much rather look at other options...

Can surgery be done for carpal tunnel?

I'm having difficult closing my hands and my doctor diagnosed me with carpal tunnel. It's pretty unbearable. And I can't really stand it. I need this treated as soon as possible....

Can occupational therapy help my mother regain strength in her hand faster?

My mother took a hard fall a few weeks ago and needed to have surgery on her hand. She's still in recovery and I feel like it's going by so slowly. Would occupational therapy...

Why do I feel a tingling pain in my hands while I'm working?

I work on the computer pretty much all day long and I am feeling a tingling pain the last few weeks as I work. What could be the reason for this?

Tendon repair recovery question

I am having surgery for tendon repair in my right hand. That is my dominant hand. About how long will recovery take so that I can get back to using my right hand again after...

Why are my hands hurting in the mornings?

When I wake up in the morning, I have a sharp stinging pain in my hands. It settles as the day goes but mornings is unbearable. What could be the reason for this pain?

What is the recovery time for "trigger finger?"

I have "trigger finger" and will need to be scheduled for surgery. What kind of anesthesia is used for this hand surgery? Also, what is the recovery time for a procedure like...

What is the treatment for hand osteoarthritis?

I have been diagnosed with hand osteoarthritis. What is the course of treatment for this?

My son is having pain in his hand after his surgery. What painkillers would you recommend?

My son is having a lot of pain in his hand after his surgery, following a bone fracture. What painkillers would you recommend for him to get over this pain?

I have a painful bump on my wrist. Should I get it removed surgically?

I have a painful bump on my wrist and the the doctors say it's oil accumulation. Should I get it removed surgically?

Can physical therapy help my mom?

My mom had surgery in her hand and is still recovering from it. She can't completely close it. Can physical therapy help her? Or should she go for occupational?

I burnt my hand with hot water. Could it have also affected my bones?

I am having a lot of pain in my hand as I dropped hot water on my hand and burnt it. Could it have also affected the bones in my hand?

Can fingers be saved after a severe injury?

My uncle was using a gas machete to cut trees and it slipped, cutting most of his fingers off on the left hand. He lost a lot of blood and passed out. For his fingers that were...

I have sharp, shooting pain in my fingers when I type. What could be wrong?

I work in an office, and spent most of my day typing. Lately, when I am on my computer, I am experiencing a sharp, shooting pain in my hand that will come sporadically throughout...

One of my bones was shattered in my left hand and I needed surgery. Is pain normal afterwards?

After having hand surgery last week, my hand still hurts. Is this normal? Should I go back to my surgeon?

I have crooked fingers. Can this be corrected?

I have extremely crooked fingers. Can it be corrected with surgery?

I am having pain in my hand. Will I need surgery?

I am having pain in my hand, and am having difficulty moving my pointer finger. Will I need surgery to fix this?

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