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Do you have to be married for couples therapy?

My boyfriend and I aren't married, but we're both considering couple therapy or counseling to work on our relationship. But we haven't heard of any non-married couples going to...

When should I seek anger management?

I am a 35 year old man and feel irritable a majority of the time, like at work and at home. Sometimes, it makes me just blow up at home. The tiniest thing could make me start...

How successful is marriage counseling?

My husband and I have been at each other's throats, and at times, I just want to call it quits. But I love him, and I still want to try and make it work. The reason why we argue...

What is family-based therapy like for eating disorders?

My daughter was diagnosed with anorexia recently, and we're looking into various therapies that can help her. We are considering sending her to rehab center, but we want to do...

Can my teenager benefit from therapy?

My daughter was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and is currently taking Adderall. So far, it's working for her, but I think she might also benefit from going to therapy alongside...

Does psychoanalysis help with depression?

I was diagnosed with clinical depression several months ago, and I feel like the antidepressants I'm on aren't really helping. I would like to try therapy, and only therapy, to...

How effective is marriage counseling?

My husband and I have been experiencing some serious problems, and I want to try marriage counseling to save our marriage from falling apart. But does it really work?

Can my family doctor treat anxiety?

My younger brother has been experiencing anxiety attacks in these past couple of weeks. We aren't sure if we should go to our family doctor for his issue, or if we should take...

What is the treatment for sex addiction?

My wife is addicted to sex and keeps wanting to have sex everyday. I recently read an article that said that this behavior could indicate a psychological problem. Should I take...

My son has a birth defect in his hand. How can I make sure it doesn’t affect his confidence level?

My son is 6 years old and is suffering from a birth defect in his hand. This is now showing in his confidence level, making him an introvert and very aggressive. What can I do...

Why are my dreams so vague?

My dreams seem very weird and vague, and I'm not sure about what to really think of them. In my next therapy session, can my therapist help me understand my dreams?

Is my husband's mental health responsible for his increased sexual drive?

My husband has had a mental health problem and for the last few years went from having no interest in sex to needing it all the time. I have recently found that he has been flirting...

What are the guidelines for recommending psychiatric medication?

I have been doing cbt for a mental illness I have. I think i need medication as i am still suffering. Are there certain guidelines or criteria i need to meet to get prescribed...

My daughter has been bullied in school, and now she isolates herself at home. What can I do for her?

My daughter is 8 years old and has been bullied in school. Ever since then she has become a complete recluse. What should I do to help her?

Are antidepressants safe for children?

My 8 year old daughter suffers with depression. Are antidepressants safe and recommended for a child her age? I am terrified of the potential side effects.

How can I get over my husband's infedility?

My husband cheated on me and has left me completely devastated. I am doing everything to try and forget it but nothing seems to work. What should I do to help me get over this?...

How does a therapist deal with emotional problems in a teenage child?

My son is undergoing severe mood changes. He behaves erratically in different situations and has become highly unpredictable. Can a therapist help in dealing with his behavior....

How can I handle my work stress better?

I am undergoing severe stress at work. This is, in turn, affecting my family and personal life. What are the ways I can manage this stress better?

Can a counselor help me get over my depression due to my divorce?

I had a very turbulent marriage that just ended about a week back. This divorce has made things more difficult for me than what I had imagined. I feel very depressed and get...

How is religion dealt with in therapy?

I am curious about how therapists approach religion. Should religion be mentioned to a therapist? Will it affect the session(s)?

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