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Can consuming fennel seeds after eating cause relief from bloating and gas?

My mother gives us fennel seeds after every meal, and she says it’s the best way to get relief from gas and bloating. Is this true?

What are the foods that can lead to kidney stones?

My son was diagnosed with kidney stones after he consumed a lot of dairy. He did pass them, but I would like to prevent any kidney stones from developing. Are there any other...

What is the best way to improve my lactation naturally?

Are there any natural foods or medications that can help me improve lactation for my baby?

Is there a way to treat high blood pressure naturally?

My husband has blood pressure issues and really doesn't want to take medications. Is there a way to treat high blood pressure naturally? I know diet and exercise can help but...

Why and when is mud therapy recommended?

I recently underwent a naturopathic treatment and would like to know, what is the purpose of mud packs that were applied all over my body?

How is diarrhea treated with natural medicine?

How is diarrhea treated without medications? Is it advisable?

How should I prepare my body for a naturopathy detox?

I plan to undergo a naturopathy detox treatment. How should I prepare myself?

Is there a natural remedy to treat hair loss?

I have been experiencing hair loss for the past few days. Is there a natural remedy to treat this? I'm so tired of this happening.

I have a typical sinus allergy. How can naturopathy help?

I have a typical sinus allergy because of the amount of pollen in the air. Can naturopathic medicine help me?

I am on a naturopathic weight loss program and passing a lot of gas. Is it normal?

I am on a naturopathic weight loss program that is a combination of food and natural herbs. I am passing a lot of gas. Is it normal?

My father has been diagnosed with IBD. Do you think naturopathic treatment may help him?

My father is 78 years old and has been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. He keeps having adverse reactions to medications. Do you think a naturopathic treatment may be better...

Is there a natural medicine for treating migraines?

I started to have migraines recently and they come often. They also leave me in a lot of pain and discomfort. Are there any natural medications for migraines?

Can naturopathic medicine help with depression?

I am having symptoms of depression but I don’t want to take any strong medication for it. Should I opt for naturopathic treatment? Will it be able to help me?

Are there any risks associated with having naturopathic medicine?

I am planning to take up naturopathic treatments for my migraines, which are frequent. Are there any risks associated with naturopathic medicines?

Can you recommend natural treatment for back pain?

I have a backache that occurs when I sit. Can you please recommend natural treatment to deal with this back pain?

Are henna leaves helpful in treating hair loss?

I have been trying natural remedies to treat hair loss but nothing has been too successful. Do henna leaves help in treating hair loss? I've heard they do but I'm not sure how....

What are the best foods with high water content to fight dehydration?

With the sudden change in weather, my daughter gets dehydrated very fast. Once, she even fainted in school and when she was brought to the hospital, the doctor had given her glucose....

How can you treat a headaches without taking Ibuprofen?

I often pop in Ibuprofen for headaches, but they are recurrent and happen frequently. Is there a way to treat headaches naturally, without taking medications? And, is a natural...

Can yoga help me reduce blood pressure?

I have been suffering from high blood pressure. Do you think yoga will be able to help me reduce my blood pressure?

How can I increase my metabolism rate through naturopathy?

I am putting on a lot of weight and I am wondering if it is due to some issues with my metabolism. Can I increase it through naturopathic methods?

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