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My grandfather's wound is not healing. What should we do?

My grandfather has a wound at the bottom of his foot and it is oozing a lot and sometimes blood also. It happened last week and is showing no signs of improvement. What should...

Is foot amputation the only solution for gangrene?

My mother has been detected with gangrene in her feet. The doctor say her foot will have to be amputated. Is that the only solution?

I am not able to flex my foot. Why?

I am unable to flex my foot and every time I try doing so it hurts. Why could this be happening?

My foot still hasn't healed after I fell last month. What should I do?

Last month I tripped over a stone and my foot was injured. The wound on my foot still hasn't healed. Why could this have happened? What should I do?

For a runner, what aftercare do you recommend to ensure feet health?

I am a runner and I often end up with heel pain after my running. What should I do after or during running to make sure my feet stay healthy?

I have a lot of heel pain in the mornings after going for a walk. What can I do to treat it?

I have started going for morning walks but my heels hurt a lot when I'm finished. What can I do to manage the pain better?

My feet sweat a lot. Is that normal or is it a problem?

My feet sweat a lot, and with socks and shoes it is only worse. Is it a normal thing or is it a sign of a problem?

Right below my big toe hurts when putting on my shoes. What should be done?

On the top of my foot, right below my big toe hurts when I put on my shoes. It doesn't hurt at any other time and I am walking just fine. What is this and what can I do?

I have what looks like a blister but it isn't going away. It's also painful. What should I do?

I have got a strange blister-looking thing that is filled with pus and is painful, right on the bottom of my foot. I don’t know what to do about it.

I have a blue spot on my heel which looks like a blood clot. What could this be?

I have a strange blue spot on my right heel that has come up about 3 days ago. It looks more like a blood clot and feels sensitive when I touch it. What could this be?

I have flat feet and running is becoming painful. What should I do?

I recently started running. But I think I have flat feet and it makes it uncomfortable and a little painful. What should I do?

My feet swell up in the cold. Is this normal?

During the winter, my feel sometimes swell when I walk in the snow, even when I have my boots on. Is this normal?

How can I prevent corn in my feet from happening again?

I keep having repeated episodes of corns in my feet. They are very painful, and are usually at the same spot. How can I prevent it?

A glass pricked my foot and even after a month the spot hurts. What should I do?

I was walking on the grass the other day and a glass piece pricked me on my foot. I immediately went to the doctor who removed the glass piece and treated the small cut. However,...

I am experiencing foot pain while sitting. What could be the reason?

While sitting for a long duration I feel like there is stiffness and a little bit of pain in both my feet. What could be the reason?

What is the meaning of the term ballerina foot?

I recently came across a term while reading an article called ballerina foot. What exactly does this term mean? Does it only happen from the physical stresses of dance?

Does swelling around the ankle indicate a serious injury?

I twisted my ankle while walking the other day. I was okay with the pain was minimal. However, this morning I noticed slight swelling around my ankle and I am worried if it means...

Why do my feet hurt when I wear flats or heels?

I am a 34 year old woman and after having my second child, I have a weird problem. I am unable to wear both heels and flats as it causes too much pain in my heels and ankles....

Can anyone get athlete's foot?

I think I am suffering from athlete's foot (there is a painful split in the skin where my toe meets my foot, and itching, but I didn't suffer any injury) but I have no idea where...

Why are my feet so crooked?

My feet appear crooked. While I have no walking problems, they look ugly. I am afraid I'm starting to develop bunion and hammer toe like my mom has. But I am only 26. Is there...

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