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What are the symptoms of a weak heart?

Are there any signs and symptoms that could indicate that my heart is becoming weak?

Could menopause increase the risk of a heart attack?

I am 48 years old and have recently started menopause. Lately, my chest has also been hurting and I have been experiencing a lot of hot flashes. I'm aware that these are usually...

Are there any supplements recommended after bypass surgery?

My mom recently had bypass surgery. She is still feeling weak. Are there any supplements that she should be taking? Or any specific modifications to her diet?

Is excessive sweating sign of a weak heart?

I feel I sweat much more than normal. Could it be a sign of a weak heart? Heart disease runs in my family so I want to protect myself.

What could be the side effects of a pacemaker?

The doctor has recommended a pacemaker for my father. I would like to know what the possible side effects are of having a pacemaker in the body?

How can diabetes affect my heart?

Since I have been diagnosed with diabetes, my blood sugar levels have gone to extreme highs and lows. Is there any chance that diabetes would affect my heart?

My ECG shows sinus arrhythmia and T wave abnormality (V4, V5, V6), should I be worried?

I recently underwent an ECG test for employment which showed sinus arrhythmia and T wave abnormality (V4,V5,V6). I am a very active person and this result has me worried. What...

What is a right bundle branch block? Is it something serious?

My recent ECG report indicated that I have a right bundle branch block. The doctor didn't tell me much about it. What is it supposed to be? Is it something serious that requires...

What are the signs of identifying a problem with the heart?

My friend's son was all of a sudden diagnosed with a hole in the heart. What are the signs to identify these problems so early in life?

In the summer I seem to sweat excessively, more than I should be. Why?

In the summer I feel excessively hot and also sweating more than other people. Could there be a problem?

Sudden Shivering

Doctor, suddenly in the last hour I started to shiver uncontrollably. I don't feel feverish or running a temperature. The shivering is mainly in the trunk of my body though I...

After a bypass, how many times should you go for a cardiac checkup?

My mother underwent a bypass surgery 2 years ago. After the surgery followup she has not gone to any cardiac check ups. Ideally how many times should someone undergo a cardiac...

Is a hypertension patient more prone to cardiac arrests?

I am a hypertension patient with high BP. Does this put me at a high risk of cardiac arrests even when I take my medications properly?

Can excessive running on the treadmill cause a strain to my heart?

I pant a lot after running on the treadmill and I am worried if this could strain my heart. Are my worries wrong? What are the symptoms to watch out for?

I do not eat oily food at all and do yoga everyday. I still have a block in my heart. Why?

I have lived a very simple life without basic food and no extra oils. I also practice yoga everyday. However, recently I have been diagnosed with 2 blockages in my heart. Why?...

What are my chances of a heart attack after a bypass?

I am 37 years old with a very stressful job. Last year, I went for bypass surgery because of a blockage. Am I still at a risk of a heart attack?

After a bypass can I still have heart blockages?

I underwent a bypass surgery 5 years ago, and since then, I've started a new diet lifestyle. Is it possible to get heart blockages again?


I am a 32 year old male, there is SVC type ASD of 18 mm in my heart. What is treatment for this defect?

Is it true that a glass of wine everyday can prevent heart problems?

I read a recent article that mentioned having red wine everyday can help in reducing the risk of a heart attack by almost 70%. Is this true? Cardiovascular problems run in my...

I feel breathless running on the treadmill. Does it mean my heart is weak?

I feel extremely breathless when I run on the treadmill or do other exercises. Is this an indication that my heart is weak?

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