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After having a bypass can I get blockages again?

I underwent a bypass 2 months ago and am still recovering. I have been feeling very anxious about going through this again. Can I get blockages again?

Can blood pressure medication cause chest pain?

I have been taking blood pressure medication for many years, but now they are giving me chest pain. What could this be?

What are the signs of a heart problem in an infant?

My first baby passed away due to a cardiac arrest. I am expecting again and I am extremely worried. What are the signs to look out for in an infant for heart problems?

Is my high blood pressure the reason behind my increased heart rate?

My heart rate is quite high, could it be because of hypertension and my increased blood pressure?

Is it safe to go to the gym 6 months after coronary artery bypass surgery?

I am 36 years old and had coronary artery bypass surgery close to six months ago. I have always been passionate about weight training. Is it safe for me to return to the gym?...

What is an angiogram expected to tell of my heart condition?

What results does one expect from an angiogram test? Does it give a complete analysis of my heart condition?

After a heart surgery, will my daughter live a normal life?

My daughter is 5 years old and has had a cardiac surgery because she had a hole in the heart. Will she have a normal childhood post this surgery?

Does a tingling feeling in the chest indicate anything?

I have a slight tingling pain in my chest. Could it be an early warning sign of something serious?

What is cardiac catheterization?

My father has been suggested cardiac catheterization. We are quite worried as we have never heard this term before. What is it and what does it involve?

M 32 suffered from CVD , my vescular specialist suggested to stop ecosprin.

M, 32 suffered from CVD, my vascular specialist suggested to stop Ecosprin, should I stop taking it? I suffered from cardio vascular disease in my left leg 2 years ago. Last...

I have blockages even after my bypass. Will I require another bypass?

I have been detected with blockages in my heart even after a bypass. Does it mean I would require another bypass?

Can my heart rate go very high with just anxiety?

I have been having a lot of stress and tension in my workplace. My heart rate tracker shows that my heart rate is very high. Could it only be going high due to the anxiety and...

Is a kidney disease likely to put pressure on my mom's heart?

My mother is suffering from CKD. I would like to know if this disease put any pressure on her heart as well?

Is excessive sweating a sign of heart problem?

My husband sweats a lot. Does this always mean a strain on the heart or could it be something else?

My father suffered cardiac arrest. What should be follow up treatment?

My father suffered cardiac arrest but thank goodness the ER team was able to resuscitate him very quickly. He is 70 years old. What kinds of lifestyle changes should he make...

Can a blood transfusion cause disruption in my heart rate?

I recently underwent a blood transfusion when I had a terrible car accident. I'm okay now, but ever since this transfusion, my heart rate feels like it has increased. Can the...

My stress test showed a very high heart rate. Should I be worried?

I had to take a stress test for my employment formalities, and the test showed that my heart rate was very high. Should I be concerned?

Could Aspirin make me anxious?

I had a bypass and I have been advised to take Aspirin. However, I feel quite anxious. Could it be because of the new regimen?

Can blood thinners cause excessive bleeding?

My father had a mild heart attack and was given a blood thinner Ecosprin after his surgery. Suddenly he had some bleeding when passing urine, could it be due to the blood thinner...

What are the earliest symptoms of heart disease?

Heart disease, unfortunately, runs in my family. I am now 35 and am doing my best to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Are there any very early symptoms I should watch out for?

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