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Is it okay if a healthy adult misses a flu vaccine?

This year I had an 8 month period where I didn't have health insurance and I missed my yearly flu shot. Is it okay to pick back up on it next year?

I had unprotected sex. Should I immediately test for HIV?

I had unprotected sex 2 days ago for the first time. I am completely overcome with worry. What should I get tested for? I've never had STI testing in my life.

Is Kayam churna safe?

My friend recommended kayam churna every night before sleeping. Is there anything I should know before starting?

Why am I having regular indigestion?

I've changed my diet recently to only include whole foods and home-cooked meals. But I still experience frequent indigestion. Why could this be?

My husband has weird stomach pain and is burping a lot. Could these be symptoms of an infection?

My husband has been complaining of weird stomach pain and he's also been burping a lot. I have tried a few home remedies but none of them seem to work. I think it's more than...

When I was a child, I didn't receive some of vaccines. Should I get them now?

When I was a child, my parents didn't want me to have most of my vaccines. I'm now nineteen and I realize that I really do need them. Is it too late for me get these vaccines...

Is excessive sweating during pregnancy normal?

My wife has been sweating a lot lately and she's 6 months pregnant. Is this normal throughout pregnancy?

Why is my mother's blood pressure high in the mornings?

My mom has high blood pressure, particularly in the mornings. Is there any reason for this?

Why does my health tracker show increased heart rate?

My health tracker has noticed a spike in my heart rate. It settles on its own usually, but it's pretty concerning. What could be the reason for this?

Is it normal for your period to be delayed after the first time having sex?

My husband and I waited to have sex until we were married. But, now my period is a little bit delayed. Is this normal, or could I be pregnant?

Stomach flu?

I have been having a headache, diarrhea, and vomiting for 4 days. Could this be the stomach flu?

Help, please. Question about laryngitis treatment.

Today I just finished a five day treatment of Azithromycin 250mg for Laryngitis. On day four my raspy voice of two weeks finally went away. Today on the final day five of the...

Symptoms of jock itch

Hi í was wondering if I have jock itch? I have had it for weeks and every time I sweat and am hot my groin itches a bit and when I am traveling and do not shower everyday...

Pain under the abdomen on the left side

I get a pain under the abdomen on the left side whenever I am on my feet for a long time. What kind of doctor should I see?

How does the HPV vaccine help in preventing the risk of cervical cancer?

I have read that HPV vaccine can largely help in lowering the risk of cervical cancer. I would like my daughter to have this vaccine once she's of age. But, how does it work...

Suffering with hives runs in my family.

My 11 month old son is completely covered in a red, blotchy, spot like rash and he is constantly scratching and itching to the point of making himself bleed. He has an underlying...


I am trying to determine what type of doctor I need to go see. I am consistently having issues with both of my arms falling asleep at night. Both arms will simultaneously go...

I have a pea sized lump on my right testical

Sometimes I get a dull ache but it goes away. My back is really sore as well. The lump I think is getting bigger . What should I do? I have ITP and no spleen. Also I have...

Is strep throat contagious? How can it be prevented?

My husband was recently diagnosed with strep throat. He was immediately placed on antibiotics, but it took a lot from him to go to the doctor? How contagious is strep throat?...

Very shivery

Shivering, very cold, could not sleep for approximately 5 to 8 hours days, nauseous, gas. . . I'm still nauseous.

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