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Is it required for an internist to specialize in other areas?

I have heard that an internist can go to school for two to three years of specializing in other medical fields. But is there a compulsion to do so? Since I just completed my...

Should a radiologist inform the patient about the test results?

Recently I got an X-ray and an MRI. Before I could take the reports to my doctor, the radiologist provided the results to me. Are those results accurate or do I still need to...

Are headaches due to stop-smoking medicines normal?

My husband is taking medication to quit smoking and ends up with bad headaches after he takes his prescription. Is this normal?

Will my hyperactive thyroid create complications in my pregnancy?

I have a hyperactive thyroid. I am worried that this can create any complications in my pregnancy. Is this possible? How can I prevent it?

Is hand foot mouth disease a recurrent infection in kids?

My daughter was diagnosed with hand-foot-mouth-disease repeatedly from her preschool. Is this usually a recurring infection? What can I do to prevent it?

Is there any vaccination for swine flu?

There have been a few cases of swine flu in my area. Is there any vaccination that I can give my son to prevent him from getting it?

Am I diabetic?

If I don’t eat for about 1 hour, I start shaking and sweating. I would feel like I am going to pass out. My heart starts beating very fast, and after this I eat and eat but I...

Can I give my child his vaccines while he has a cough?

My child's vaccination is due but he has a cough. Is it safe to give him the vaccination with this?

Is there a cure for HIV?

My brother in law has been diagnosed with HIV. Is there a cure for this, or a long-term treatment?

Is coffee bad for a blood pressure patient?

Can having coffee cause my blood pressure to increase?

What can I do for body pain related to a fever?

I am experiencing a lot of body pain with my fever. Is there anything I can do to treat this?

What is the connection between gout and eating non-veg?

I have been diagnosed with gout and my doctor has advised me to stop eating meat. What is the connection?

Is taking in a juice fast good for health?

I am planning to undergo a juice fast for detox. Is it a safe and healthy diet?

When is the best time to get a flu shot?

I want to get a flu vaccine to avoid it at all costs. When is the best time to get the flu shot?

I took emergency contraceptive 2 days after sex. Can I still get pregnant?

I had an emergency contraceptive pill 2 days after I had sex. Can I still get me pregnant?

How do I lose 50 lbs with diabetes?

I have type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. What is the best way for me to lose 50 lbs?

I keep getting blockages in my nostrils. Would I need surgery?

I frequently have nasal blockages. They usually settle on their own, but my doctors says that I may need surgery if they keep happening. Would I really need surgery?

When is one recommended insulin injections?

In case of type 2 diabetes, when is a person recommended insulin injections? Please advice.

What are empty calories? How can I avoid them?

What are empty calories? Do they harm my body in any way?

Does taking metformin for a long time affect the body?

I have been taking metformin for over 7 years. I haven't experienced any serious side effects, but I was wondering, it I'm taking this medication for a long period of time, would...

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