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Whats the difference between primary care doctor/internist and family doctor?

I just moved to a new area and I am searching for a great primary care doctor- but am confused by doctors listed as internal medicine, or family medicine, or primary care? What...

Questions about breathing, chest pain, restlessness, coughing and throat pain.

I have been suffering with breathing problems for over 15 years. This problem gets worse during season/weather changes. I have been experiencing sneezing, coughing, throat pain,...


My young brother has tonsillitis as it is found in CT scan, and it is 4th grade, doctor has advised me to get surgery but my brother is 6 year old, that's way too young. I want...

Longevity of HPV Virus

Hi there, I got HPV genital warts almost 4 years ago, I had to go for a few initial treatments to a clinic to get the warts burned off, but other than that I’ve had no sight/symptoms...

Can blood pressure medication cause chest pain?

I have been taking blood pressure medication for many years, but now they are giving me chest pain. What could this be?

While getting chemo, is it safe to get a flu shot?

I am starting chemotherapy next week. Is it okay for me to get a flu shot?

Ear infections that cause lymph nodes under the jaw to hurt

Can frequent ear phone use cause an ear infection? ?

Mouth Ulcers Keep Coming Back

Every month or so I usually get a mouth ulcer. I don’t eat a lot of foods with acid in it, and they usually go away within about a week. But why do they keep coming back?


I have a vaginal yeast infection (recurrent). I take fluke 150 three times in three weeks. One time in one week, I use candid v jelly daily at bedtime for one week. But I have...

Snapping noise and pain in heel or back of the ankle

Hi I’m an overweight, 49 yr lady who has a damaged ankle from previous motorbike v car injury. 2 years ago I hurt my achelies tendon walking on uneven ground where now it snaps...

Is constipation a permanent problem for some people?

I have been having constipation for about the last 6 years. I have tried various ways to treat my constipation, but it keeps recurring. Will this be a lifelong problem for me?...

Left abdomen pain

Sir I have been pain in my left abdomen side for the past 5 months. I have taken medical check up which include X-ray, endoscopy, etc. Whatever I can but it comes out normal....

Is my premature ejaculation a result of my high BP?

I have a very serious high blood pressure problem, and have recently started to take medication. But now I'm ejaculating prematurely while having sex. Could this be related?...

Swelling nodes, what is it?

As a kid I injured my right chest falling on a slippery log. My left hip was hurt on a carnival ride, and my chin and neck area I was punched. I had a non malignant tumor removed...

Streptococcus infection

In the fall of 2018, there was a company in a military imitation war game on a former Soviet base. Slept for 4 days in barracks, where the life of the Soviet-era army was fully...

Why does my wife have low blood pressure after her delivery?

My wife recently delivered her baby but suffers from low BP. What could have triggered this and how can it be managed?

Can only lifestyle changes help me lose weight?

I am really struggling with my health because I have gained a lot of weight. Can only lifestyle changes help me to lose the excess weight that I have gained? I need to lose at...

What disease can it be?

My mom has been diagnosed with fibroids. She takes cholesterol meds too. She has been showing the following symptoms lately: Shivering Stiff neck and joints Complete body...

What is the best treatment for diarrhea?

Can you please suggest, what is the best natural remedy to treat diarrhea without having too much medications?

Stage 3 Lyme or M.S.?

7 years ago I had an engorged deer tick and developed a bulls eye rash. The blood test at that time was negative, so it went untreated. Recently I was hospitalized with symptoms...

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