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Do all polyps turn into cancer?

My gastro found some polyps in my digestive tract and removed them as she was screening for them. She said these were harmless, but they still needed to be removed in case of...

Constipation after surgery?

Ever since my surgery on my hernia, I've been experiencing long periods of constipation. Could this be because of the surgery? How can it be fixed?

What is the aftercare for hemorrhoid surgery like?

I need to have surgery on my hemorrhoids very soon, mainly because they're not going away on their own. What should I do after the surgery to help my recovery?

Is it possible to have colonic polyps when you're young?

There's been some pain around my rectum, whenever I have to actually go to the bathroom. I know it's not constipation because I go to to the bathroom regularly. I have a history...

Are colonic polyps surgically removed?

My doctor found polyps in my colon and we didn't discuss treatment because I had to leave his office right after. I'm following up with him at the end of this week, but I'm wondering,...

Surgery for my bleeding hemorrhoids?

I have internal and external hemorrhoids that bleed and cause me a lot of pain and discomfort. Is surgery advisable to give me relief?

Why am I passing blood in my stools?

I have been passing blood in my stools. The doctor saw my reports and says there is nothing to worry about. But I am still wondering, why do I have blood in my stools in the...

My mother has a problem of impacted stools. What can we do for it?

My mother has an issue with impacted stools, and we aren't sure of what we should do for it. How can we help her?

Colonoscopy question

I am scheduled for my first colonoscopy. Will I need to have general anesthesia for this test?

Constant anal itching

I have anal itching all the time, sometimes with pain and sometimes a little bleeding. What could this be?

Will a good diet detox help clean my colon?

Is a good diet detox enough to keep the colon clean?

Is it safe to have laxatives for an anal fissures patient?

My husband has severe constipation and recently had an episode of anal fissures. Is it safe for him to have laxatives?

Why do I have pain when passing stools?

I have a strange pain when passing stools. All my tests are clear, but the pain is there. What could It be?

How is anal incontinence treated?

My father's colon is "loose", as he puts it. He's been pretty constipated because of it, and randomly farts whenever he walks. He says he can't hold it. Would he need surgery...

Why do I have a little bleeding after my colonoscopy?

I recently had a colonoscopy and now I have a little bleeding in my stools. What could be the reason for this? Is it normal?

What are the risks of a Colectomy?

I am due to undergo a partial bowel resection. What are the possible risks of this surgery?

How do you identify anal fissures?

How are anal fissures usually diagnosed in people? There's so much pain in that area, but I definitely need to be calmed down a little with this. I want to get this issue diagnosed,...

Can lower back pain cause pain in my rectum?

Can lower back pain cause pain in my rectum? My lower back pain also causes numbness in my upper thighs, and sometimes pain in one foot. Any advice will help. Thanks!

Is surgery necessary for diverticulitis?

My father has been diagnosed with diverticulitis and the doctor is talking about surgery, just after our appointment. Is surgery really necessary for this condition?

Is there a diet specific for a person suffering with IBD?

I have had IBD for many years and I haven't got the hang of managing it. Is there a diet specific for an IBD patient?

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