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Is there a diet specific for a person suffering with IBD?

I have had IBD for many years and I haven't got the hang of managing it. Is there a diet specific for an IBD patient?

What is the diet recommended to manage diverticulosis?

I have been diagnosed with diverticulosis and everyone says it can be best managed with a diet. What is the diet recommended for this condition?

Can hemorrhoids cause internal injury?

I'm currently using topical treatment for hemorrhoids but ever since I started (3 weeks ago) I've been experiencing a sharp pain around an hour after I apply the medication. Could...

When should I start going to a proctologist?

I am 30 years old, but prostate cancer unfortunately runs in my family. When should I start seeing a proctologist for routine care?

Can kegels help in strengthening my colon muscles?

I want to start kegels to strengthen my colon muscles. Do you think it will help?

Can long term IBD cause my digestive system to fail?

I have been suffering from Crohn's for the last 3 years. I can't find a medication or treatment that helps. However it is usually pretty mild and I am able to control it mostly...

What the best diet recommended for diverticulosis?

My mother has been suffering from diverticulosis. What is the best diet recommended to make sure she's taking care of herself the best she can?

Why do I have to go to the bathroom after eating spicy food?

Why do I end up on the toilet after eating spicy food? Is there a way to manage this better?

How are hemorrhoids treated in elderly people?

My father, who is 72 years old, is suffering from hemorrhoids. What would be the course of treatment for him? Would it be different because he's older?

Does eating too much of fruits cause issues with the colon?

As a part of my diet program, I have been eating a lot of fruits. I haven't felt anything yet, but I heard that when you eat too many fruits, it could lead to a few issues like...

How can a proctologist treat my anal pain?

Whenever I pass stool, I feel severe pain in my anal area. I'm way too young to have hemorrhoids, so I know it's not that (40 years old). What else could this be? I have an...


I had a hemorrhoid come out a few days ago. It is very painful and is not responding to OTC medications, suppositories, and external cream. What should I do?

Should someone with hemorrhoids change their diet?

My husband has been suffering from hemorrhoids. Although he is on medication I am told diet can help him recover faster. What changes should he make?

Is there a permanent treatment for hemorrhoids?

I was diagnosed with hemorrhoids about 6 months back and I have been on medication since then. But I think I feel them coming back. Can this condition be treated for good?

Is piles a lifelong condition?

I have recently been diagnosed with piles and I am currently treating it with medication. Is it a lifelong condition?

When do you need a colonoscopy?

Colon cancer runs in my family, so I know I have to get screened regularly. At what age should I start getting a colonoscopy?

Is it safe to go for hernia surgery if I have colitis?

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 4 years ago and have been undergoing treatment. I have recently been diagnosed with hernia issues and my doctor is recommending surgery...

What could be the reason for anal fissures?

My husband all of a sudden is dealing with anal fissures. What could be the reason to have caused this all of a sudden?

I can feel a slight growth in my anus. Should I get it tested for something? not sure what to do

I think I have a little growth around the opening of my anus. I'm not sure how to address the situation. What should I do?

What is the aftercare required after anal fissure surgery?

My husband recently had anal fissure surgery. I would like to know, what is the after care required after such a surgery? What does the recovery period typically look like?

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