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Will my pregnancy hip pain subside after delivery?

I have terrible hip pain and I am in the sixth month of my pregnancy. Will this pain subside after my delivery?

Why do I have pain in my groin area during certain movements?

I have a tingling pain in my groin area when I make certain movements. I showed it to a GP who said it could be a muscle pull. But it's lasted for over 3 weeks now. Should I...

Can repeated sprains damage the bones?

I fell down from my bicycle twice and I ended up with repeated sprains on the same spot. Can this cause damage to my bones?

I feel like I have a hunchback. What should I do?

I am extremely tall and now I feel like my back is hunching forward. What should I be doing about it?

My knees feel very stiff during the evenings. What should I do?

My knees feel very stiff by the end of the day, especially during the evenings. What can I do about it?

I am suffering from pain around my wrist. What could be causing it?

I am having a lot of pain around the area of my wrist, and I'm not even sure of the cause of it. Do you have any ideas? What should I do?

My left hip feels stiff. What could be the reason for this?

My left hip feels strangely stiff. I really think it's my bone. Could there be a reason for this?

The bone in wrist hurts so badly. Can this be treated?

I have a shooting pain in the bone just below my wrist. How will this pain be treated if I go to the doctor? I took Advil, but the pain isn't settling.

Can vicodin taken for back pain cause reactions?

If I take Vicodin for back pain, is it likely to cause any kind of side effects? I'm instructed to take it at night, before bed, but why wouldn't I need to take it in the morning?...

Will steroids help in treating my joint pain?

I have severe pain in my joints when the weather changes. Can steroid medicines help in treating this pain?

I have some pain in my knees while walking. How can this be treated?

I have some pain in my knees when I walk, even a little. I am 40 years old. What could be the reason for the same?

I have a strange tingling sensation and a little pain in my hips. What could this be?

For the past few days, I have been experiencing a slight tingling sensation around my hips. Could this be anything serious? What could this tingling be caused from?

What could be the pain in my armpits?

Since yesterday, I have been experiencing a little pain in my armpits. There aren't any lumps there. What could this pain be from?

Why do my fingers hurt when I try to make a fist?

I have a sharp pain in my fingers when I try to make a fist. What could be the reason? It usually happens when I first wake up.

Does a fracture take long to heal in older adults?

My mother is 80 years and had a fracture from falling down a set of stairs. It has been six weeks and I went with her for a checkup. The doctor said her fracture has not healed....

Can I start playing tennis six months after my knee replacement surgery?

It has been six months since my knee replacement surgery, and the doctor says that my knee has healed well. Can I resume playing tennis, or should I wait a little bit longer?...

I am having pain in my elbows. What could be the reason?

For the last week I have been having a strange sharp pain in both of my elbows. I don't remember hurting them at all. What could be the reason for this pain?

Is osteoporosis hereditary?

My mother has been diagnosed with osteoporosis. . . what are the chances that I will get this disease too? Should I start out on calcium supplements to prevent the disease or...

How long does a knee dislocation take to heal?

My husband had a dislocated his knee while playing on his softball team. Now, he has, what looks like, a cast over it, but he takes it off from time to time (even when I tell...

Could my fall have caused a serious back injury?

Yesterday, I took a hard fall while walking down my stairs at work. I fell right on top of my back and now it's hurting me really bad. There isn't exactly a bruise there, but...

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