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How can I correct the hunch in my back?

I have a hunched back, and I'm only in my thirties. Is there anything I can do to correct it?

I am suffering from spondalytis. Is there a treatment for this condition?

I was diagnosed with spondalytis over a month ago, and I'm having so much pain because of it. Is there anything that I can do for the treatment?

Does tennis elbow require a surgery?

For the past three months, my husband has been experiencing tennis elbow. Will he need surgery to correct his condition?

After a bone graft surgery, how long will I have to wait to resume my sports?

I had a bone grafting surgery around my ankle. How long will the recovery take before I can resume my sports again?

How do I treat my back pain?

I am having a nagging pain in my lower back. What ointment or other home treatment can I use, or will a hot water soak help?

I've been experiencing weird hip pain for 2 days. Could it be due to weight gain?

I've been experiencing weird hip pain for the past two days, and this is after that I gained a lot of weight. Could this pain be due to that?

Why do I hear a cracking sound in my knees? Is something wrong with me?

I can hear a strange cracking sound in my knees. Is this a sign of aging, or could this be a different condition entirely?

How long will my elbow dislocation take to heal?

I had an elbow bone dislocation for which I had an operation. How long will the recovery take?

Does a ligament tear require surgery?

I suffered a ligament tear due to a fall. Would it require a surgery or would just a plaster cast (or the like) be enough?

Will my son's gait abnormality be treated?

My son has an abnormal gait when he walk, and we aren't sure how it can be helped. Could something neurological have caused this? How is it usually treated?

My son is having pain in his hand after his surgery. What painkillers would you recommend?

My son is having a lot of pain in his hand after his surgery, following a bone fracture. What painkillers would you recommend for him to get over this pain?

How long will it take for me to recover from a shoulder surgery?

I am supposed to have shoulder surgery very soon. But how long is the recovery normally after it? I need to tell my job so I'm able to recover at home.

Can my spinal pain be treated with a surgery?

After a car accident, I started to get severe pain in my spine. Can this be treated with surgery?

What is the treatment for an ACL Tear?

My husband had an ACL tear and I feel the doctor is not giving him the right treatment as he is still in pain. What is the right treatment for this condition?

After a hip replacement surgery, what are the precautions that I should take?

What kind of precautions should I take after my hip replacement surgery?

Is knee surgery advisable for a person who is 78 years old?

My father is 78 years old and has multiple health complications. I would like to know if knee surgery is advisable (and safe!) to treat his knee pain?

I have a stiffness in my neck that began 2 days. What should I do for relief?

About 2 days ago, I woke up with terrible stiffness in my neck. It makes everything so hard to deal with! Is there any medication for the neck stiffness, or will physiotherapy...

What home treatments can I try for lower back pain?

What are the best home treatments for lower back pain? Please advise.

Can a surgery treat gout?

I have been diagnosed with gout, and the doctor says dietary changes will help manage my condition. But can a surgery be faster in providing relief?

What is causing my random back pain?

I am having a lot of random back pain and I am not understanding the reason for it as I havent injured it or been in any accident. Could you please advise what tests I should...

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