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Can breaking a bone cause fever?

My son broke one of his fingers. We took him to the doctor immediately, and he had it put in a cast, but today he's sick in bed with a fever. Can breaking a bone cause fever?...

Should I wear an ankle brace?

I sprained my ankle during a game and it's starting to heal and feel normal again. I don't want to sprain my ankle again. Do you think a brace would help?

How long does an arm fracture take to heal?

My son is 9 years old, and he fractured his arm. How much will it take to fully recover from the injury?

How can my son get rid of his back pain?

My son hurt his back around two months ago, and the pain makes it uncomfortable for him to sit down. I don't think it's related to the actual injury, but Is there something wrong...

What kind of doctor should I see after potential knee injury?

I fell on my knee cap while playing basketball, but now I'm having issues straightening my leg. What kind of doctor should I see for this?

Are "growing pains" really a thing for kids?

My son is 9-years-old and feels aches in his bones, and he actually complains about it often. We took him to the doctor, and he had us do an imaging test, but there was 0 abnormalities....

Should I be avoiding exercise with scoliosis?

I used to be really into sports before I was diagnosed with scoliosis, but once I started feeling some pain and the doctor found a curve in my spine, I stopped because I thought...

How long does it take to recover from a bone fracture?

I fractured my ankle while playing hockey, and now it's in a cast. How long does it usually take for it recover? I feel like I've had this cast on for so long, and it's only...

Will my surgery end my career?

I'm in college football, D1, and it's really the time to start thinking about my future career. I've sat out this whole entire season because of my back, and I need to have surgery...

Cortisone injections for osteoarthritis. Do they work?

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hands, and it's located just at the base of my thumb. I can't really do anything in that hand because of the pain and swelling. Right...

Orthopedic surgeon or neurosurgeon for a spine problem?

I think I need to have surgery on my spine for spondylolisthesis, which I was diagnosed with a few months ago. My orthopedist wanted to treat it with rest and medication, but...

What are the best ways to strengthen my child's bones?

My son has a deficiency in calcium, and his pediatrician wants him to be on calcium supplements since I can't get him to have enough dairy. Obviously, this is going to affect...

Does orthopedic surgery use general anesthesia?

I need to have surgery on my foot because I fell on top of it and broke it in 3 different places. I needed to wait until this week to have the surgery because it happened over...

Does scoliosis need surgery?

I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was a child, and it was never really corrected. The doctors have been monitoring it, and I wore a brace but it barely worked. I'm not in...

My son has tension in his legs from playing basketball. How can I help him?

My son has tension in his legs from playing basketball, and he plays almost constantly because of school. What are some therapies that can help him not get this muscle tension?...

Would my daughter need surgery for a dislocated shoulder?

My daughter dislocated her shoulder in one of her volleyball games. Right now, she's in a brace but it's been two weeks. If it doesn't heal properly, would she need surgery?...

What should I do when I twist my ankle?

I twisted my ankle while playing basketball with my friends, and now I'm in so much pain. I have it up right now, and I'm relaxing, but what else should I do to relieve the pain?...

When is a sprain considered serious?

I have had repeated sprains in my ankle. When is a sprain considered serious?

Do I need lifelong physiotherapy for sciatica?

I have sciatica and I am currently undergoing physiotherapy. Will it need to be a lifelong therapy?

Can heat packs work for a frozen shoulder?

I have a frozen shoulder problem. Do you think applying heat packs is a good idea to get some relief?

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