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Should my friend go to therapy after father's death?

My friend's father died few months ago, and he still hasn't gotten over it. I feel like he needs to talk to someone. Should I suggest therapy to him, or do you think he just...

Do couples who undergo behavior therapy stay together?

My husband and I are having a lot of issues that are affecting my marriage. Will behavior therapy help us stay together?

Should my child attend our divorce counseling sessions?

My husband and I are getting a divorce, and our child is 7. Should we take him to counseling, or is he too young? We want him to understand why we are getting the divorce and...

Is talk therapy effective for geriatric depression?

My grandmother had depression ever since my grandfather died, and it's affecting her everyday routine. She takes Prozac for her depression, but it's not working. Do you think...

Should I go to my school's counseling center?

It's midterms and I am literally so stressed that it's making me feel unmotivated to actually do my school work. I need to focus, but nothing seems to work. Should I talk about...

Do you have to be married for couples therapy?

My boyfriend and I aren't married, but we're both considering couple therapy or counseling to work on our relationship. But we haven't heard of any non-married couples going to...

How is depression treated in teens?

My son is a teenager, 16 years old, and has been diagnosed by his doctor with depression. We're treating it with counseling, but are there other interventions for teens with depression?...

Is Talkspace actually effective?

I've been seeing ads all over the place for Talkspace, which is an app for online counseling. I can't really afford the therapists/counselors in my area, and I really think I...

When should I seek anger management?

I am a 35 year old man and feel irritable a majority of the time, like at work and at home. Sometimes, it makes me just blow up at home. The tiniest thing could make me start...

How successful is marriage counseling?

My husband and I have been at each other's throats, and at times, I just want to call it quits. But I love him, and I still want to try and make it work. The reason why we argue...

What is family-based therapy like for eating disorders?

My daughter was diagnosed with anorexia recently, and we're looking into various therapies that can help her. We are considering sending her to rehab center, but we want to do...

Can my teenager benefit from therapy?

My daughter was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and is currently taking Adderall. So far, it's working for her, but I think she might also benefit from going to therapy alongside...

Does psychoanalysis help with depression?

I was diagnosed with clinical depression several months ago, and I feel like the antidepressants I'm on aren't really helping. I would like to try therapy, and only therapy, to...

Is there a difference between Psychiatrist and a Therapist?

I am suffering from relationship issues, which is leading me into a depression. Whom should I approach for treatment: a psychiatrist or a therapist? Also, what is the difference...

Why am I so depressed during my pregnancy?

I am 7 months pregnant and I feel very depressed. Although I have a very loving family, I am not so excited about my pregnancy. Why do I have these feelings?

How can I get rid of my depression and anxiety?

I have issues with depression and anxiety, and it's beginning to get in the way of my daily routine. What can I do to ease these depressing, anxious feelings?

My son has a birth defect in his hand. How can I make sure it doesn’t affect his confidence level?

My son is 6 years old and is suffering from a birth defect in his hand. This is now showing in his confidence level, making him an introvert and very aggressive. What can I do...

Why are my dreams so vague?

My dreams seem very weird and vague, and I'm not sure about what to really think of them. In my next therapy session, can my therapist help me understand my dreams?

I am extremely scared of talking in public. Why do I have this fear?

I am a very qualified person, but I am extremely scared of talking in public. What could be the reason for my fear?

Will counseling help my son get over his stage fright?

My son is very afraid to be on stage, which is a huge problem because he's in his school band and is unable to play with them during their concerts. Can counseling help him get...

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