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How long after an appendix surgery can I resume swimming?

I am a swimming coach and I am due for an appendix surgery. How long after the surgery can I resume swimming?

Will my facial surgery scars always remain?

I have a lot of marks all over my face due to a facial surgery I went through after a car accident. Will these marks remain forever?

How soon after a c-section is it advisable to walk up the stairs?

After a c-section surgery how soon is it advisable to start going up the stairs? My sister is getting a C-section and she is hearing 2 different things from 2 different surgeons....

I have intense pain while touching my scar about 4 days after surgery. Is it ok?

I had to get some stitches on my upper right arm. Its been about 4 days and I feel an intense stinging pain when anything brushes against it. Is it normal?

After my surgery I am passing traces of blood in my urine. Is it normal?

I underwent an abdominal surgery last week. However now I am passing small traces of blood in my urine. I don't feel any pain while I'm going. Is it normal to experience this...

What does fibroid removal surgery involve?

I have been diagnosed with fibroids and am due for surgery. This is my first surgery ever. Can you please let me know what I can expect and how I should prepare?

Why are my surgery stitches still not healing?

I had abdominal surgery 3 weeks back. However, my surgery stitches are still not healing. They are also very itchy. What could be the problem?

Why do I keep getting cold and cough since my heart surgery?

I had a angioplasty and a bypass surgery 3 months ago. Ever since then I keep getting a cough and cold often. Why does this happen?

What are the risks of a tracheostomy?

My father will need long-term ventilation and the doctors have advised a tracheostomy. What are the risks involved?

Are sugar levels taken into consideration during surgery?

I am scheduled for a back surgery and it’s the first time I will have any kind of operation in my life. I am a diabetic with insulin injections. I would like to know, how will...

Is surgery the only way to remove gallstones?

I recently underwent a CT scan and it showed that I had gallstones. Because they are smaller and not as many as before, my doctor said it's not urgent. I've read online that...

Another surgery suggested post anal fissure surgery

Hi Doctor i'm a 34 years old female. I had a anal fissure surgery exactly a month ago. post surgery . . i was given heavy painkillers Tramadol(50mg) for a week . later when...

Will I be given anesthesia for hair transplant surgery?

I want to learn more about hair transplant surgery. Will I be given local anesthesia?

How should I choose a surgeon and hospital?

What are the criteria that a patient should consider before selecting a surgeon and a hospital?

Sex and surgery

How long after surgery can I have sex?

What risk factors are associated with an abdominal surgery?

I am due for an abdominal surgery and it’s the first time I will be having any sort of operation. It's for removal of a benign mass. What are the risks associated? How should...

How soon before my heart surgery should I stop smoking?

I have been a smoker for the last 15 years. I am due for an open heart surgery. I know I need to stop smoking. . . how soon before my operation is advised?

Since I had my appendix removed, I haven't really had an appetite. Is this normal?

I haven't had an appetite since my appendix was removed two weeks ago. I really haven't ate much. Is this normal?


Hi i am going soon for surgery to remove my gallbladder. Right now i don't have the attack because I am trying to not eat greasy food, but sometimes I feel a very lightly pain...


I just had a hernia surgery on my left side, it's been three weeks and 4 days now. I tried having sex two days back, it was going well as I was very gentle, I stayed on top and...

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