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What can I expect from a breast lumpectomy?

I am having lumps removed from both of my breasts and am feeling nervous. What can I expect after the surgery?

Is surgery really needed for kidney stones?

My son has kidney stones that are, apparently, too large to pass. He's in so much pain and I'm not sure how I can really help him. I can't watch it any more. Is surgery really...

Can excess bleeding during a surgery have an after effect?

My wife had surgery that caused me to have severe bleeding. Will it have an after effect on her body?

After an anal fissure surgery, how often should the dressing be changed?

My husband had surgery to remove his anal fissure. How often should his dressings should be changed?

Is constipation normal after a bypass surgery?

Is it normal to be constipated after bypass surgery? I had bypass surgery over two weeks ago, and I want to make sure the two aren't related.

What happens when a patient bleeds out during surgery?

I see it on TV all the time, when the patient bleeds excessively on top of the operating table. Most of the time, they either die or get saved by some miracle. What happens if...

What are the most common side effects of a tumor removal?

What are the possible risks and side effects of a tumor removal? My friend has a tumor on her located on her stomach, and while it's not cancerous, doctors would like to remove...

Does a fistula require surgery?

I have a fistula, and am wondering if I need surgery to have this fixed?

Retracting testicle in adult following inguinal hernia repair

What causes one testicle to retract following inguinal hernia repair, the retracting testicle is on the side of the respiratory? The repair took place about 8 weeks ago.

Gallbladder removal

When lying down after surgery, it is almost impossible to get comfortable. What are some suggestions for this issue?

Anal fissure

I just wanted to know that if I consult Orthopaedic surgeon for anal fissure or a general surgeon!? Currently I am using GTN ointment

My stitches from the surgery hurt as they heal. Is it normal?

I underwent a surgery on my ankle to remove a bunion. I feel a little pain in that area while it's healing. Is this normal?

What is the post operative care after a gastric surgery?

My husband underwent a gastric surgery to treat his GERD. What is the post operative care required to treat this condition?

How long after an appendix surgery can I resume swimming?

I am a swimming coach and I am due for an appendix surgery. How long after the surgery can I resume swimming?

Will my facial surgery scars always remain?

I have a lot of marks all over my face due to a facial surgery I went through after a car accident. Will these marks remain forever?

What is the procedure like for hair transplant surgery?

What is the procedure normally followed for a hair transplant surgery? What should I expect for this surgery?

How soon after a c-section is it advisable to walk up the stairs?

After a c-section surgery how soon is it advisable to start going up the stairs? My sister is getting a C-section and she is hearing 2 different things from 2 different surgeons....

I have intense pain while touching my scar about 4 days after surgery. Is it ok?

I had to get some stitches on my upper right arm. Its been about 4 days and I feel an intense stinging pain when anything brushes against it. Is it normal?

After my surgery I am passing traces of blood in my urine. Is it normal?

I underwent an abdominal surgery last week. However now I am passing small traces of blood in my urine. I don't feel any pain while I'm going. Is it normal to experience this...

What does fibroid removal surgery involve?

I have been diagnosed with fibroids and am due for surgery. This is my first surgery ever. Can you please let me know what I can expect and how I should prepare?

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