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Will I be given anesthesia for hair transplant surgery?

I want to learn more about hair transplant surgery. Will I be given local anesthesia?

How should I choose a surgeon and hospital?

What are the criteria that a patient should consider before selecting a surgeon and a hospital?

Sex and surgery

How long after surgery can I have sex?

What risk factors are associated with an abdominal surgery?

I am due for an abdominal surgery and it’s the first time I will be having any sort of operation. It's for removal of a benign mass. What are the risks associated? How should...

How soon before my heart surgery should I stop smoking?

I have been a smoker for the last 15 years. I am due for an open heart surgery. I know I need to stop smoking. . . how soon before my operation is advised?

Since I had my appendix removed, I haven't really had an appetite. Is this normal?

I haven't had an appetite since my appendix was removed two weeks ago. I really haven't ate much. Is this normal?


Hi i am going soon for surgery to remove my gallbladder. Right now i don't have the attack because I am trying to not eat greasy food, but sometimes I feel a very lightly pain...


I just had a hernia surgery on my left side, it's been three weeks and 4 days now. I tried having sex two days back, it was going well as I was very gentle, I stayed on top and...

How should I mentally prepare myself for surgery?

I am due for surgery for the first time and I am extremely scared and worried. I've never been put under before. What should I do to mentally prepare myself?

After surgery what can I do to get rid of the scars?

I am due for minor abdominal surgery. What can I do after the surgery to get rid of or prevent scars?

My husband is getting surgery soon. How should we prepare?

My husband has a growth around his ankle which the doctor says needs to be operated on. My husband is a diabetic and I am wondering if the surgery will have any repercussions...

My grandfather is 84 years old and recently fell. Would you recommend surgery?

My grandfather is 84 years old and fell. He injured his shoulder. His doctor is recommending surgery soon but I am so worried about his age. Would you recommend surgery considering...

Is bariatric surgery painful?

I am planning to undergo bariatric surgery to get rid of excess weight. Is this surgery painful?

What does a hernia surgery involve? What is the usual recovery period from the surgery?

I have a hernia issue and my doctor has advised a surgery. What does the surgery usually involve and how long does recovery normally take?

What are the chances that my stitches could get infected after a surgery?

I am due for a bariatric surgery and since its my first surgery I am very scared. Are there any chances that my stitches could get infected after the surgery?

Does sex after surgery carry any risks?

My husband recently underwent a surgery for hernia. How long should we wait to have sex?

How long should it take to come out of anesthesia after a c-section?

I am scheduled to undergo a C-section in the next month and the thought of injections and anesthesia, especially while being awake, is starting to really scare me. How long does...

I have been putting on weight around my abdomen after my bypass surgery. Why?

I am feeling a lot of bloating and am putting on weight around my abdomen after my bypass surgery. What could be the reason? I don't think my eating habits have changed.

Is back surgery with diabetes advisable?

My mother is suffering from a lot of back pain and the doctor has recommended operating. However, she has been diabetic for the last 20 years. With such a medical history do...

Is surgery required to treat shoulder dislocation in elderly patients?

My grandfather fell down and dislocated his shoulder. The doctors have suggested surgery. However, he is 84 years old and we would like to know if a surgery is problematic for...

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