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Tinnitus and chiropractic care? Really?

My recent car accident caused me to get whiplash, and now I have almost a constant ringing in my ears. At first I didn't say anything to my doctor, but now that I have said something,...

Diarrhea after going to the chiropractor?

After my less session with my chiropractor, I started to experience an onset of diarrhea and slight nausea. Could both of these be side effects from chiropractic care?

How well does spinal manipulation work for sciatica?

I can't take my sciatica pain any more. I heard that spinal manipulation may actually help it, while researching online, but I'm not really sure. Is it an effective treatment?...

Can chiropractic care help my diabetic neuropathy?

I've been a type 2 diabetic for years, and I was diagnosed with neuropathy in both of my feet. I heard a chiropractor, who specializes in neurological conditions, can actually...

What can be done for my sciatica?

I have a sharp shooting pain along my thigh, and I think this is my sciatica causing me to have several issues. It hurts so much that I can barely walk some times. I need to...

I'm having pain along my spine. Will a chiropractor help me?

I have a lot of pain along my spine and it's pretty unbearable. I'm not sure why it's happening, and I often try to ease it with a brace and a heating pad. Can a chiropractor...

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