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Are there home remedies for the flu?

What are some home remedies available of the flu? The symptoms are getting worse, and I'd rather try natural remedies. Can the flu shot actually be a form of treatment?

Does blood pressure rise during exercise?

I'm in good shape for a man my age (55), but recently I was screened and told I had high blood pressure. I had been running before the appointment, though. Couldn't this be the...

What's the best way to get rid of phlegm?

Every morning I wake up with phlegm in my throat. It's not really because I'm sick since I'm not feeling any congestion, or anything like that. Normally, I spit it out, but there...

What happens when you are taking too much probiotics?

I take probiotic supplements everyday, at least once, to improve my gut health. Sometimes I also eat yogurt, which I know has probiotics as well. I haven't experienced anything...

What is the treatment for arrhythmia?

My father went to the cardiologist for his regular checkup (he was referred to one after having diabetes), but now his cardiologist saw that he has arrhythmia as well. My father...

Constant itchy, scratchy throat

My son, who is 8 years old, has suddenly come down with constant itchy and scratchy throat issues. It makes him cough all the time and he even has trouble eating. What could...

I am having a lot of foot pain because of my weight. What should I do?

I have a lot of pain in my feet and heels because of my body weight. It's really painful, and I'm not sure about what I can do to ease it. What do you recommend?

When is the best time to get a flu shot?

I want to get a flu vaccine to avoid it at all costs. When is the best time to get the flu shot?

Red mole being removed from my back and sent for tests. What kind of tests will be done?

I have an odd reddish mole on my lower back. My dermatologist wants to remove it and then send it for testing. What kinds of tests would be done on this mole and what types of...

Do I need a tetanus shot if I slipped and fell on the road?

I slipped on the road and cut my leg pretty bad. Should I get a tetanus shot?

What are the tests recommended to diagnose the bacteria causing a flu?

My husband seems to be sick with a flu. What are the tests recommended to diagnose the cause of the flu so that we can get him on the right antibiotic?

Do you specialize in treating symptoms of the flu?

Are physician assistants specialized in treating flu-like symptoms? I know I'm coming down with something, and I want to get this treated fast.

What is the role of a physicians assistant?

My son wants to become a physicians assistant, but I don't really understand what they really do. What is the typical role of a physicians assistant?

Why are two thermometers showing different temperature readings?

I took my temperature reading from two thermometers, and both are showing different readings. Why would this be happening, and which one should I believe?

When does a fever become dangerous?

My nephew gets a fever every time he gets a cold. When does a fever become dangerous and require hospitalization?

Numbness from hip to toe

I am a 47 yr old female. I had a double hip replacement over the past couple of years, and the last one was about a year ago. No problems, no complications. I was walking on...

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