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What doctor treats herpies?

What kind of doctor should I try to see for genital herpies?

Insulin injections vs. insulin pump?

My daughter doesn't like to inject her insulin. She does it, but it's only because she has to. The overall process just makes her feel uncomfortable, which is why I'm considering...

Daughter's first break-up, how do I help her?

I'm a single dad, and my daughter is 16-years-old and is experiencing her first break-up. Her and this boy have been dating for a year, actually, and even though it was a high...

When should children have skin tags removed?

My three year old son was born with a prominent skin tag next to his eye. Should we get it removed? The doctors say it is cosmetic issue, so it is really our choice.

What are the symptoms of a UTI?

How would I know if I had a UTI? Lately it has been painful when I pee. Can it be caused by STDs? How are UTIs treated?

Why would some foods cause stomach aches?

It seems like some foods, especially tomato sauce, gives me stomach aches. The pain from these stomach aches can get really intense, but they usually go away after 5-10 minutes....

How long do swine flu shots last?

Me and my kids got the swine flu shot last year. Do we need to get them again this year? If yes, why would we need to get them twice?

Can swimming pools cause rashes in children?

My 5 year old son visited a public swimming pool yesterday, and today he has a red rash on his face and neck. Is this likely a reaction to the chlorinated water, or something...

Can breaking a bone cause fever?

My son broke one of his fingers. We took him to the doctor immediately, and he had it put in a cast, but today he's sick in bed with a fever. Can breaking a bone cause fever?...

What causes bedwetting in older children?

My child is 9 and still wets his bed--I think he's too old for this. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Should I be taking him to a doctor?

How do you treat head lice?

The school nurse found head lice in my son's hair, and sent him home. I have this special shampoo that's supposed to help, but do I need to do anything else to help him treat...

Do allergy shots really cure allergies?

My son's doctor recommended allergy shots to build up his immune system against his allergies, but I'm not really sure that they would help. How do they really work?

Dry mouth

What can my husband take to get rid of dry mouth besides brushing his teeth? He has drank a lot of water, but it doesn't help. He has two big soars in his mouth.

What can I do to prevent amputation?

I started to experience numbness and a tingling feeling in my left foot, and I also have diabetes. I have a feeling that this could be the onset of diabetic neuropathy, but I...

What is the emergency treatment for hyperglycemia?

If my daughter goes into a hyperglycemic state, what should I do to help her? Should I take her to the emergency room, or is there a way for me to help her at home?

Why is acupuncture recommended for cardiovascular disease?

My doctor recommended acupuncture, actually, to lower my risk for cardiovascular diseases because I have a family history of cardiovascular diseases on my mom's side. Why is acupuncture...

How is rheumatoid arthritis ruled out?

I have a family history of rheumatoid arthritis, and now I'm starting to exhibit the first symptoms of them. I watched my mother deal with this condition for so long, so I'm hoping...

Sore throat in the morning?

Every morning, I have a sore throat that eventually goes away. I'm not really experiencing any symptoms, however, apart from this and a sore throat. Is this a normal thing to...

Can I reverse my liver damage?

I used to drink alcohol a lot when I was younger, but now I'm worried about my liver's health in general because of it. I know alcohol could have serious effects on my liver,...

What should I use to cleanse my kidneys?

I would like to cleanse my kidneys in order to prevent any issues--I also just overcame a kidney infection, so I feel like a detox is needed. What foods or drinks do you recommend...

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