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Can the flu be treated with just tylenol?

Can a mild flu be treated by only taking tylenol?

What is the treatment for fluid accumulation around one side of the lung?

My mother has fluid accumulation around one side of her lungs. Can it be drained out with medicines?

Snapping noise and pain in heel or back of the ankle

Hi I’m an overweight, 49 yr lady who has a damaged ankle from previous motorbike v car injury. 2 years ago I hurt my achelies tendon walking on uneven ground where now it snaps...

Why is my child's body always so hot?

My daughter is 3 years old but I feel like her body is always very hot. Is this normal? What could be causing this?

Does a juice fast work?

I wanted to try a juice fast for 2 days to cleanse my system. Does this actually work?

Left abdomen pain

Sir I have been pain in my left abdomen side for the past 5 months. I have taken medical check up which include X-ray, endoscopy, etc. Whatever I can but it comes out normal....

How can I control my blood pressure apart from medication?

My blood pressure isn't being controlled, even when I'm taking medication for it. Is there anything else that I can do to control it?

Can excess body heat be the cause of my severe bleeding during periods?

I have excessive bleeding during my period. Could it be because I have excess body heat? What can I do about it?

Is there a natural way to treat a sinus infection?

Usually I get a sinus infection every year and I kind of just wait it out. It's painful. Are there natural ways to treat them? ?

What is the best way to treat headaches caused due to excessive heat?

In the summer I am prone to heat headaches but I hate taking medicines if I don't have to. What can I do?

My husband has gone to LSU Research and nothing is being done.

Know he has a hard time swallowing and will not eat and losing a lot of weight. What doctor would he see for not being able to swallow good and losing weight? Is the MD spreading...

What is the right diet after a gall bladder stone removal surgery?

My husband had a gall bladder stone removed very recently. Is there a proper diet that he should be following, after surgery?

Can you suggest a treatment plan for my overall weakness?

I am suffering from overall weakness that just gets worse in the afternoon. Can you suggest any treatment that I should take?

What is the best remedy to treat chronic diarrhea?

I am traveling, and whenever I am in a new place I tend to get diarrhea. What is the best remedy to treat chronic diarrhea?

Can less water consumption cause headaches?

Lately, I have been suffering from headaches. The amount of water that I drink has reduced, mainly because of the amount I've been traveling. Could these two be related?

Can a low sodium diet reduce my BP?

I am planning to take up a low sodium diet to lose weight. Can it have a negative impact on my BP?

Could you recommend a diet for reducing triglycerades?

I have been diagnosed with borderline triglycerades. Can you suggest a diet to reduce this?

Is there a medication for gallstones?

I have been diagnosed with gallstones and now I have to go for surgery because of it. But, isn't there medication to treat it? I would rather not go under the knife, but it was...

What can I do to increase my height?

I am 17 years old and I am very short. Are there medicines that can help in increasing my height?

What is the impact of hormonal imbalances in the body?

I am 34 years old and lately, I have been having a problem with acne. I haven't had this issue since I was a teenager and I have been taking good care of my skin. I'm wondering,...

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