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Why are my eyes watering so much?

My eyes have been constantly watering since I got some debris in them the other day during a very windy day. Should I see a doctor to find out what's going on?

Why is there a foul smell in my white discharge?

I have been noticing that my white discharge has a very foul smell. Why could this be happening?

Would you recommend an acupuncture treatment for treating a hyperactive thyroid?

I have a hyperactive thyroid problem. Would you recommend an acupuncture treatment for it?

Can asthma be cured completely?

Is there a permanent cure for childhood asthma, or will my son have this for the rest of his life?

At what age can I introduce outside food for my child?

My daughter is 3 years old and I have never taken her out to eat before. When is it the best time to introduce her to outside food (like from a restaurant)?

Does oily food settle in the stomach?

When I eat oily or fried foods it causes heaviness and bloating. Does it mean this food just settles down in my stomach?

Can an abortion reduce my chances of getting pregnant in the future?

My fiance and I are getting married in 6 months, but I just found out that we are pregnant now. Terrible timing! We are just launching careers and saving for our new house, and...

I have a pus-filled boil in a very sensitive and embarrassing area. What should I do?

I have a large pus-filled boil near my vagina. Will this kind of thing spread to other parts of my body? Also, how do I treat this so that the boil goes away?

Why do I have a thick white coating on my tongue?

I have a thick white coating on my tongue, and it's not really going away. Why do I have this?

What causes cold sores in a person?

My mother has been getting a lot of cold sores around her lips. What could be causing this?

Is there a natural treatment for strep throat in kids?

My son is allergic to penicillin and has strep throat. The doctor gave him amoxicillin, but we don't want to use antibiotics altogether. Apart from antibiotics, are there any...

Why does my baby have so much sticky substance coming out of her eyes?

My daughter is 1 month old and I've noticed that she has a lot of sticky discharge in her eyes. What could be causing this?

How much sugar is okay for a baby?

I have a baby who is 8 months old. How much sugar should I be giving him a day, if any?

High platelet count

I had a high platelet count the last time at the doctors. I heard about thrive vitamins to help with energy. I wanted to take them since I have low muscle tone. Will it effect...

I have stiffness in my neck. Will an over the counter medication help?

I have some stiffness in my neck. Will an OTC pain reliever be enough to treat this?

What is causing my random back pain?

I am having a lot of random back pain and I am not understanding the reason for it as I havent injured it or been in any accident. Could you please advise what tests I should...

What is the reason behind my frequent headaches?

I am having frequent headaches throughout my whole head. NSAIDS dont seem to be helping the pain. I'm worried it's something serious. How can i tell?

Will yoga help in treating my hip pain?

I am having hip pain ever since I delivered my baby. Will yoga help in treating it?

My son had a heart transplant. What will recovery entail?

My son is 8 years old and he recently underwent a heart transplant. How long will it take him to resume life as a normal kid again? Are there any activities or things he will...

What can I do to prevent my sugar from going too low at night?

My sugar levels often drop a lot while I am sleeping. What can I do to prevent my sugar levels from dropping too much?

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