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How would I know if I have diabetic dermopathy?

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes years ago, and I've always felt like I've been managing my condition pretty well. Or, so I thought. The other day, I noticed a strange pigment...

What are the stages of basal cell carcinoma?

My mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage I basal cell carcinoma. She's worried about it spreading, obviously, but I tried to tell her that she should only focus on her treatment....

I am repeatedly getting pus boils around my groin area. What could be the reason?

I am repeatedly getting pus boils around my groin area. They take a very long time to heal. What could be the reason for these repeated outbreaks?

Is there a test that can confirm psoriasis?

I feel like I have psoriasis on the scalp of my head. Are there any tests that can confirm this?

My daughter has a red mole that will be operated on. Does she need anesthesia?

My 14 year old has a reddish mole on her shoulder that the dermatologist wants to remove and test. He is also taking some skin around the mole. I'm wondering: how does this...

Crusty, odd-looking mole

I have a mole on my shoulder that's starting to get crusty looking. I haven't picked at it, but it still seems to change and get crustier in appearance. What could it be? Should...

Red mole being removed from my back and sent for tests. What kind of tests will be done?

I have an odd reddish mole on my lower back. My dermatologist wants to remove it and then send it for testing. What kinds of tests would be done on this mole and what types of...

Why is my daughter's skin getting burnt?

My daughter is 4 years old, and still gets burnt from the sun--even when we put sunscreen on her. We put on 45 SPF. How can I prevent her from being burnt? We are going to...

How can you tell basal cell from squamous cell carcinoma?

I got a spot removed on my arm by my dermatologist and its being sent for a biopsy. How will they know if its skin cancer and what type?

Can sunscreen cause a skin allergy?

I have extremely sensitive skin. I have recently started using a new sunscreen lotion with spf 50, but my skin feels very itchy. Could it be a skin allergy caused by the sunscreen?...

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