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My son is slurring his words after a neuroendoscopy.

After having a neuroendoscopy for hyrdrocephalus, my son is now slurring his words days after the procedure. Is this a common side effect o the surgery? Would this pass on its...

My son's hands are trembling. Could it be a neurological problem?

My son's hands are trembling, and at random points throughout the day. Why could this be happening? Could this be due to a neurological problem?

What causes gelastic seizures in a person?

My neighbor suffers from gelastic seizures, and I really haven't noticed this until the other day. I know it's a very rare type of seizure, however. What usually causes someone...

Is it possible to lose your ability to talk after neurosurgery?

I saw this happen on TV, where someone had brain surgery and wasn't able to talk after they did something wrong. Could this really happen in real life? Does it happen often?...

Is my son's sluggish speech due to anesthesia?

My son recently had a brain surgery where he was given anesthesia. Ever since he woke up from surgery, his speech has been sluggish. Is it because of anesthesia?

How does radiation therapy work on cancer?

My son has had a brain tumor that was cancerous, but recently, doctors told us that his tumor is now benign and a lot smaller than it was. They now believe that it's safe to remove...

Feeling very depressed after a traumatic head injury. Should I see a psychiatrist?

I suffered a traumatic head injury a year ago in a car accident. I went through surgery and many months of physical therapy but I am still getting terrible headaches which make...

Can diabetic neuropathy be treated with surgery?

I am a diabetic and now have nerve damage in my foot and ankle. Are there surgical treatments for my diabetic neuropathy?

Does brain surgery correct eye problems?

I've been having headaches, double vision and eye pain. I got an MRI and they detected a benign brain tumor. If i get surgery to remove it will my eye issues stop?

When is a person in coma declared dead?

My sister has been in a coma for the last 2 years after she had brain surgery. Now, the doctor is asking us if we want to end her life support because she has no signs of activity,...

Why does my son get seizures now?

7 months ago my son had surgery to remove a brain tumor. He never had a seizure before the surgery, and has had many since. Why is my son getting seizures now?

What is the best treatment for epilepsy?

My daughter has epilepsy, and unfortunately medication has not helped her. Do we have any other options?

Is an MRI of the brain safe for children?

The doctor has asked us to do an MRI scan for my child. Is there an alternative to this test? Can MRI radiation be harmful to my child?

Can a tumor be decreased in size?

My mother has been diagnosed with a benign tumor in her brain. Are there any medications that could help in decreasing the size of this tumor without surgery?

Does a tumor always need surgery to be removed?

My brother has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Will he require a surgery alone for it to be removed or can chemotherapy help him?

How long should someone be on bed rest after a surgery for tumor removal?

I had a benign tumor against my brain that was successfully removed through surgery. Its been two weeks and I have been resting. How long will I have to rest after such a surgery?...

Is there a surgery to treat Parkinson's?

My cousin who is 27 years old has been diagnosed with early Parkinson's disease. I didn't even know this was possible. What kind of treatment is available for someone this age?...

I have neuropathy in my legs after I suffered a burn injury. What should I do?

I have severe neuropathy in my left leg and this was after I had a severe burn injury. Is there a way to treat this issue now or will it only become worse?

Why does my mother have diabetic neuropathy?

My mother is on 3 insulins a day. She was recently diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy. She has severe pain and is unable to walk. Why is this happening?

After my tumor surgery I have headache often. Why?s

I got operated for a brain tumor recently. However, ever since the surgery I have a headache often. Is it normal after brain surgery?

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