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Why does my son get seizures now?

7 months ago my son had surgery to remove a brain tumor. He never had a seizure before the surgery, and has had many since. Why is my son getting seizures now?

What is the best treatment for epilepsy?

My daughter has epilepsy, and unfortunately medication has not helped her. Do we have any other options?

Is an MRI of the brain safe for children?

The doctor has asked us to do an MRI scan for my child. Is there an alternative to this test? Can MRI radiation be harmful to my child?

Can a tumor be decreased in size?

My mother has been diagnosed with a benign tumor in her brain. Are there any medications that could help in decreasing the size of this tumor without surgery?

Does a tumor always need surgery to be removed?

My brother has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Will he require a surgery alone for it to be removed or can chemotherapy help him?

Is there a surgery to treat Parkinson's?

My cousin who is 27 years old has been diagnosed with early Parkinson's disease. I didn't even know this was possible. What kind of treatment is available for someone this age?...

I have neuropathy in my legs after I suffered a burn injury. What should I do?

I have severe neuropathy in my left leg and this was after I had a severe burn injury. Is there a way to treat this issue now or will it only become worse?

Why does my mother have diabetic neuropathy?

My mother is on 3 insulins a day. She was recently diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy. She has severe pain and is unable to walk. Why is this happening?

After my tumor surgery I have headache often. Why?s

I got operated for a brain tumor recently. However, ever since the surgery I have a headache often. Is it normal after brain surgery?

I am experiencing minor blackouts and dizziness. What could it be?

I am all of a sudden experiencing minor blackouts and sudden dizziness. The doctor is unable to confirm the reason. What could it be?

Can a brain surgery cause speech defects?

Since my brother's brain surgery, he has had speech problem. He has always been okay before this. Could the surgery have caused this to happen? Can it be corrected?

How long does it take for one to recover from a brain tumor surgery?

My husband has to have brain surgery to remove a tumor. How long do you think it would take for him to recover from the surgery?

Is there a surgery to treat ADHD?

My son has just been diagnosed with ADHD and I am desperate to get him treated. Is there a surgery that can treat this problem? The doctor recommended him taking Adderall but...

How long will it take my brother to recover from brain surgery?

My brother was operated on recently for his brain tumor. While the tumor was removed successfully, his recovery is taking a while. What is the usual time of recovery from a brain...

Is there a surgery to treat symptoms of seizures?

My nephew, my sister's son, is 4 years old and is experiencing seizures. I am concerned about their family. Is there usually a surgery to treat this or how does that work?

Is weakness after a brain surgery normal?

My wife recently underwent a brain surgery to get a blood clot removed. But, she feels very weak right now, and it's been more than 3 weeks since the surgery. Is weakness normal,...

What is the recovery period after a brain surgery to get a tumor removed?

I need to have brain surgery to remove a tumor in my brain, located on the left side. I'm not really worried about it because the tumor is not huge. But, I would like to know...

My wife had surgery for removal of a brain tumor and six months later is again feeling dizzy. What could be wrong?

My wife had successful surgery for removal of a brain tumor. It was not cancerous. It has been six months since the surgery and she is again starting to feel dizzy. What could...

Can a blood clot in the brain be removed with medication alone?

I have been diagnosed with a blood clot in the brain. It is thankfully considered minor and won't do any damage. Will it still require surgery or can medications also work?

My mother has a blot clot in the right side of her brain. Is surgery the only option to remove it?

My mother is 65 years old and has been diagnosed with a blood clot on the right side of her brain. The doctors have recommended a surgery, however she is very scared. Mainly...

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